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Tipsters Prime

Tipsters Mobile app is for easily bets on favorite sports with the help of experts in their field

tipsters prime
Mobile App

About The Client

Tipsters Mobile app is for easily bets on favorite sports with the help of experts in their field

Industry: Sports
Location: UK
tipsters prime

About App

Key Idea!

The basic concept is that the application is for the convenience of the users who love to bet on various sports, the key aspect of the application is that you will get assistance from specialists in the particular field of the sports. 




Interaction Design

In case of any urgent queries please send us an email on: [email protected] and we will get back to you right away!

Tipsters Prime

Tipsters Mobile app is for easily bets on favorite sports with the help of experts in their field

tipsters prime

Mobile App Development

For the love of sports, people are very curious about “who wins,” and that’s why people want to predict over the betting. In fact, sports betters or gamblers auction their money or precious assets on their sayings.  All these scenarios need transparency, and that’s the ideation of our client who wants an app like this.

The application named Tipster Prime is a very significant mobile application project for the betting and tipster industry. This app was already built, but the user flow is more complex and unstructured. The client came to us and wants a structured flow of apps and even a streamlined app for the users. Moreover, this app was for sports better to bid on famous players’ profiles and increase their credibility by discovering and writing a review about them

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tipster - mmcgbl
tipster prime - mmcgbl

Our developers started brainstorming and generating new ideas for building this kind of app as it does not look so complex, but it was tricky. The flow of tipster prime was discussed and sent to build the prototype of the application.

Functionalities Of Tipsters Prime Mobile Application

Although, we picked an agile methodology and started a project with small to all kinds of details. A few of the instructions from our clients and our senior managers were discussed, and based on their requirements, Tipster Prime was created.

Bilingual Application

The app must be bilingual, i.e., Spanish and English. As the audience of clients is also related to Spain, they wanted the whole app in the Spanish language. To look upon this requirement, developers also used suitable functionalities to diversify the app on a language basis.

Easy to Find Tipsters

In the sports industry, the tipsters and betters bet on all games, so, in this app, we make it easy to find tipsters for a specific sport. To make this app more personalized, users can also sort out profiles on the grounds of country, region, sports, languages, etc. Moreover, users can sort out tipsters by general ranking, best rated, most reviews, and new tipsters.

Accessible Individual Tipster

You can easily access each tipster to read about them and know how popular they are. Users can read profiles of tipsters, take tips, read reviews, and players can simply bid over again. Moreover, it enhances the visibility of good tipsters and facilitates decision-making for hiring them by reading reviews and comments.

Getting Reviews and Comments

On this app, users get comments and reviews from each other to build an authentic profile. Furthermore, users can share their experiences with tipsters to help others. It is simple to get reviews from the other tipsters to get the endorsement. Users can find a dropdown at the top right corner that includes a Share profile, information, and writing reviews for tipsters.

Technology Stack for Tipsters Prime Development

We have a diversified nature team where everyone has their own skill in their field. As we introduced our team to our clients, we cleared them out that we have individual teams for every language and specialize in every area.

We also suggest them the tech stack for their renewal application development. So, here is the technology we used in making this app.

For Frontend Development — React Native

Using React Native is one of the best decisions to build the frontend of the app. React Native is the fastest-growing app in mobile application development as it is feasible to build cross-platform applications that can simply run on Android and iOS.

Tripster Prime is available for Android and iOS users. Moreover, React Native is a cost-saving and effective framework technology. Developers can easily transform apps with maximum functionalities and features and super-intuitive user interfaces.

For Backend Development — NodeJS

To build the backend of the application, our developer chose Node.Js as it is a server-based platform. For your information, Node.Js is used for both frontend and backend development. Moreover, the benefits of using Node.Js are countless because it is the event-driven and non-blocking nature of the Node.JS framework. 

Multiple components can be reused, reducing context switching between several languages, huge community support, and high performance for real-time applications. In addition, it offers easy scalability for modern applications, improves app response time, and boosts app performance.

Integrations — Social Media Apps

Tipster Prime application has been integrated with social media apps such as Facebook and Telegram. Users can sign up with Facebook and start creating their profiles. On the other hand, Telegram supports messaging within the app and possesses chatbot functionalities.

Do They Get the Right Solutions? — The Results

Tipsters Prime was a different app since its users claimed that they had not been seeing this type of app for long. Gradually, the downloads of this app increased after launching the app on both App Store and Play Store. 

In fact, after handing over this project to the client, he couldn’t help saying these precious words for our work. Indeed, it was a great and successful project, and all credit goes to our professional and experienced developers.

Our Feedback

A few days after launching, we received our client feedback, and look what he said about us




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john buttler

John Buttler


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Result that showed the success of the app






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