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Application Modernization Services

Data and Application Modernization Services by MMCGBL enable organizations to harness the full potential of their investments in applications, cloud and data assets.

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MMCGBL Application Modernization and Cloud Services Help Your Business

Increase Business Agility

Be market-ready for multiple scenarios in the marketplace. Fuel growth in your revenue by increasing the operational possibilities on your business

Optimize Costs

Save costs from undiscovered areas of technology by optimizing your Application and Data systems. Find new opportunities to optimize your expenditure.

Engage Customers

Engage your customers by delivering high-availability of your products and services by keeping your critical systems ‘always-on’. Increase the potential to deploy new products and grow your audience.

Empower Workforce

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your workforce by employing the latest productivity hacks, resulting in a better work-life balance and happier employees.

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Modernized Applications on the Cloud

MMCGBL expertise in shifting your legacy on-premise apps and data to the cloud accelerates your time-to-market, while reducing costs of development. Our full-stack expertise covers front-end, back-end, data intelligence and DevOps. Azure’s set of cloud services lets enterprises face several business challenges and meet organizational goals.

We support the integration of new functionalities, web application modernization and architectural changes to the application and data.

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Journey To The Cloud

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Benefits of Application Modernization Services


Implement latest technology such as always-on applications with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% for your cloud applications.


Enable your systems to be highly scalable for your ever-expanding workloads and leverage the freedom to add new users anytime.


Employ the power of multiple backups of your data on multiple sources, empowering your business operations to run constantly.


Our services ensure that your data is protected from all possible threats by employing world-class security practices.

We Build Applications that Engages Users

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Application Modernization FAQs:

Application modernization allows you to update older software for newer computing approaches. That includes adding more languages, frameworks, and infrastructure platforms. This practice is also sometimes called legacy modernization or legacy application modernization.

Data modernization basically means moving data from legacy databases to modern databases. It is vital for any organization that needs to store unstructured data like images, social media comments, customer voice audio, clinical notes in health care, etcetera.

  1. Data discovery. Start by getting your team on board. 
  2. Data architecture assessment.
  3. Data architecture and engineering. 
  4. Business intelligence and reporting. 
  5. DataOps. 
  6. Expert guidance for your data modernization journey.
We provide Application and Data Modernization services that enable organizations to harness the full potential of their investments in applications, cloud, and data assets. Our experts at MMCGBL have more than ten years of experience and therefore cater to all your needs and services.
  1. Grants the ability to create new features and services. 
  2. Improves the productivity of employees. 
  3. Eliminates technical debt.
  4. Enhances overall consumer experience. 
  5. It makes new ways to build additional revenue streams.

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