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Open data portal (ODP) consists of the most important data that everyone can easily access. It is mainly used for the government sector as they have to be accountable to the public from the facts and figures. Every country has its own datasets of different sectors that can evaluate the performance of the government and the situation of the country. To gather all data in one platform, the government frequently uses open data portals to update as per need.


Deliver the Project from Ideation to App

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UI/UX Design for Web Application

  • Design

    UI/UX Design

  • Client

    Open Data Portal For Abu Dhabi Government

  • Technologies

    Drupal, React JS, DKAN

  • Vertical


  • Headquarters

    Abu Dhabi,UAE

  • Product

    Web Application, Admin Panel

  • Industry


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Problem Statement

The problem they discussed with us is they want to enhance the user interface and data harvesting from one to other site resources. They also need 24/7 support to manage and maintain the web app that helps users have a great experience. 

The government regulations run on 12 topics, and they want to mine more data regarding different government sectors. The 12 topics include the health sector, agriculture sector, education sector, import and export sectors, etc.

Open Data Portal For Abu Dhabi Government Web Application

So, the chance MMCGBL got to meet with the Abu Dhabi Government to serve with the best solution of making the government open a data portal. The challenging opportunity is to get the minimum details of the project and requirements from the clients. 

As our clients are Dubai-based, we started communication with team calls and scheduled frequent meetings in a week. Our team followed agile methodology and took the project in a very streamlined way by keeping clients in a loop.

Features and Functionalities of ODP Web App

Open data portal looks like the simplest web app as anyone can access it and download data, share it, and distribute it anywhere. But the backend functionalities are complex as this app needs data in a safe place with strong and encrypted security.

Apart from the secure databases, we have embedded various other features that are given below

search dataset

Multiple File Exportation

Users can explore physical files of public data in CSV, Excel, and PDF. As this portal aims to provide accurate data for public use, it is necessary to provide multiple options to export files.

Sort out Datasets

Our developers made ODP more accessible and easy to use by adding a filter bar that helps users scrap out data. Users can search data via topics, tags, and keywords.

Clip path group

Harvest Datasets

Data harvesting refers to copies of datasets and metadata from one platform to another. It’s comparable to the methods used by search engines to find, classify, and index material from several websites in order to make it searchable in one place.

Graphical Representation

The open data portal represents the stats visualization in graphical representation. The user interface is so engaging and informative as it displays a distinct color for showing the ups and downs of data stats.


Tech Stack Of Open Data Portal

Developers are very optimistic when choosing the programming language because it is the base of any application. Developing an open data portal makes data easy to access and resharable. Moreover, this project needs a strong database to control and support datasets because the data is sufficiently uploaded and updated over time. 

So, we picked these technologies to meet the requirements of the clients. 

What Is the Outcome? — The Results

So, the ODP project is completed, but it is still in our hands as they wanted a professional team to always be available for support. It is worthwhile to say that our project was completed within the deadline, and we were able to deliver the projects with all testing Although we have done multiple projects, it is another level of achievement when we serve any country’s government for its people. Although all these things are apart, wour Drupal developers are now working on migrating the whole app from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. We are very excited to share our experience and the whole migrated apps very soon.

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