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Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Access the power of Microsoft Azure Cloud services by taking us on board for your next project. We specialize in building cloud-based products and addressing infrastructure challenges utilizing Azure Cloud Services, including computation, analytics, storage, and networking.

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Exposing Class-Apart Microsoft Azure Cloud Capabilities

Microsft Azure offers a fortified cloud platform to build extravagant cloud-based mobile applications and software solutions. We access all Microsoft Azure Cloud tools to build your customized app and secure database. Our developers are also establishing adequate structure to migrate your legacy system into the sought-after Microsoft Azure cloud system.

At MMC Global, we have a professional Microsoft Azure cloud development team that helps us create all cloud computing infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and serverless functions.

Our Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

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Cloud Strategy Platform

Without a strategy, cloud implementation doesn’t work. That is why our developers highly focus on creating a fool-proof cloud implementation strategy for executing complex development to ensure zero error.

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Microsoft Azure VMs Development

We offer a wide range of virtualized computing options, allowing you to run Windows or Linux-based applications in a highly customizable environment. Our developers emphasize meeting clients' business goals from rapid provisioning to auto-scaling and the ability to fine-tune resources for optimal performance.

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Azure SQL Database

Gain a competitive edge by accelerating data with Azure SQL Database. Our fully managed database service offers unmatched reliability, security, and scalability. Seamlessly migrate your existing databases or build new ones in the cloud. Leverage advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to turn your data into actionable insights.

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Azure AI & Machine Learning

By embracing artificial intelligence and machine learning with Azure Cloud, stay ahead of the competition. Our comprehensive AI and ML tools suite enables you to develop intelligent applications, automate processes, and make data-driven decisions. Utilize pre-built models or build your own to solve complex business challenges and uncover valuable insights hidden within your data.

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Azure Security & Compliance

Protect your valuable data and meet regulatory compliance requirements with Azure's industry-leading security solutions. Our service provides multi-layered, built-in security features to safeguard your applications and data. Benefit from advanced threat detection, identity management, and data encryption. Stay compliant with industry-specific regulations while maintaining the highest data privacy and security standards.

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Azure Backup & Recovery

Ensure business continuity and data resilience with Azure Backup & Recovery. Our service offers automated backup and recovery solutions for your critical data and applications. Protect against data loss, system failures, and disasters with robust backup policies and seamless recovery options. Keep your business running smoothly, no matter the circumstances.

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Connect With Expert To Implement Azure Cloud

Streamline the Microsoft Azure Cloud Implementation journey by professional Cloud developers. Our immersive cloud services help you build, run, start projects, and manage the system professionally.

Choosing Us as Your Long-Term Partners

Expertise You Can Trust

Our certified Microsoft Azure Cloud experts have a wealth of experience in architecting and managing Azure solutions. We have successfully delivered numerous projects across various industries, providing expert guidance and support at every step.

Customized Solutions

Our solutions are tailor-made to fit your specific needs and objectives. We work closely with you to design Azure environments that align with your goals and maximize your ROI.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We are committed to optimizing your Microsoft Azure Cloud resources to minimize unnecessary expenses. Our cost-effective solutions help you maximize the value of your cloud investments, ensuring you get the most out of Azure without breaking the bank.

24/7 Support

Your business doesn't sleep, and neither do we. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to promptly address your concerns and resolve any issues. Rest assured that your Azure environment is in capable hands.

Security-First Approach

We prioritize the security of your data and applications above all else. Our security experts implement industry-leading practices to protect your information from threats and breaches. We also ensure compliance with relevant regulations to mitigate risks.

Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows and evolves, our Azure solutions scale with you. We design your Azure architecture to be agile and responsive so you can adapt to changing demands and opportunities in the market.




Building an Microsoft Azure Cloud services platform was not easy if we do manually. Fortunately, we came to know about MMCGBL and its services regarding the open data portal solutions. Now we have a completely open data platform where people can access and we can manage the platform easily.

kane mike

Kane Mike


It’s been a long since our organization find the platform that could make us an Microsoft Azure services so we can share our organizational data and the rising graph of our investments and ROI. Thanks to MMCGBL’s open data portal solution for building such an amazing and user-friendly platform. Highly recommended.




Great experience with MMCGBL, they are helping worldwide for building Microsoft Azure especially for government transparency and free distribution of data regarding taxes, expenditure, state-wise production, etc.

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We Provide Limitless Tech-Savvy Solutions

Expanding our services towards advanced and innovative technologies. We have no boundaries to thrive!


Microsoft Azure Cloud is a cloud computing platform offering vast services and resources, including virtual machines, databases, and AI tools. It enables businesses to run applications and store data in the cloud.

Azure is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, from startups to enterprises. It offers tailored solutions for various needs, from web hosting to complex AI-driven applications.

Azure prioritizes security with features like encryption, identity management, and threat detection. It complies with numerous industry standards to protect your data.

To begin using Azure, you can sign up for an Azure account, explore the Azure portal, and access comprehensive documentation and tutorials to guide you through the setup and usage.

We provide a range of support options, including technical documentation, community forums, and premium support plans to assist you in deploying, managing, and optimizing your Azure resources.

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