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Reason Why You Need To Build Rideshare Apps Like Uber

Does the Uber application inspire you? Does any idea strike your mind to make an Uber-like application? Well, if you belong to this industry or want to make a belonging, then you’ve chosen the best inspiration. In fact, planning to develop rideshare apps can be a lucrative business model that generates higher revenue streams.

The faster-evolving Rideshare concept is highly acceptable across borders. In fact, it is expected to reach a market value of USD 218 billion by 2025. Getting in the car with strangers and dividing the fare can help people save money as well as time. That is why a rideshare app is a good business model for those who want to kick off their startups.

Why Build an Uber-like Rideshare App

Uber is one of the giants in ridesharing services and commuting apps that operate internationally. From its highly functional mobile application to secure payment methods, Uber created the epitome of success in its industry. In fact, Uber generated $31.8 billion in revenue in 2022, an 82% increase from the previous year.

If Uber has inspired you, you would like to have an exact or more optimized app like Uber that is actually possible. What appeals to Uber is the most worth asking question right now. The answer must be: 

  • The interface of the Uber App
  • The security and reliability
  • Secure payment methods
  • Easy tracking and ridesharing
  • High-performing globally
  • And much more…

However, the truth is much more behind the app that keeps users engaged as well as retained. Our developers have gathered in-depth information regarding the tech stack that makes the Uber rideshare app simple.

Rideshare app development

Let’s get an in-depth look at the tech stack that they used.

Uber Application Tech Stack Analysis

Programming Languages:

Development Frameworks and Libraries:

  • Android SDK: To build the Android app.
  • iOS SDK: To build the iOS app.
  • React Native (in some cases): Uber has experimented with React Native for cross-platform development, though a significant portion of the app was natively developed.

Backend Services:

  • Node.js: Uber used Node.js for some of its backend services, especially for real-time features.
  • Python: Python was used for data analysis and machine learning.
  • Go: For building some high-performance and scalable services.
  • Java: In some cases, Java was also used for backend services.

Data Storage:

  • MySQL: For relational data storage.
  • Cassandra: For distributed and scalable storage.
  • Redis: For caching and real-time data.
  • Elasticsearch: For search and analytics.


  • Retrofit (Android): A popular library for making HTTP requests.
  • Alamofire (iOS): A similar library for making HTTP requests.

Mapping and Location Services:

  • Google Maps: For mapping and location services.
  • Mapbox: Uber also acquired Mapbox assets for map services.

Authentication and Security:

  • OAuth 2.0: For user authentication.
  • TLS/SSL: To secure data transmission.
  • JWT (JSON Web Tokens): For securing API communication.

Cloud Services:

Push Notifications:

  • Apple Push Notification Service (APNS): For iOS.
  • Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) or Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM): For Android.

Payment Processing:

  • Braintree (a PayPal service): Used for handling payments in the app.
  • Stripes: To process payments collected from their 3.5 million drivers. 
  • Adyen: secure credit and debit card payments

The above tech stack information concludes that Uber-like app development needs a professional mobile app development team to handle these enormous technologies and infuse them into a functional application.

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How MMC Global Can Help You in the Development of Rideshare Apps?

We will give you amazing reasons why you need to build rideshare apps like Uber because we know the business potential of ridesharing services with strangers. MMC Global has competed with giant companies and successfully conquered projects beyond expectations. We specialize in mobile app development, including iOS, Windows, Android, or cross-platform app development with almost every tech stack. 

Furthermore, we have experience developing rideshare apps from scratch with highly functional features on-demand. No matter how challenging your requirements are, our mobile app development team is highly focused on overcoming all challenges with their capabilities. 

We just not only provide a solution but also help you be aware of what is best for your business or future growth. From consultation to designing and development to deployment, we can do everything with great proficiency.

Let us explain to you why you need rideshare apps like Uber so that you can make the right decision for your investment. 

Easy To User Access

Everyone has many things on their plates; people find ease and quickness as much as possible. Finding a way to automate commuting is another level of satisfaction for them. Uber takes this pain point into account and works on many attributes like ride booking or ridesharing. Therefore, the Uber application provides both services with maximum accessibility; one can book private transportation or carpool with another passenger to reduce costs and save time. How fascinating it is. Isn’t it? 

Exertion Less UI Designing

Undoubtedly, Uber has a great minimalistic user interface that increases user engagement and ultimately enhances user experience. Uber application is an example of a lightweight, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate application. It means you have a great inspiration that can help you design your app with all important features as well as navigation. So why do hard work if you have smart inspiration? Just execute it to jump on faster development!

Cashless Cab Services

In the world of digitalization, Uber takes your expectations to another level by providing cashless, convenient services. As soon as you book a car, your driver is capable enough of redirecting your location without asking too many questions. Integrating an e-hail account is worth mentioning, contributing to a pivotal role in the cashless experience. As soon as the driver drops off the passenger, he receives a payment receipt with links for rating and tipping the driver.

Price Lucidity

The Uber rideshare app provides comprehensive driver and ride details, including approximate estimated fare, arrival time, distance to pickup points, etc. This helps passengers to be ready to take their ride before the drivers come to their doorstep and start the peaceful journey with a hassle-free booking process.

Customizable Clone Structure

Uber application structure is highly customizable so that you can clone the app architecture and remove or add your preferred features as per your preference. It saves a lot of time and cost, which leads to successful, faster app development. 

Market Competitive Solution

Uber or other Rideshare service apps in the US may be performing so well in the market, but if you throw a boundary-pushing product as compared to Uber or other rideshare apps, the whole market will be yours. We build highly competitive, feature-rich, and powerful apps that others want to be like. Our previous giant project is proof of our strength. Whether you want to market your app in North American countries like Mexico, Canada, etc., or initiate your startups with states of the US like Texas, Houston, etc., we will turn your ideas into reality. 

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Are You Ready to Take a Dive In RideShare App Development?

Let’s be clear: We do not sell our solution, but we build long-term relationships with you so that you can discover your business potential with the rise of futuristic solutions. Our expertise is not limited to mobile application development, but we are experts in infusing futuristic AI models, IoT solutions, blockchain-exclusive systems, and much more. Let’s build something that gives your rival a tough time!

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