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A tarot guide application is a web-based AI app that provides in-depth predictive analysis. It was developed using OpenAI GPT integration and assists users in understanding the circumstances and reasons behind their real-life events, revealing new perspectives and narratives with an innovative Generative Pre-training Transformer model.
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The Challenge:

Our client is a popular tarot leader who wanted to expand their business to a digital platform to provide feasibility to their clients. He wanted an AI-based solution that exists 24/7 for human assistance and provided well-versed astrological assistance over diverse real-life events of users by getting detailed card readings.

The Solution:

To incorporate the client’s requirements, we propose the idea to build a GPT-based tarot guide application that assists users anytime, anywhere. Our idea was to integrate astrological API with GPT API, where users get real-time tarot reading by one pull of a card (i.e. Card of the Day). It simultaneously enabled the input field to add prompts for continuing conversation, allowing more in-depth astrological analysis to unlock the insight from the user’s daily horoscope.

Project Kickoff:

After gathering research from diverse resources, the MMC Global team was all set to turn ideation into reality. We clearly defined the scope of work and timeline to meet our client’s expectations. We set off the project along with specialized technology developers, professional UI/UX designers, and an experienced SQA team. We created a channel and transmitted project details over there by keeping clients in the loop.

Key Requirements


Web-Based Application: A highly intuitive web-based application.


Mobile Responsiveness: Ensures seamless user experience across mobile devices.


AI-Based Solution: Integrates AI for real-time assistance and detailed predictive analysis.

Core Features Of Tarot Tap:


Personalized Tarot Readings:
This service provides tailored tarot readings based on user inputs, incorporating built-in horoscope interpretation based on astronomical principles. AI algorithms analyse user data to tailor the reading to the individual.



Daily Tarot Guidance:
Get daily insights and inspirations from embedded 78 tarot cards. AI models trained on large datasets of tarot readings can help interpret the card drawn in the context of the user’s details and history.



Tarot Compatibility Guidance:
Tarot Tap also features compatibility readings, which assess the compatibility between two individuals based on their tarot cards. These readings provide insights into the dynamics of relationships, highlighting strengths and potential challenges.



Card Generation on Prompt:
Tarot Tap provides a feature that generates tarot card readings based on user prompts. This allows users to receive specific guidance and insights tailored to their questions or situations. The card generation is instant and customized by using MidJourney API, offering a unique and personal experience each time.



Coupon & Rewards:
One of its popular features is the ability to create and maintain a streak for at least seven days to earn rewards in the form of coupons or gift cards, allowing users to engage and retain for an extended period of time.


Project Outcome:

We have built a final product that addresses user problems, predicts the future, or describes a person’s personality and love life. With the integration of ChatGPT API and astrological API, the app is highly qualified to generate results based on user personal information such as name, date of birth, and phone number. The continuous learning aspect of this GPT-based web application helps it generate more personalized and improved output for users.


After incorporating futuristic technology, Tarot Tap is highly intuitive for interaction and very smooth to function, which is why it was appreciated by our clients. Within the project timeline, we delivered fully equipped products that met the client’s expectations. Our team has worked on all challenging tech stacks, including React.js for frontend, Django (Python) for backend, and PostgreSQL for building a secure database.


Tarot Tap is an AI-based web application developed using futuristic technology and APIs, including OpenAI ChatGPT API Integration, MidJourney API integration, and Astrological API Integration. The app provides an exceptional user experience with quick response generation over the prompts, allowing users to get in-depth information and predictions for all past and future events.

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