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JoinAOK Mobile App Development

At iCreativeSOL, we specialize in building apps with the leading advanced technology, which is why our clients trust us for complex projects. One of our clients asked to build a game app for a good reason. It was another interesting yet exciting project for our specialized game app developers, who proposed the idea and went ahead with the flow.

JoinAoK Application

What Does the Client Need?

The project name was “Act of Kindness” or “JoinAOK” game app based on a very sophisticated message of good deeds. Helping the community, co-workers, self, or friends and family, all can simply count on acts of kindness. In fact, JoinAOK is a non-profit organization that encourages acts of kindness.

Services Used




What We Proposed The Ideation

The flow of the application is a challenging task but our team made it simple and initiated with the idea that is conveyed by the client. Moreover, the flow of the app is more interesting for the users. Such as the user having to download the app and then start doing the act of kindness.

The app is working on the plantation tree process. As soon as the user downloads the game it indicates the seed that they put into the soil.

Moving forward, the next step is to do a task that counts as an act of Kindness, at this time, your seed becomes a sprout.

Adding more kindness deeds in an app results in the sprout growing like a plant, and finally, it will gradually grow into a tall tree.


But the main idea of the client is to get donations to plant trees. Yes, the need for this project is to build an app that can generate donations by the number of downloads. The more users download the app, the more they can generate revenue.

The aim behind the JoinAOK is to plant trees in the Eden Reforestation by the name of the user. Once you have done a deed of kindness level, a tree is planted in the forest by the name of the users. Although, the client also asked to add multiple features that could engage users and spread kindness around the world. The flow of the app is discussed and it is all based on the process of tree plantation.

The Game Strategy And Major Features

JoinAOK game app is a level-based app. By passing levels, users can simply get the points and convert them into coins. After passing 50 stages, the level goes up. To build JoinAOK account, we build an attractive Signup or Login interface so people love to interact and experience effortless account creation.


Within the game app, there are two rewards. When a user starts doing the act of kindness and marks it under the app, they will get the points.

These points are permuted into coins. For coins, the app tweaks the term with “KOIN.” After getting 250 points, it will convert into 1 Koin, such as 250 Points = 1Koin

Once the user collects the coins, they can redeem them with vouchers. There are multiple vouchers that users can enjoy after getting coins.



One more feature is a direct donation. If the user wants to donate to the plantation, he can directly pay with one hit of a button. Multiple payment methods are integrated with the app.

Email Invitation

By sending email invitations to the friends, the user will reward points and Koins. You can add email manually and send links to friends to download and start to perform kindness tasks.


Unlimited Levels

The game’s significance is that it has unlimited levels to plant endless trees. It is a never-ending kindness action that users can perform and be the ones who spread positivity around the world.

Daily Challenges

Users get daily challenges to create engagements so users can earn more points and Koins. The backend admin panel makes it simple to make customized daily challenges and notify app users to do something more exciting that can spread kindness and get rewards instantly.


Special Bonus

Users can also get special bonuses after completing special JoinAOK tasks.

Share Your Kindness

Users take daily challenges and share them with their friends to make them know about their JoinAOK status.


How We Create? Technology Stack

The whole craft is based on advanced technology that is the foundation of the standing game app. Our developers brainstormed the idea and picked up the most in-demand and competitive market technology. Here is the list of the tech stacks that our development team used.

For Front-End — Native iOS and Android Development

his app is for Android and iOS as it has built a Native Android platform and a Native iOS platform. To deliver an exceptional user experience, our developers picked Native development, particularly for both operating systems. For Android, Kotlin programming language is used and for iOS, Swift programming language is used.
Apple and Google offer their own set of development tools, UI components, and SDKs to app developers. Our developers decided to engage in native mobile app development due to the numerous advantages it provides over other types of applications such as hybrid or web.

The reason behind choosing Native development is it made the app the best performer, secure, interactive, and intuitive, with fewer errors and bugs during development. Moreover, Native apps are created specifically for a platform, utilizing all software and operating system features.

For Backend Development — NodeJS

To build the application’s backend, our developer chose Node.Js as it is a server-based platform. For your information, Node.Js is used for both frontend and backend development. Moreover, the benefits of using Node.Js are countless because it is the event-driven and non-blocking nature of the Node.JS framework.

Multiple components can be reused, reducing context switching between several languages, huge community support, and high performance for real-time applications. In addition, it offers easy scalability for modern applications, improves app response time, and boosts app performance.

Admin Panel — React

We also built the admin panel where the user controls multiple activities to make your app more optimized with React. React admin is the framework that helps to create a customized admin panel. Hence, the user controls all the elements and manipulation of data and follows business metrics.

For Database Development — MongoDB

Mongo database is one of the proficient document databases that help build scalable and highly accessible internet applications. The power of the document-oriented database is highly flexible, allowing variations in the document structure and storing partially complete documents.

The Final Product — The Results

The app was delivered to the client after going through the software quality & testing department and making additional changes. After finalization, the app was launched on the App Store and Google Store.

Our Feedback

A few days after launching, we received our client feedback, and look what he said about us.




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Result that showed the success of the app




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