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Payment Integrate for Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development – To Integrate Payment Gateway

The aim of mobile app development is to raise user growth, brand awareness, and user engagement. This can only happen if mobile app development companies make a feature-rich and highly functional mobile app that includes instant connectivity, user-friendly interfaces, products/services’ utmost information, etc. But if we talk about how the customer completes the selling funnel, that must be a payment gateway where customers complete their buyer journey.

YES! Today we are going to discuss how to integrate payment gateways in mobile application development to provide users with brother-free payment methods.

mobile application development - payment gateways

Before jumping on how to integrate payment methods, let’s first understand how to select a perfect payment gateway for your mobile application development.

Major Features to Opt for Best Payment Gateways

Internationally Accepted

Whatever payment gateway you choose, ensure it is internationally accepted to embark on cross-border selling. If you only entertain local regions or do not have any plan to trade outside the country, then you can opt for local payment gateways.

Platform Scalability

Scalability matters a lot if you are integrating third-party plugins for long-term existence. The payment methods must include multiple features that can optimize over time. For example, widening the spectrum of your operation across the border needs international currency payments. Your payment gateways must have an option rather than changing the integrated system.

Easier to Connect with APIs

Your mobile application development has a critical backend to proceed with multiple functionalities. Similarly, the payment gateway must have the ability to integrate other APIs and tools with easier updates and maintenance.

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OTPs and Tokenization

To refrain from a data breach, payment gateways must generate OTPs with random numbers to ensure privacy and secure transactions.

Payment gateway integration In mobile app development

There are several methods to integrate payment gateways, as it depends on the sources where you are using. You can play with simple code using the eCommerce mobile app builder platform. But they have a pre-built component to integrate with your app without any technical hassles.

However, if you opt for two different platforms, i.e., iOS and Android, they also have different codebases. It involves three main components such as:

Client & Server SDKs – Every payment gateway has pre-built software development kits (SDK) to make the payment process functional. Developers can find all information and SDKs on their website that help to integrate faster and flawlessly.

APIs – The configuration of SDKs and libraries is crucial in creating your payment gateway integration in mobile applications. It is made possible by the gateway API keys. In other words, organized around REST, merchants must choose APIs to exert more control over the checkout process.

Third-Party Apps – You can interface with a gateway service utilizing them with almost no prior coding skills.

Developers always use third-party integration for integrating payment gateways by getting to know the functionalities. Such as strips are one of the most in-demand third-party gateways that support all types of gateways.

Payment gateway integration

Developers can easily access and get help from the guide and documentation to implement it with the mobile application. Moreover, their SDKs are powerful, enabling developers to build hassle-free payment methods in any software or mobile application.

At MMCGBL, we build mobile apps with secure payment methods that enable visitors to complete their payments instantly without fear.

Bottom Line

Payment gateways work with sensitive data, such as credit card or debit card details and other private data that must remain private. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) shouldn’t be unfamiliar to those looking to build a payment gateway.

Once you choose your third party, you must ensure their security certification. An easy payment process helps retain customers, provides a great user interface, and secures payments throughout the channels.

FAQs Related To Payment Methods In Mobile Apps

What are the most popular mobile app payment gateways?

  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Braintree
  • Paypal
  • Dwolla
  • SecurePay

How much work is involved in integrating mobile payments?

Integrating payment gateways into Android and iOS applications should ideally not require much time or effort. Great results, however, necessitate sophisticated solutions. Thus something like the bespoke character that certain gateways have could require more development work to be fully utilized.

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