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Absolute ID is one of the transformative mobile applications that empower healthcare data systems. We achieved this development by using advanced technological components such as “Near field Communication (NFC),” a technology that allows for the wireless transfer of data between devices in close proximity. The idea behind app creation is to manage and keep the DNA data of any individual via DNA swabs integrated with NFC.




Absolute ID


React Native, Node Js, MongoDB


IOS, Android App

Project Workflow


Project Duration


1st Day

1st Week


Research & UX Design

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2nd Week

3rd & 4th Week


UI Design




Our project workflow was not just managed; it was meticulously planned and executed. From designing the UI to writing the codebase, from deployment to maintenance, every step was carefully considered to ensure the smooth delivery of the project without bugs and glitches. We started with comprehensive requirement-gathering sessions and proposed the scope of the project by brainstorming ideas and conducting market analysis. We created a list of features and started wireframing and prototyping the mobile application. After rigorous testing and adjustments, our design was approved, and we went into the development process to deliver the complete project.

Project Objective

The project’s objective was not just to build a DNA-stored repository but to create a tool that could potentially save lives. Absolute ID was designed to provide instant aid to injured people during war or accidents by identifying key vitals of the injured body. The mobile app stores DNA data taken via swabs using NFC technology, making it a practical and potentially life-saving solution.

Our Solution

We built a mobile application that detects and stores DNA for people to provide instant aid if any injury occurs. It also helps identify the DNA of John Doe’s body to recognize identity. With its immersive features and secure database, this app can be integrated with diverse healthcare institutes, such as hospitals, labs, and medical colleges. Absolute ID works with the help of DNA swabs. These DNA swabs contain NFC codes that can simply be scanned and integrated with mobile applications. When the blood sample is tested via a code-based DNA swab and attached to the device, it generates the ID. Once you have an ID, you can add it to the Absolute ID app. As soon as the user logs in and enters the ID, a form pops up on the screen where the user can instantly add patient details and store their data.

Our Deliverables


  1. Detailed requirement documentation
  2. Market assessment report
  3. Wireframes and UI/UX design
  4. Fully functional mobile application for iOS and Android
  5. Clickable prototype
  6. User manuals and documentation
  7. Test cases and results
  8. Post-launch support and maintenance plan

Absolute ID Logo

We created the Absolute ID logo that matches the app objective with a visible tagline over the icon.

SF Pro Text

We used SF pro text to align with the brand guidelines, ensuring every piece of information is clearly readable.

Core Features Implementation


Absolute ID

Multi Login Accounts

This app contains multiple logins for different audiences, including individual accounts, organization accounts, and Lab accounts. In a recommended basic plan, individuals can easily access free 25 Swabs scanning.

NFC - Near Field Communication

This app contains NFC, or ‘Near Field Communication,’ which functions with DNA Swab Collection. DNA swabs also have NFC codes that can be simply scanned using the mobile application’s built-in scanner. Once scanned, the NFC code is integrated with the app, allowing for the secure and efficient transfer of DNA data.
Absolute ID
Absolute ID

Data Storage and Security

Absolute ID is designed to store data and secure individual DNA identity. It incorporates three scanning features of your body organs by accessing the user device camera, including face, Iris, and thumb. These scanning features add an extra layer of security, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access and update the stored DNA data.

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