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6 Best Mobile App Ideas For Automobile Industry

6 Best Mobile App Ideas For Automobile and Transportation Industry

The transformation in the automobile and transportation industry is overwhelming by automating transport services, maintenance, even booking for vehicles, etc. There are multiple mobile app ideas that are a game-changer for the automobile industry as it gives exposure to accessing automobile services and transportation by introducing the best mobile apps in the market.

People who need regular transportation or automobile services are hectic on these busy roads. Technology provides ease by building mobile app ideas like Uber or Lyft. Mobile app development makes our ways easy by associating with us at our fingertips.

Many other mobile app ideas for the automobile and transportation industry can provide simplicity in accessing automobile services and, in addition, earn money. If you are selling, buying, or offering maintenance services, then mobile app development is for you.

At MMCGBL, we have out-of-the-box mobile app ideas with industry-specific guidelines and have real proof of working for multiple industries. One of our projects, “Al-Naboodah,” is related to automobile services. It is one of the largest companies in UAE, which offer various services such as transportation, travel, electrical appliances, logistics, agriculture, smart city building, real estate, and renewable energy.

Al nabooda automobile app

For them, we have built a web app (that only Android users can access) to automate their workshop services that were previously manually. It is difficult for them to handle and manage the bulk of services, so they need a web app solution to digitize their whole process, from taking orders and assigning tasks to workers to delivering the vehicle within time.

See the Case Study

If you want to build your transportation app or need mobile app ideas for your startup plan, we are here to assist you in every step towards your success.

6 Best Mobile App Ideas For Automobile Industry

Over 5.7 million apps are combined on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The reason behind the growth of mobile apps is the need for people and businesses. In these crowded mobile app ideas and solutions, you can also provide ease of doing shopping, booking cabs, groceries, and other common activities.

Building apps is not a big deal but generating multiple mobile app ideas is difficult. So let’s discuss a few of the ideations for transportation apps.

Transportation Workshop App

Workshop automation is one of the most demanding transportation apps, as I have mentioned in the example of the MMCGBL workshop automation app project. It allows managers and workshop owners to make a streamlined way of doing their regular activities without trouble.

The admin can raise tickets, make receipts, service timeout and time in, automated payment process, and more. Another project, HTL, is another workshop that wants to automate their manual tasks with an app solution. These types of mobile app ideas can help automobile companies digitize and automate.

HTL app ideas

Online Car Booking Mobile App

Before COVID, there was less need to use automation. But, the post-COVID is better for technologies. Same for the transportation industry! Commuting is common, and the need for transportation is necessary.

Let’s make their ways easy by building cab booking apps like Uber. It Is full of functionalities and features such as Google map integration, multiple payment gateways, instant bookings, real-time data, various vehicle options, and more.

Bike-Sharing Apps

The on-demand bike-sharing app is one of the best mobile app ideas for the transportation industry to help people from anywhere. Friends, family members, or co-workers can easily share rides with others. The modern transportation concept, which provides convenience and simplicity of travel, is generally admired by the public.

Among the important business models with the potential to expand more quickly than others are on-demand bike-sharing applications. Car-sharing applications are far more expensive than bike-sharing apps. People like it when they have to travel shorter routes and trips to the open country. This concept has also received backing from the local government and is readily available and affordable.

Luxury Vehicle Rental Mobile App

The desire to stand out and appear opulent inspired the creation of a taxi app that caters to those wishing for a premium ride. Those luxurious cars could require it for either personal or professional reasons. Whatever the cause, there is no question that there is a good sense of the need for luxury automobile sharing applications.

Renting is a microfeature that it has. In cities where many unused automobiles are parked in backyards, luxury vehicles can also be added and offered for rent. Transportation apps for renting and sharing high-end vehicles can quickly provide the taxi and carpooling industries with a competitive edge.

On-demand Chauffeurs Service

Everyone is thinking about car booking apps, workshop management apps, and service and maintenance apps, but do you know people want drivers as well. It is one of the unique mobile app ideas where you can hire regional, local, or international drivers. All people out there, who have their car or maybe a luxurious vehicle, but do not know how to drive, must have an option to hire one.

You can build an app that can gather drivers and make categories on behalf of their driving skills. If someone wants to hire a chauffeur for their Lamborghini, he must have that skill set to control the luxurious car and know its features.

Car-Racing Mobile Game App

Regarding the sports industry, car racing is the most expensive sport. The Formula 1 Grand Prix, sometimes referred to as F1 or the Grand Prix, is undoubtedly the most costly sport globally. On this one sport alone, enormous sums of money are spent annually.

People are crazy to know when the race is scheduled, the timings, and where it will go. People love to download and use it if you are building an app that can provide real-time information with appropriate schedules. 

FAQs Regarding Transportation and Automobile Apps

How Competitive Is the Mobile App In Transportation and Automobile Industry?


Mobile application is competitive in any industry. When businesses think about using mobile applications for their audience, they actually think about a single platform where they can sell, gather prospects, generate leads, and provide a streamlined purchasing journey. Transportation and automobiles are in the same boat.

Can We Earn Money By Building Mobile Apps For Cab Services?


Why not! If you are building your app with professionals, it’s a lifetime investment. If you choose a leading company like MMGBL where you can meet professional UI UX designers, developers, SQA teams, and other experts to build your app, you will definitely build an exciting app full of features and functionalities.

Give Us a Few Examples of Automobile and Transportation Apps



The Google of transportation applications, Uber, is essential. Although it wasn’t the first, it undoubtedly has the broadest scope. More than 500 cities are already covered by the service, which is constantly growing. It includes the standard fare. Your position will display, and you may use the app to call an Uber.

Additionally, the app allows you to rate your drivers and make payments. The most recognizable transit app available is undoubtedly this one. Those Facebook stories about Uber drivers are common knowledge. Fortunately, these don’t happen very often in reality. Typically, the service performs as promised.

Uber - mobile app for transportation


One of the newest transportation applications is Curb. You may find 50,000+ cabs with this taxi app in 65 US locations. Moreover, the major cities like New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles are included. If necessary, you can ask for transportation right away. You might also reserve a taxi for later. Even paying for a vehicle you discover on your own may be done using the app. It’s brand-new and experiencing a significant number of problems. As it develops over the next weeks and months, it’s important to keep a watch on it.

Curb - mobile app for transportation

Bottom Line

Ideas have no limits. That’s why we only jotted down a few mobile app ideas that can get attraction and have potential to start with. With MMC GBL, we brainstorm ideas according to industry. We study the persona, understand the industry-specific requirements, discuss with the teams and associate all great ideas to build an app.

If you want in-depth and detailed mobile app development, then reach out to us. Our developers love to use an adequate technology stack to build rich-featured and functional apps. If you want to discuss more ideas instead of only transportation apps, we can also upvote this!

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