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    AL Naboodah Group

    AL Naboodah group of companies is one of the largest companies in the United Arab Emirates(UAE). Civil, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work, as well as agency work for a range of world-famous businesses in the sectors of autos, transportation, travel, electrical appliances, logistics, agriculture, smart city building, real estate, and renewable energy.

    They have a number of ongoing projects, but the question is where they were stuck? Let’s talk about this!

    Manual Automobile Workshop Operations — The Problem Statement

    One of its Automobile workshop application projects is based purely on repairing vehicles (light and heavy). Moreover, it has the fastest-growing and scalable project that attracts a large number of vehicle owners. Al-Naboodah Group has owned expert technicians and auto mechanics that oversee all major and minor operations such as repairing vehicle parts, fixing spare parts, accessories, oil changing, etc.

    No doubt, they were outstanding, and people loved to take their services, and they had to deal with a hefty workload that was challenging to manage. 

    That’s why they need a technical solution to tackle this problem of reducing workload, enhancing work efficiency, managing daily technician tasks, monitoring the status of repair and maintenance, etc. In short, they need automation to streamline regular working operations.

    Automation that keeps checks and balances the whole process.

    Services Used




    Proposed Our Idea — The Suggestion

    They decided to outsource an efficient team that can understand their needs and builds a solution to convert their manual tasks into automated ones. So here is MMCGBL at their services.

    The senior and associate level technical team members of MMCGBL discuss the whole idea from the Al-Naboodah project team managers to take that idea forward. Our team jotted down the minutes of meetings and then started researching and brainstorming to present the proposal. 

    The team members of MMCGBL and the Al-Naboodah had a long discussion. And finally, they had decided to take the initiative of all manifest features and functionalities and tech stack that our team introduced.

    Overview Of AL Naboodah Workshop Automation Application Development

    After hearing AL Naboodah requirements, our next step was to suggest what their app would do and which technologies we would use. We presented our proposal with a clear-cut plan of development and design materials. So, see what we had planned for them!

    In-House App

    One of their requirements is they need an in-house intranet app. (YES!) The reason is that their technicians and in-house workers can easily manage their daily assigned work. Moreover, they also want to eliminate manual operation and transform it with automation to save time and decrease workload. 

    Web App and Mobile App

    By the time of developing their application, the MMCGBL team worked on web apps and mobile apps parallel. Moreover, this web app is based on an intranet application that can easily run when the internet does not exist. However, the web app is also mobile responsive, but the mobile app especially has been built for the tab users. 

    Mobile App For Android

    As we have mentioned that the team also built mobile app to make them viable and easy to access for the users, it is also worth noting that their mobile app is only supported for Android users. 

    Technology Stack of Web Application

    To cater requirements of the Workshop automation application, the app tech stack of development and designing will be overseen. The chosen programming language, framework, and technological services are given below:

    For Web and Mobile App Back-End - .Net Core Technology

    For back-end development of a web and mobile app, developers used .Net Core technology. The quality of the .Net core is highly acceptable as it helps build complex apps with its rich features and functionalities. In fact, it is an open-source, cross-platform framework with a sharable codebase and API. 

    Unlike other frameworks, .NET Core is not limited to a single programming language and supports F#, XAML, C#, VB.NET, and TypeScript. These programming languages are open source and managed by independent communities. The .Net possesses advanced and extensive libraries, multi-language features, a common API, and other tools. 

    The reason behind using .Net core is to provide scalable, fastest, and high-performance developed apps

    .net core

    For Web App Front-End - Angular Technology

    The application Front-end is dedicated to Angular technology, a well-known proficient framework for building an intuitive user interface. Angular is the type-script-based free and open-source web application framework. 

    For the time being, the Angular framework optimizes its efficiency by releasing versions that contain modern and advanced functionalities. Our Angular development team had a great time initiating this project with their expertise and vast knowledge of the excellent material design library.

    For Mobile App Front-End - Native Development

    The workshop automation application is based on Android users. Developers chose Native development to build the Native Android operating system. Furthermore, the app was customized for a particular Android platform that delivers an efficient, interactive, intuitive, and secure mobile app. 

    Native app development provides app designers far greater control over the user experience, as well as the ability to build applications that are simple to support. We feel it is better to keep with native and not compromise the platform-specific design components.


