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SecOps Security Operations Solutions

We approach SecOps Security Operations Solutions  through a zero-trust strategy, automating critical handoff points. Moreover, our teams helps prioritize risks across hybrid-cloud environments.

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Eliminate IT Silos & Expedite Processes

IT Silos keeps information privy to the rest of the organization. However, SecOps security operation allows you break those barriers so that information is processed more efficiently and safely. Replace manual effort with automated processes that boost efficiency and empower security teams to handle more cases easily. 

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Accelerate Response Times

Minimize vulnerable business attacks by speeding up security responses. Moreover, computerized routine tasks that don’t require human involvement  to ensure your team focuses on only the most critical incidents. Furthermore, provide a remedy to empower your security agents with insights that help them fix business problems.  

Integrate Security Operation and IT

Provide a single platform for your IT and security teams to collaborate on events and transfers with ease. However,  Compare incident details from vulnerability scanning tools and Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This will help getting the full context of issues in terms of your business and IT services. Import suspicious activities in your IT fundamental structures from your security tools like: QRadar, Splunk, Rapid7, etc. Hence, you fix your risk visibility. 

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Real-Time Visibility for Your Security Posture


Live evaluation allows you to monitor any breaches in your security in no time. The threat is recognized, acknowledged and gives a detailed report. This allows your security team to analyze deep threats and a possible way to understand the problem. It also gives the team to analyze their own security buildup and performance.

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Security operations, which is also known as SecOps, is a business that combines internal information security with IT operations practices to improve collaboration and therefore reduce risks.

  1. continuous protection
  2. a quick and effective responses
  3. decreased costs of breaches and operations
  4. threat prevention
  5. security expertise
  6. compliance
  7. communication and collaboration
  8. an improved business reputation.

There is a primary difference between the two concepts where the specific teams are involved. On the one hand, SecOps brings together security teams and ITOpsteams. On the other, DevOps’s focal point is a collaboration between developers and ITOps.

MMCGBL approaches SecOps Security Operations Solutions through a zero-trust strategy, automating critical handoff points. Moreover, our teams help prioritize risks across hybrid-cloud environments.

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Our R&D, Sales, and Support departments are in Germany and Austria, and production facilities are in Slovakia and China.

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