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Buildlink is a construction management mobile application that simplifies off-site and on-site management. With the help of extensive features, this immersive app can help you in diverse areas of the construction site, such as worker management, vendor management, and task management.


Construction Management App




Kotlin, Swift, Nodejs, Reactjs, GraphQL


IOS, Android App, Web Application

Project Workflow


Project Duration


1st Day

1st Week


Research & UX Design

Style Guide


2nd Week

3rd & 4th Week


UI Design




Conducted a comprehensive meeting with our client to identify key needs and specifications, ensuring alignment with construction management best practices. We decided on the user-friendly UI and UX to ensure ease of use for all users. Aiming to build an intuitive interface allows project managers, site supervisors, and workers to navigate effortlessly through features like project tracking, resource management, and communication tools. Customizable dashboards and settings further enhance the user experience, catering to individual preferences and making complex tasks straightforward and accessible.


Project Objective

The aim of building the construction management mobile application was to streamline and enhance the efficiency of managing construction projects. They also needed to align internal and external stakeholders, including workers, vendors, and resources at one platform to maximize check and balance and productivity.

Our Solution

The construction management mobile application provides a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing construction projects. It offers real-time project tracking, ensuring timely updates on progress and milestones. The app facilitates effective resource management by enabling seamless allocation and tracking of materials, equipment, and labor. Additionally, it enhances communication and collaboration among team members through in-app messaging and notifications, streamlining the entire project management process.

Our Deliverables


  1. Detailed requirement documentation
  2. Market assessment report
  3. Wireframes and UI/UX design
  4. Fully functional mobile application for iOS and Android
  5. Clickable prototype
  6. User manuals and documentation
  7. Test cases and results
  8. Post-launch support and maintenance plan

Build Link Logo

Our designing team was also on board at this project to help create an attractive logo for the app.

SF Pro Text

In order to create a clean view of information, we use SF Pro text for our textual material in the app.

Core Features Implementation


Login Screen

Engaging Onboarding Screen

The app features engaging onboarding screens that guide users through key functionalities, ensuring a smooth and informative introduction.

Check-in & Check-out

The app includes a “Check-in & Check-out” feature for workers, allowing them to log their work hours accurately. This feature enhances project management by providing real-time visibility into labor presence and productivity on-site, improving resource allocation and overall project efficiency.
Build Link APP
Build Link APP

Task Management

Assign, monitor, and track project tasks seamlessly and streamline communication and collaboration among team members.

Chat Messaging Within the App

This app allows user to stay connected with your on-site and off-site teams instantly and share updates, files, and messages within the app.

Vendor Management

BuildLink is a one-stop platform to maintain a comprehensive database of all your construction vendors and suppliers. Easily access contact details, contracts, and performance history in one place.

Payroll Management

To manage worker wages and salaries, this app streamlines the payroll process, reducing manual calculations and paperwork. Easily track and manage employee work hours and rates, ensuring accurate and timely payments for your workforce.
Build Link APP

Inventory Management

The app can manage and allocate raw material enabling efficient handling of construction materials. It includes functionalities for inventory tracking, procurement management, and usage monitoring.

100+ Screens

Build Link APP
Build Link APP
Build Link APP
Build Link APP
Build Link APP
Build Link APP
Build Link APP
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Build Link APP
Build Link APP

Tablet Screens

Build Link APP
Build Link APP
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Build Link APP
Build Link APP
Build Link APP