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Streamline the whole supply chain management process with one centralized supply chain software solution. We offer a wide range of supply chain software solutions that smoothen the supply chain process from raw materials to order fulfillment.
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Simplify Supply Chain With Software Integration

Simplify Supply Chain With Software Integration

The supply chain is a vast field that carries out the whole production-to-distribution process in any company. It has to be fully managed to get smooth operations throughout the process. Implementing an automated system to regulate supply chain management is crucial and necessary for the business to speed up the production and distribution process.

At MMC Global, we totally understand the need for supply chain software to automate tasks like monitoring inventories, tracking logistics and transportation, managing raw materials, streamlining sales planning, and much more. We create user-friendly and on-demand SCM software that meets client requirements and adds preferred functionalities to allocate resources.

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Diverse Range Of Supply Chain Software Solutions

Over the years, we have delivered diverse software application solutions to help businesses fasten their operations. Our supply chain management software services are one of the most demanded services to maximize productivity and production.


ERP Software Solution

We build highly customized and feature-rich ERP software solutions to centralize all departments for better collaboration and connectivity. Implementing ERP can help you overcome challenges in material production, purchasing, selling, and distributing and also make all processes faster.


AI/ML-based Workflow Automation

The infusion of AI and ML-based software allows businesses to automate their workflows, which reduces the workload and costs. Our supply chain software is built with the supervision of professional AI engineers to develop futuristic functionalities like predictive analysis, automated recommendation, etc.


Order Processing Software

We provide order processing software to automate order processing routine tasks with the utmost accuracy. Our order processing software focuses on order fulfillment, order tracking, automated billing, paperless PO, and invoice generation.


Vehicle Dispatching Software

Vehicle dispatching software allows you to keep your eye on the delivery vehicle by automating track routing, monitoring the vehicle condition, simplifying delivery schedulingactivities, and so on. We build software to solve your supply chain management troubles and help you deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Inventory Management Software

Our professional supply chain software development team helps you build state-of-the-art inventory management software to always be in stock and not to lose any opportunity. We can also integrate warehouse management to streamline stock management, optimize warehouse space, streamline production planning, and even forecast demand to avoid under-stocks.


Supply Chain Management System

If you want all-in-one supply chain software with customized features and functionalities, no one can help you better than us. From design to development and deployment to post-maintenance, we have a dedicated team that enables you to develop from scratch.

How Supply Chain Software Helps to Streamline The Supply Chain Process

 Supply chain software streamlines supply chain processes by optimizing inventory management, enhancing demand forecasting accuracy, automating order management, and improving supplier management. It provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, ensuring the right amount of stock is maintained and reducing overstock and stockouts.

Advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities help make more informed production and procurement decisions, while automated order processing and supplier performance tracking minimize errors and streamline order fulfillment. Overall, supply chain software enables greater efficiency, cost savings, and improved decision-making throughout the supply chain.

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Your project is handed over to the best and most experienced tech-savvy experts who pay extra attention to project details to make it successful.

Futuristic Tech Stack

Futuristic Tech-Stack

We have a dedicated team for all types of futuristic tech stack, including cloud development, AI, ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, IoT, etc.

ERPs & Mobile App Experts

ERPs & Mobile App Experts

Whether you need full-fledged ERP software or want handy mobile app development, we’ve got you covered.

Flexible Working Models

Flexible Working Models

 We have flexible working models to cater to different dynamics of projects, ensuring streamlining development cycles and meeting deadlines.

Infusing Industry 4.0 Technology

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

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Internet of Thing (IoT)

Big Data

Big Data

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Data Science

Artifical Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Image Analysis

Image Analysis (IA)

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR)



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Amazing supply chain management software!! The team was really helpful in assisting me in coming up with a different solution to the difficulty I was facing. Thank you MMC Global and 5 stars for sure!

john buttler

John Buttler


We are really satisfied with this inventory management software because it gives a lot of functionalities for our business. Thanks, and highly recommended.




Supply chain management application is absolutely amazing; the customer support is excellent; they listen to their customers and offer the best advice, working tirelessly to meet the requirements.

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