5 Transport Mobile Apps in the USA to Solve Your Commuting Headache

One of the most time-consuming tasks in our tight schedule is commuting from one place to another to reach our destination safely, whether for work or groceries. Public transport is a convenient way to travel instead of driving by yourself in heavy traffic. Catching the bus, subway, or train at the right time is another level of achievement when you are getting late, but I bet it’s no more headache if you have transport mobile apps that navigate you about your transport medium.

Many transport mobile apps are highly on-demand due to their striking features and ease of use. Imagine how relaxing it is to book your train seat a day before your grocery. Many transport mobile app development ideas can help the transport and commuting industry find a streamlined way of running their transit operations.

With MMCGBL, you can get multiple mobile app development ideas for any industry. We have vast experience building custom mobile app development with an advanced tech stack. Our 1000+ mobile app development projects are based on different sectors, including healthcare, IT, finance, banking, education, gaming, automobiles, etc.

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We can help you develop your own unique transport mobile app with multiple features. We can build apps like:

  • Direction and map-based application
  • Transport seats reservation application
  • Cab booking apps like Uber
  • Stop navigation application
  • Book a cab or bus for the trip
  • School/College bus schedules & stops
  • And much more.

These are a few transport mobile apps for commuting from one place to another. Let’s see the available transport mobile apps in the USA for your ease.

5 Transport Mobile Apps in the USA For Commuting


It is a wholesome app to navigate the routes and bus schedules in real time. Based on several modes of commuting like walking, biking, car, etc., you can measure the distance and traffic conditions to consume less time. Moreover, you can avoid high fares and waiting time by getting updates in Citymapper.

To provide a secure traveling experience, you can share your trip with your trusted partner to show your live location. You can also get rush or peak hours updates to avoid crowded public transport and routes. Available for both Android and iOS apps.

Citymapper transport app


One of the best transport mobile apps for the US public is Moovit for urban city commuting. It helps to navigate real-time bus locations, bus schedules for reaching the station at the right time, and accurate maps that show bus directions.

The user interface is highly optimized, and easy to adopt every screen size. That is why users of

Android and iOS easily install and use Moovit for a better experience. It also allows users to make online payments, help you inform blockage, and give updates on the unavailability of routine lines. To sum up, it is a convenient public transport app that keeps the public aware of general commuting services. Available for both Android and iOS apps.

Moovit transport mobile app

Transit Now

Transit Now is another popular transport mobile app in the US for tracking vehicles. It quickly communicates the arrival, departure, and bus schedule delays to inform passengers in real-time.

It also allows you to share the live location with your family members to keep you up-to-date with your destination time arrival. This app is only existing for Android users but did not launch on the Apple store.

Transit Now mobile app for transportation


It is another similar app for iOS users in which you can track the time of covering the distance from one place to another. The user-friendly and easy-to-show home screen widget helps you navigate directions and time to estimate your arrival and departure.

Moreover, you can chat and inform others about the current status of your planned trip. Overall, this app is quite helpful in managing and estimating your commuting time. Available on the iOS platform.

ETA - Transport mobile app


Surprisingly and happily, the best thing about the Transit app is it easily works offline. You do not need to load credit or access the internet to use the Transit application. Moreover, the main function of this app is to give details about the departure and arrival of buses or trains, crowds, and traffic conditions. Furthermore, it also locates the closest entrance, step-by-step navigation, and real-time updates & notifications.

Transit also provides the feasibility of bikeshares and scooters and even hails the ride to get to your desired location. Riders can also ask for passenger ratings for satisfied or unsatisfied trips. Available for both Android and iOS apps.

Transit Transport app

Let’s Wrap Up!

Download your favorite app to get ease in your traveling. Or if you have some unique idea to build your own mobile apps, don’t forget to share it with us!

We can help you build custom mobile app development that gives users an exceptional experience from log-in to the end of the user journey. We have a few ideas for your transport company that you will earn with transportation and generate profit with your transport mobile app development.

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