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Revme associates with multiple task categories that allow users to select and go ahead with it. If the user goes shopping and needs to manage their money, this app will help them all the way through.


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Problem Statement

When the client engaged with us for this project, she was very comfortable telling us that his son is an autistic patient. After the age of 10yrs, the client realized something different in her son’s activities that were a must to gratify.

She was gradually being introverted, less social, and other changes that are more depressing for their parents. To make him more engaged and active, our client (who is the mother of the child) came to a modern solution. She needs a solution for their son and other Autism patients to make them engage, mindful and active in their social life. Moreover, she wanted an app that helps them to perform & control their regular activities without having any trouble.

Throughout this story, when our client came to us and exchanged mindful ideas between both teams, we concluded on the same page. We proposed an idea that fulfilled their requirements. Let’s see what solution we have provided!


This project named “REVME” is very close to our heart as we think after developing this kind of app, we will make things simple for people. So the story behind this project is heart-touching and very optimistic, and the ideation of building this app was something big.This project finds that an app is necessary for autistic patients to help them tackle their obstructions. Our clients asked for an app that can monitor or track the activities performed by autistic patients. As we say, “necessity is the mother of invention,” therefore the creation of this type of app idea was generated by the need.

revmee mobile application 2
reme mobile application 1

Prerequisites and Specifications of the project The Solution

This project enhances the importance of technology in the healthcare field. No doubt, the healthcare and medication industry is indulging in advanced technology and introducing exceptional treatments and surgeries. Meanwhile, apps and wearables are also the key players for many reasons. In fact, this app is also a real-life exemplary app for autistic patients. Making a profile, making your avatar, and adding details is the first step to using this exciting app. The main requirements of this app are to locate activities and monitor the daily tasks that they perform. As autistic patients have a problem with forgetting things, that is the main concern of our clients to build apps. Moreover, our designers also did a great job by creating an interactive UI with an amazing amalgamation of the colors and content placement.

Functionalities Of Revme App


Revme associates with multiple task categories that allow users to select and go ahead with it. If the user goes shopping and needs to manage their money, this app will help them all the way through.These categories have included tasks and subtasks viable on the basis of selected activities. 

For instance, if users select a task for preparation for school, the app will remind them of every essential that helps to make them ready. Such as reminding him to take the bag, or wear a uniform with a tie.

However, the main categories are:

  • Money management
  • Getting Organized For the next day’s Task
  • Dressing According to the weather
  • Steps for doing your laundry
  • Morning Daily Routine
  • Others
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reme mobile application 7
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reme mobile application 9

Tracking Activities

The main function of this app is to monitor daily tasks and suggest to them what they are doing and what is the next step of any activity that the patient is doing. It includes tracking roads, sleeping time, reminders, push notifications, etc. It also helps in tracking sleeping goals by setting user schedules. 

Push Notifications

Our developers make this app user-friendly and easy to access with push notifications. As soon as users choose the activity and turn off their app, they receive push notifications on the home screen. It helps to remind them what they are doing and what they need to take the next steps. 

revmee mobile application 11
revmee mobile application 10

App Audience

This app can be used by patients and caregivers. If a patient has a severe case, they need a full-time caretaker to look after them. Both patient and caretaker can use the app at a time. 

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reme mobile application 3

What Was The Final Product — The Results

Like other projects, our developers also put all their efforts into making this happen, and we won! The project was handed over to the client after two days of testing to ensure quality assurance. Furthermore, we were very excited to see how users will behave after having this app and how adequately they can use the app. 


While getting our client review, we felt accomplished as she told us how frequently her son was using the app and made their life easy. In fact, the increasing number of downloads also made us proud and successful. Within the month, the app hit a massive number of downloads and the proportion of people using it is still increasing. 


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