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What Is The Android Mobile App Development Cost In 2024? A Detailed Cost Breakdown

The demand for Android app development upsurges the market growth of USD 228.98 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.3% from 2024 to 2030. As Of 2024, Android users have a 70.69% market share worldwide. More than 1 billion iPhones and over 3 billion Android devices are currently active in the US. The unwavering demand for Android devices also ignites the urge for the Android application market. If you want to know what the Android development cost will be, we will provide a detailed cost breakdown that helps you map out your investment. 

Moreover, business Android applications are the bridge that connects customers directly to the brands. Investing in Android mobile app development may help you generate 10x more ROI if your app development is done flawlessly. To achieve the benchmark of the Android applications, you must need a professional Android app development team that helps you build futuristic and scalable mobile applications with extensive feature ranges. 

In fact, the purpose of building Android mobile applications must align with the core organizational objectives. The requirements seamlessly influence the Android mobile app development cost. Whether you need a gaming app for Android devices or an eCommerce app or whatever, the Android mobile app development cost varies with its complexity and functionalities. 

There are further factors that relate to the Android mobile app development cost that can impact your 2024 budget and beyond. In this article, you will explore factors that affect Android mobile app development costs and generate a ballpark figure that will help you estimate your budget.

Factors Affecting On Android Mobile App Development Cost

Every Android mobile app development company has a different pricing structure based on demographic attributes, its capabilities, and years of experience. Let’s uncover the most potential factors that can not be neglected right off the bat.

Level Of Efficiency Of Android App Developer 

The level of proficiency of your Android app development team directly influences the cost of mobile applications. The more professional app developers you hire, the more chances of getting a high-performing app you will get, and ultimately they charge more. If you hire beginners for your professional business app development, you may encounter low-performing apps, less functional features, long codes, etc., which have a negative impact on your brand. On the other hand, hiring a professional Android mobile app development company will encourage you to invest one time and get the best final product that maintains the standard of your brand.

Android App Development Team

There are two methods to choose a mobile app development team. Whether it is an in-house team or an outsourced Android app development team. The in-house team refers to the team that you build within your supervision or internal team in your workplace. Setting up your in-house team requires hefty resources, including hiring multiple developers for each task, consuming time to find the best talent, arranging assets for internal teams like Laptops, servers, etc., a rich cost for individual developers, etc. 

However, outsourced mobile development companies are easy to deal with and come within your budget. They are mostly nearshore or offshore companies and charge for their services collectively. The lump sum amount is comparatively less than the in-house team as they do not need to hire developers for every individual task but they have professional developers for multiple projects. As per my suggestion, you need to outsource an Android mobile app development company because it is more budget-friendly than an in-house team. 

Type Of App Category

Many apps have been designed for different purposes and different industries. Every app is unique and contains diverse features and security standards that match the requirements of the app’s purpose. The Android mobile app development cost varies and targets Android users to build native applications.

-E-commerce Android App Development

The upsurge of online shopping experience is getting more optimized with the help of a tap mobile application. Building an Android eCommerce app is a great idea to target Android users in the US. The Android mobile app development cost for the eCommerce industry requires tons of features with the integration of secure payment gateways. 

-Social Networking App Development for Android

If you are planning to build a social networking app for Android users, it may cost different. The features of social networking apps mainly consist of integration of cameras, push notifications, analytics & reporting, exchange of media materials, long feeds, secure login/signup, etc. In order to make it more advanced, the AI implementation in your social networking app is a cherry on top.

-Android Project Management Apps 

To keep track of employees’ job performance, many organizations build project management apps. These are mainly cross-platform apps because it is unsure which employees have iOS or Android. The features of the project management app include attendance monitoring, task listings, status of task completion, tracking of project progress, etc. Moreover, the integration with emails and real-time push notifications will help employees undergo formal communication and strengthen team collaboration.

-Android Gaming App Development

Gaming apps are comparatively more expensive. A good gaming app requires high-resolution graphics, a captivating storyline, challenging levels, and attractive rewards. Building an Android gaming app needs professional expertise in utilizing an Android game development kit (AGDK) that adds to the Android mobile app development cost. 

Level Of App Complexity

The Android mobile app development cost depends on the level of app complexity and the level of complexity depends on your requirements. The more futuristic functionalities you need, the more you increase your budget. Android mobile developers showcase their full potential to build challenging apps, no matter if they need to tackle the latest frameworks, recent advanced technology, etc. 

-Deployment Architecture

The deployment architecture is a depiction of a logical environment in a physical environment. Simply put, it is the backend of the app which consists of two types, i.e., BaaS and Custom architecture development. In BaaS development, a ready-made backend architecture is given to develop the backend with less room for changes. However, custom backend development builds an architecture that allows customization and build from scratch.

-Third-Party Integration

Integrations allow connection between one software app into others through application programming interfaces (APIs). In order to make your app more functional and leverage the potential of modern functionalities, you need to integrate your Android app with external resources. For example, utilizing APIs for adding the functionality of ChatGPT within the app requires a bridge to connect your app to the ChatGPT model. That bridge is called API.

