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Event & Ticket Booking App Development

We are the leading name behind fueling many events held across the globe with the force of brilliantly building event & ticket booking mobile apps as we are termed as a top Booking App Development. We treat each event app as the augmentation of the brand face, as our event mobile app developers see that it is so essential to offer a unified experience and welcome the expertise at your fingertips.

Our Event And Ticketbooking app development services

Corporate Events & Ticket booking

We develop event & ticket booking app solutions that open the door to amazing experiences to the people who are looking to extend their brand’s image in this particular industry. Our talented app developers have the expertise to build a solution that can streamline the process and work of the event & ticket booking industry. No matter how big your event is, we built the solution that gives wings of success to your brand.


Highly-secured payment

Our deployed event & ticket booking mobility solution has the power to stand with the trend as we empower your event app with technologies like BLE to keep your app trendy for your user. We incorporate this latest technology to make the app easy for your event attendees’, ticket seekers to remain connected & updated.



Simple way to place order

We develop an application that is completely tech-based as we are experts at dealing with the latest technology like AR/VR to make your app future-ready. Our developed app helps you increase your app’s engagement ratio by making it possible for your app users to experience the event from the comfort of their homes as well.



Corporate Events & Ticket booking

To get an extra perk to this particular industry, we are adapted to develop an event scheduling app. Our team of event & ticket booking app developers specializes in developing custom event schedule apps that keep attendees updated with all the latest happenings inside the event industry near them. We also add the capabilities of event & ticket booking mobile app development to make the offering a complete advantage.



Highly-secured payment

We are an expert at integrating payment gateways and excel at integrating a wide range of payment processors where user can select their favorite processor and apply this processor to your system without any programming knowledge. Our developed solution offers a reliable way of accepting deposits and payments upon booking and saving both time and money!



Events Tracking

Your app needs to show a list of events both the past and the upcoming ones, the users have tickets for. However, you may extend the functionality by allowing users to track the events they like or want to visit. Or create a customizable waitlist to inform users if any tickets become available for sold-out events.



Top rated booking app development

Every event needs an incredible mobile app that drives much engagement to the event. Make an event app and pass on the force of the world’s best event app platform to your conference, celebrations or meeting. Event & Ticketing apps smooth out the passage cycle for the event. These apps save your valuable time, provide the regular updates of events happening near you, notifies schedule updates of events. Along with rendering smooth event participations, event updates, these apps also helps as a doubt clearance regarding time, place & other information of any official & other events.

Prime Features that gives you Plentiful Event Experience

RipenApps fuelled features that make your event app the one that lifts the entire event knowledge. Features stacked apps act as a vital driver for event attendances and offer an overall user experience. We empower systems administration of participants with their companions and receive gamification to drive commitment of the participants.

Dedicated Events And Tickets Development

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Our Development Process

In order to streamline our project development process, we take on our strategic approach to successfully complete our projects.

Planning & Execution

From gathering requirements to brainstorming unique ideas, our first step is to listen to our client's preferences and plan the whole project deliverables to create a deadline.

Design & Prototype

We align professional designers to work on creating the user interface, from low-fidelity to high-fidelity design and prototyping, which must deliver an exceptional user experience.


Our development process involves writing custom codes and integrating APIs to make the design functional of extensive resources of diverse technology to be parallel with industry-competitive solutions of preferred tech stack to build complex features and functionalities.


To verify and evaluate the quality of the codebase, our testing process ensures that every corner of the solution is working and bug-free before delivering the project.

Launch & Maintenance

Proper design and development, along with implementing security protocols, allow us to launch safe, bug-free products that fulfill our clients' requirements.

A track record of success

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Our Some Great Work On Event & Ticket Booking App Development

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Our clients appreciated our work, and that motivated us to grow and deliver better.

Questions? Here are answers

What are the valuable attributes of the event and ticket booking app?

The must-have features of the event and ticket booking app that we tend to include in our clients’ apps are:

Venue details, Event postings, In-app buy, Map, Support work area, Seat booking choice, Download ticket choice, Ratings, and reviews

What is the estimated cost of an event and ticket booking app?

The Cost of developing an Event Management App is based upon various factors such as:

  • The event of elements inside an app
  • The picked innovation stack
  • The intricacy of the application
  • Area of the Event
  • Ticket booking app development company.

MMCGBL is a leading app development company; our business consultants are intuitive about app development costs.

How to build an ticket app?

The ideal path to building an event application is by uniting together with an event & ticket app development company that has developed an event application. Once you select a suitable app development company, talk with them about the functionalities that best suit your application and the right tech stack. Then, offer how your goals are characterized for your market.

Can you develop an event and ticket booking app for both the platform Android and iOS?

Yes, our event applications are cross-platform apps, i.e., they can run on both platforms, iOS, and Android. Our team of app developers has years of experience in their field.

Do you include payment choices in your event and ticket booking app development?

Yes, our modern and intelligent payment gateways acknowledge mass payment and registration. We make the payment process easy with payment gateways in your event and ticket booking app. MMCGBL offers partial payment choices, valuing coupons, prompt riser limits, and volume limits.

Our team of experts is ready to provide you with cutting edge solutions.

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