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Our Products

Whether we’re building a new product or improving an existing one, MMCGBL partners with our clients to make a measurable impact. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations, including large enterprises, small businesses and even non-profits.

Workshop Automation Systems

Delivering a web application to automate all manual workshop operations into a unified software that helps users schedule appointments, task tracking, generate automated invoices, real-time notifications, and much more by integrating modern technologies. Our solution easily integrates with existing CRM, ERP, or inventory systems.

Task Management System

Simplify day-to-day projects more efficiently by organizing and prioritizing tasks for internal or external team members. Integrating a task management system into your business workflow helps businesses monitor project development progress, allocate resources, and increase employees’ productivity. Assigning tasks, task progress updates, backlog, and other task-related planning are all you can do single-handedly with this robust solution.  

Assets Management System

Streamline your asset management with our comprehensive software solution. Easily track, organize, and optimize your assets, from equipment and inventory to financial resources. Enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and make data-driven decisions with our user-friendly asset management software.

Asset management system

Point Of Sale

Elevate your business with our feature-rich POS software. Our POS software effortlessly manages sales, inventory, and customer transactions all in one place. It enhances customer service, streamlines operations, and gains valuable insights into your business with our user-friendly and efficient POS software.

Rider Management System

Our rider management application is a cost center-based accounting software that works on an accounting and cost allocation approach that organizes and tracks expenses and revenues within an organization based on specific cost centers or departments. Helping management make informed decisions, control costs, and improve efficiency for particular functions, activities, or areas of the business

Rider management
Szabist erp

University Administrative Solution

Empower educational institutions with our specialized ERP software. Effortlessly manage student records, faculty, finances, and more in one integrated system. Our education-focused ERP streamlines administrative tasks enhances data accuracy, and promotes efficient operations, allowing schools and universities to focus on what matters most—delivering high-quality education.

Document Management

Simplify document handling and organization with our robust document management software. From creation and storage to retrieval and sharing, our user-friendly solution optimizes the way you manage information. Enhance collaboration, reduce paper clutter, and improve document security, making your business more efficient and agile.

Document management

Workflows Management

Optimize your business processes with our innovative workflow management software —easy to design, automate, and monitor workflows to boost productivity and efficiency. Streamline tasks, improve collaboration, save time, and gain real-time insights to drive your organization toward seamless operations and success.

Ticket Management

Rationalize issue tracking and resolution with our intuitive ticket management software that helps manage customer inquiries, support requests, and tasks in one central platform. Our ticket management system ensures customer satisfaction, improves team collaboration, and maintains organized, effective ticket management to drive your business forward.

Lab Management

Our comprehensive lab management software increases the advancement of your lab’s efficiency and productivity. It helps in seamlessly organizing samples, experiments, equipment, and data, all in one integrated solution. Streamline workflows, enhance compliance, and make informed decisions with our user-friendly software, designed to meet the unique needs of laboratories.

Busniess Health Monitoring

It offers a smart business health monitoring solution that calculates your business health by analyzing past, current, and future progress concerning the major health markers data. Built-in algorithms & robust analytical methodology are applied to encourage businesses to improve their major areas by evaluating the business condition. Not only does it help to get insights, but it also assists you in making good decisions for the future.
business health monitoring
RFID based

RFID Based Assessment Management

Revolutionize assessment management with our RFID-based solution. Seamlessly track, manage, and improve the assessment process using RFID technology. Streamline data collection, enhance accuracy, and gain valuable insights to drive better decision-making and outcomes in various domains, from education to inventory management.

Access Control System

Strengthen security and control access effortlessly with our Access Control System.  Our system provides a robust and flexible solution to protect your assets and maintain a secure environment. Safeguard your premises by managing entry permissions, monitoring user activity, and ensuring only authorized individuals gain access.

Access control
Time attendance

Time Attendance And
Payroll Management

Automate workforce management with our integrated Time Attendance and Payroll Management software. Track employee attendance, automate payroll processing, and ensure accurate, on-time salary distribution with just one unified solution. The focus of our solution is to Improve HR efficiency, reduce errors, and empower your organization to focus on what matters most – your people.