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NetSuite SuiteCommerce – Useful For B2B Ecommerce Market

What is NetSuite SuiteCommerce?

Are you in the eCommerce market and haven’t heard about NetSuite SuiteCommerce? You may be captivated by other things. No worries! In this article, you will figure out what NetSuite SuiteCommerce is, why it is related to NetSuite development, and what it can do for the eCommerce business.

Are you looking for a new approach to building your eCommerce platform with a highly customizable form from top to bottom? So, what if I am telling you that SuiteCommerce allows you to integrate seamlessly with your backend, enabling you to build highly customized eCommerce platforms to stray ahead with customers, trends, and competition?

Yes, I am also talking about the NetSuite Suitecommerce solution for all eCommerce businesses out there. Let’s talk deeply about the NetSuite SuiteCommerce System.

What is NetSuite SuiteCommerce?

NetSuite SuiteCommerce is the ironclad of NetSuite that is built-in in its ERP program. If a company had a NetSuite program, they don’t need additional service from the eCommerce platform. However, as NetSuite offers fully managed SuiteCommerce solutions, including order management, inventory management, real-time access, data gathering, and CRM, what else do you need to initiate the top-rated eCommerce business?

NetSuite SuiteCommerce

NetSuite Suitecommerce natively operates within the NetSuite ERP. At the enterprise level, incorporating eCommerce with ERP is a requirement. Moreover, choosing the natively integrated alternative might save company resources, time, and money by avoiding the expenses and maintenance of software customization.

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NetSuite SuiteCommerce Release: SiteBuilder, SuiteCommerce Standard, and SuiteCommerce Advanced

I was initially confused about NetSuite, NetSuite SuiteCommerce, SuiteCommerce Standard, and SuiteCommerce Advanced. But as soon as I read, I got the mystery.

NetSuite is an ERP that manages business processes such as HRM, CRM, supply chain and procurement, and accounts in one platform.

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Sitebuilders Site Builder (sometimes known as “SiteBuilder“) is the oldest and most extensively used NetSuite E-commerce platform. Site Builder has been available for almost a decade. However, it is still rarely used today. The platform’s out-of-date architecture isn’t mobile-friendly or SEO-friendly.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Standard is an integration for building eCommerce platforms within the NetSuite ERP. However, you can consider a component or product of NetSuite for an eCommerce business.

SuiteCommerce Advanced is an advanced level of SuiteCommerce that slightly differs from them. It has various versions in two years of progress that is:

SCA Release Updated NameSCA Release Deprecated Name  Release Date
2020.2October 2020
2020.1February 2020
2019.2September 2019
2019.1February 2019
2018.2September 2018
2018.1AconcaguaJuly 2018
2017.2KilimanjaroSeptember 2017
2017.1ElbrusMarch 2017
2016.2VinsonSeptember 2016
2016.1Mont BlancEarly 2016
2015.2DenaliMid 2015
Site BuilderPre-2014

I hope all the buzzwords will clear now. Let’s move further to understand the difference between SC and SCA.

The difference between Suitecommerce (or traditionally known as Suitecommerce standard) and Suitecommerce Advanced lies in the level of control you have over them. SC, in particular, does not have access to the source code, and SC installs version upgrades automatically rather than manually.

However, they have some similarities, and both are functioning so well. In fact, both versions have completely responsive themes, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integration, and multi-currency, tax, and shipping pricing support. All features of SCA are available in SC, but the pricing is half the other.

Pros of NetSuite SuiteCommerce

SuiteCommerce’s most essential feature is its native link from backend to frontend, which improves operational efficiencies.

It is a progressive and adaptable web store because of its built-in features and modification capabilities.

Product promotions in email campaigns are made simple thanks to seamless interaction with email marketing capability.

Strong support and informative documentation.

Cons of NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Highly susceptible to a plethora of issues

At times, it might be slow.

Taking use of everything the platform offers requires a high learning curve.

Implementation and Migration of NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Implementing or migrating to a new platform takes time and effort, including in any eCommerce solution search. The cost of implementing SuiteCommerce varies substantially and is also dependent on the sort of product you are acquiring. We’ll assume you’re looking for more than just an activation and want to get the most out of your solution.

Because various businesses have varied expectations for the look and feel as well as the functioning of the product, these ranges do fluctuate.

Perks of Having NetSuite SuiteCommerce


Your company will also seek to flourish. SuiteCommerce employs dynamic pages, allowing you to expand your eCommerce store’s inventory swiftly.


SuiteCommerce makes leverage of themes and extensions to provide you complete control over the code. You can also create the most sophisticated javascript or HTML website with a modular architecture.

Access NetSuite Data

SuiteCommerce is configured specifically for NetSuite users, and it works in tandem with the NetSuite ERP system to provide one unified platform. In fact, it gets data from NetSuite in real-time.

NetSuite Script

Do you have any NetSuite data routines running? It’s no issue! SuiteCommerce can also manage NetSuite Script because it integrates with NetSuite. SuiteCommerce can see the updates in real-time.

Logins and Accounts

SuiteCommerce integrates your customers’ e-commerce purchases with NetSuite. For B2B organizations, SuiteCommerce’s My Account may be fully customizable. Moreover, you can add components of your choice, real-time access to your account, and easy to set app.

Greater Shopping Experience

The single-page application loads all of the javascript at once, allowing your users to navigate your website more quickly without refreshing pages. Provide superior online experiences for your consumers.

SEO Friendly

It has two parts. To get to the top one on Google, you’ll need to handle content data (titles, descriptions, and details) as well as other SEO customization packs.

Popular Solution

The more popular a solution is among customers and users, the greater the number of support alternatives accessible. Additionally, organizations like Anchor Group create bespoke extensions to provide additional business solution possibilities.

Bottom Line

NetSuite SuiteCommerce helps B2B eCommerce businesses to streamline their functions with other innumerable perks. In fact, the frequent release of versions proves the progress and demand of the NetSuite SuiteCommerce. It is easy to implement, simple to monetize, SEO friendly, accessible data, and customization, to make the customer shopping experience more impactful.

However, if you need any assistance in implementing and integrating SuiteCommerce, MMCGBL is very close to you. Our team helps B2B businesses to make their day-to-day tasks faster and more efficient.

In fact, there are many alternatives to NetSuite, such as Bigcommerce development, Magento Development, WooCommerce development, etc. Every platform has its perks and functionalities, but if you are not picking the right solution for your eCommerce store, you may be losing amazing opportunities to grow. So, let’s get a consultation with professionals and experts and give a major hit in the industry.

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