    Integration With Epicor ERP

    They used Epicor ERP and wanted to integrate into the workshop automation apps, so we incorporated it without any hassle. The main function of Epicor ERP is to generate job cards that help technicians and mechanics to assign their work if any new vehicle comes for service. It allows workers to streamline their regular assigned tasks and be accountable at the end of the day.

    Integration with CRM

    Another requirement of integration of CRM with the web and mobile app that helps record customer data. Their Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows them to know the customer pattern of interaction and take services of overhauling and repairing vehicles. 

    Integration with CRM

    Integration With Their Customer Mobile App

    The integration of customer mobile apps to the in-house workshop automation app is also one of the big hits to make customers in the loop. In fact, they only asked for email integration to the mobile app so that the customer can easily get the status notification of their service charges, delivery status, etc.

    Features Of Al-Naboodah Workshop Automation

    There are major and minor features that make the app viable to the users. Below are the main target solution-based features that help Al-Naboodah overcome and provide exceptional positive change to increase customer experience.

    Repair Order Creation

    Repair Order Creation

    In this feature, all details of vehicles that come for services are recorded, such as vehicle number, the vehicle needed services, customer details, etc.

    Estimation of Repair Orders

    The overall estimation of service cost that needs to convey to the customer is generated. It also includes the offer they are given, such as the bundle of services at discounted charges. For instance, if they offer the replacement of chipped windscreens with free removal of dents and scratches from the exterior, replacing key engine parts with free oil changing + vehicle valeting, and so many others. They make a table to offer these applied Free services offers with cost estimation and send it to the vehicle owner for approval.

    Estimation of Repair Orders
    Estimation Sharing With Customers

    Estimation Sharing With Customers

    As we have mentioned, the email box has been integrated with the app, and the customer gets the estimated cost of the repair order. He has to approve or disapprove as per his choice, and the user of in-house workshop automation is notified.

    Technician Task Alignment

    As soon as they hear back from the customer, they arrange vehicle repairs to the related technicians for their repair services. In this stage, the Epicor ERP helps generate job cards that notify the workers who will work on recent vehicles.

    Technician Task Alignment
    Quality Assurance of Vehicle

    Quality Assurance of Vehicle

    Once they are done with repair and maintenance services, the status has been updated and assigned to the QA person. The vehicle is aligned for a final QA inspection by the manager. The QA team overviews the required services and the checking of all repairs. If any problem occurs while inspection, they mark the status as failing and send it back for further changes.

    Vehicle Delivery Status

    After all further changes or passing the QA, the vehicle is sent back to the customer, and the assigned technicians update the delivery status. In the workshop automation app, the customer is also kept in the loop to know the current status of the vehicle repair. 

    Vehicle Delivery Status
    Gathering Customer Feedback

    Gathering Customer Feedback

    Last but not least, the workshop automation app also helps the customer to write feedback. Gathering feedback helps them to improve their service and take additional requirements. The integration with customer mobile apps allows customers to keep in touch wherever they want and submit their feedback in real-time.

    The Final Touch of App Outcome — The Results

    After wrapping up the design and development app, the app went for QA. MMCGBL SQA team conduct a manual and automated test by generating unit cases for all type of cases. 

    The UAT started after deploying on their server to analyze and ensure the mobile app is functional enough to meet the required criteria. In allusion to some changes and additional requirements, we had wrapped up this extensive project.

    And finally, they got the automation that reduced their workload, enhanced worker productivity, improved overall performance of the workers, boosted consistency of service quality, legitimate machine vision inspection, etc.

    Our Feedback

    A few days after launching, we received our client feedback, and look what he said about us




    Building an open data platform was not easy if we had done it manually. Fortunately, we came to know about MMCGBL and its services regarding the grocery software services. Now, we have a completely open data platform. People can access and we can manage the platform easily.

    john buttler

    John Buttler


    It’s been a long time since our organisation found a platform that could make us grocery software services. So we can share our organisational data and the rising graph of our investments and ROI. Thanks to MMCGBL’s open data portal solution for building such an amazing and user-friendly platform. Highly recommended.




    Great experience with MMCGBL! They are helping worldwide for building open data portal solutions. Especially for government transparency and free distribution of data regarding taxes, expenditure, state-wise production, etc.

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