-Payment Gateways

Enabling transactions within the app requires secure integration of payment gateways. It can be tripe, Paypal, Google Wallet, etc. Almost every eCommerce application (like Amazon, Walmart, etc.) must contain a checkout process. The payment functionalities cater to country-wise taxation, discount code acceptance, shipment charges, or other additional charges (if required), etc. Moreover, effective payment gateways allow different payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and cash on deliveries.

Stages of Android Mobile App Development Cost

The Android mobile app development process has multiple stages that require dedicated and specialized professionals. The stage of Android mobile app development consists of 4 stages:

UI/UX Designing

The UX/UI designers are responsible for creating the design of applications, that contain low to high-fidelity designs. From wireframing to prototyping and A/B testing of user interfaces, designers need to build highly navigational designs to achieve a better user experience. Furthermore, a good user interface is highly intuitive, user-friendly, easy to navigate, and interactive. An average UI/UX designer’s costs are an Hourly rate of $50 to $200+ (per hour) and a Project cost: of $500 to $12,000+ (depending on complexity).

Code Development

Android mobile developers help you build a fine code base that is easy to read. A quality code must contain a short and clean codebase. Android mobile app development mainly uses Kotlin and Java Programming languages. Moreover, developers are responsible for front-end and back-end development.

Testing & QA

The Android app development cost also includes tester and QA engineers. Testing is the most essential part of the mobile app development process because it ensures the functionality of the application. There are many types of testing which utilized right off the bat. From unit testing to system testing, security testing to regression testing, and anything in between, testing will help you ensure the quality of the app.

App Deployment

After the mobile app development, the last but not least stage is to deploy applications on the Google Store. A few steps for launching an app on Google Store may suggest some strictness to meet the benchmark of the Android application. This cost is also included because it requires a detailed process that needs to be done by a professional. 

Android Mobile App Development Cost Based On Complexity

The complexity of your app is a major factor affecting the cost of developing an Android app. Here’s a breakdown of estimated costs based on complexity:

Simple App: $5,000 – $50,000

  • This typically includes basic features like a login system, a user profile, and a limited set of functionalities. Think of to-do lists or basic calculators.

Medium Complexity App: $50,000 – $120,000

  • These apps offer more features for user engagement and monetization. They might have social media integrations, payment gateways, or user privacy settings.

Complex App: $100,000 – $300,000+

  • Complex apps involve advanced features and functionalities. This could include real-time features, complex animations, intricate back-end systems, or integration with multiple third-party services. Think gaming apps, social networking platforms, or fitness trackers with personalized workout plans.

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Android app development cost based on app type (Industry-wise)

While complexity plays a big role, the industry also influences Android app development costs. Here’s a general idea of what different app types within specific industries might cost:

  • Business & Productivity Apps:
    • Simple to-do list or expense tracker: ~$15,000
    • Project management app with file sharing: ~$50,000+
  • E-commerce Apps:
    • Basic product listing with shopping cart: ~$60,000
    • Secure payment processing with advanced filtering: ~$100,000+
  • On-demand Service Apps (e.g., food delivery, ride-sharing):
    • Basic user-driver connection with order tracking: ~$70,000+
    • Real-time tracking with integrated mapping and payment systems: ~$100,000+
  • Social Networking Apps:
    • Simple photo-sharing app: ~$60,000
    • Feature-rich platform with messaging and personalized feeds: ~$300,000+
  • Gaming Apps:
    • Basic 2D puzzle game: ~$50,000
    • Complex 3D game with multiplayer functionality: ~$300,000+
  • Education Apps:
    • E-learning app with basic courses: ~$60,000
    • Interactive learning platform with personalized learning paths: ~$100,000+
  • Healthcare Apps:
    • Simple symptom checker or appointment booking app: ~$60,000+
    • App with medical record integration and secure communication features: ~$150,000+

Remember, these are just ballpark figures. The final cost depends on the specific features and functionalities within each app type.

Android app development cost based on Multiple Factors

Factors Impact On CostSimple AppMedium AppComplex App
Development time4-6 months8-10 months10- 15 months
UI/UX Designer$4-5,000$5-7,000$10-15,000
Project Manager$5-7,000$10-15,000$10,000+
QA Specialist$8-10,000$15-20,000$20,000+
Business Analyst$2-3,000$5-8,000$8-10,000
Solution Architect$1-3,000$5-8,000$9,000+

How MMC Global Helps You Build Android App Development Within Your Budget

MMC Global is a renowned Android mobile app development company that has delivered complex projects across different industries. We have a professional Android app development team that is capable enough to deal with custom mobile applications that meet user requirements. 

Our top-notch expert consultant helps you suggest scalable technologies that suit your requirements. We first provide consultation, digest your requirements, incorporate ideas, design multiple drafts, and then provide solutions. If you want to get a trusted partner for your project, we are here to assist you at every stage. We turn your imagination into real-world solutions!

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