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VSigns Health App Analysis

Vital Signs or VSigns is a long-term project close to the heart of the MMCGBL app development team. This project is based on the calculation of business health by setting up user company profiles.

The key idea behind the project is to allow businesses to know the thick and thin of 7 major VSigns within the organization with a complete analysis of growth and failure. It is a great web app for analyzing business health in real-time for businesses. 
Vital Signs or VSigns — Business Health Analysis Based On Vital Signs

Health App Challenges and Problem Statement

Prediction and future analysis are important to stay in the market, and this is the main purpose behind the development of this app.The major goal of this app is to benefit businesses by analyzing the past, present, and future state and helping them make good and right decisions for improvements.
This web app is for companies who want to monitor their future business performance, probably after 6 to 12 months concerning the current situation. 


App Development Services




The Suggestion We Have Provided

The meeting was conducted with the VSigns project manager and MMC GBL to discuss the overall project designing and development process. After researching the whole market, the developers and designers start working on it and determine the factors that build an effective application for business health calculations. 

Moreover, the client also asked for factor-based features that function vertically throughout the app. MMC GBL project executives initiate to represent the workflow and the technology stack they will use to fulfill their requirements.

Overview of the VSigns app Designing and App development

We created a proposal that matched the requirements of our client. Both teams have decided on the designing and development process, including the technology stack, type of app, integrations, database, etc. The execution of development started after agreeing on the proposal. So, here is what we had planned!

Web Application

VSigns business health calculator is the only web app. It is only accessible on the web as it has a heavy codebase, exceptional functionalities, and integrations.

User interface

VSigns application has a user-friendly interface with interactive dashboards. The navigation of each feature is easy to use and accessible with an explicit depiction of elements.

Build User App

VSigns app is for external users, and the targeted audience is the business owner who runs SME or enterprise level and it has multiple advanced features and functionalities.

Technology Stack for VSigns Web App

For Backend App Development — .Net

Developers used .Net Core technology to build the backend of a web app. The.Net core’s quality is excellent since it allows the development of a sophisticated app because of its many features and functions. It is, in reality, a cross-platform, open-source framework with a sharable codebase and API.

Unlike other frameworks, .NET Core supports F#, XAML, C#, VB.NET, and TypeScript. These programming languages are free and open-source, and separate groups maintain them. The .Net has powerful and vast libraries, as well as multi-language capabilities, a common API, and other tools. The goal of using .Net core is to create an app that is scalable, quick, and high-performing.

.net core

For Web App Front-End - React JS Technology

As we all know, React is one of the in-demand technologies to build an excellent front-end of any web app; our developers proposed the idea of utilizing it. And that’s the time our specialized React App development team came to the screen. 

React. Js is an open-source JavaScript package for creating single-page applications’ user interfaces. It’s responsible for the view layer in web and mobile apps. We can also make reusable UI components with React

Developers use React to build massive web apps that can alter data without refreshing the page. React’s core goal is to be quick, adaptable, and simple. It only works on the application’s user interfaces. It relates to the MVC template’s view. It can also be used in other JavaScript libraries or frameworks, such as Angular JS in MVC applications.

Database Integeration

Our clients also asked for database integration, so our developers integrated world-class database management “SQL.” It helps to communicate with the database. SQL statements are used to conduct operations like updating a database and retrieving data from one. Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Ingres, and other relational database management systems that employ SQL are just a few examples.

Selecting a Price Plan

Here are the various options for selecting a pricing plan and enjoying the features of the VSigns app. Surprisingly, a user can customize a pricing plan and get the related features that are beneficial for them. 

The Workflow Of VSigns

The Important app features indicate multiple set elements, but first, users need to sign up and choose a pricing plan to go further. Here is the first look at VSigns features.

Setting Up Profiles

A user needs to build a business profile where he has to input all details in the required field.  Once a user enters company profile details, the user will go through multiple stages where they need to put details, the connection of other departments to the VSigns, set tolerance, create templates, and develop metrics targets.

setting up profiles

Enter primary Data

The analysis is based on the primary data that users provide according to the VSigns of the business. Built-in algorithms and robust analytical methodology is applied to primary data to compute “Health Indices”.

Selection of VSigns

These features help users select the organization’s area, including human capital, finance, sales, marketing, etc. Setting the Vital sign of the company allows users to easily analyze the metrics of performance.

Selection of Health App Marker

Within the Vital signs, the user has to set the health marker. Health app markers are the sub-category of VSigns that allows the user to select in-depth factors.

The user needs to define VSigns relations with a "low" or "high" status indicator. It establishes connection strength between Vital Signs.

Select Connections between VSigns

The user needs to define VSigns relations with a “low” or “high” status indicator. It establishes connection strength between Vital Signs.

Define Tolerance or Range of Diagnosis

In this feature, the business owner can set the criteria to judge the performance level of the organization’s functional areas.

Define Tolerance or Range of Diagnosis
Built-In And Customized Templates

Built-In And Customized Templates

The built-in templates represent the subcategories of the health markers with the proposition value or percentage.

Metrics Target

Businesses can simply set the metrics target to analyze and evaluate after passing the time. After inputting all data, now the user is ready to analyze business health by selecting “Diagnosis” from the dashboard.

Metrics Target

Key Features Of Vital Sign Web App

Scenario Builder

Scenario builder helps users to optimize business-critical areas by setting up different health markers. On behalf of the primary data, the web app simply builds a scenario that indicates the business’s future requirements and improvement in VSigns.

The user needs to define VSigns relations with a "low" or "high" status indicator. It establishes connection strength between Vital Signs.
The user needs to define VSigns relations with a "low" or "high" status indicator. It establishes connection strength between Vital Signs.

Real-Time Report Accessibility

Users can access analysis reports in real-time. It provides 8-10 types of reports such as executive summary reports, etc. 

What if Analysis

This app also encourages future predictions by balancing the current scenario. It means if you analyze VSigns of business and there are the health markers in critical zones then the user can draw an imaginary scenery and set out the rangers that give the desired results. It helps users to know where and what areas need improvement. 

The user needs to define VSigns relations with a "low" or "high" status indicator. It establishes connection strength between Vital Signs.
The user needs to define VSigns relations with a "low" or "high" status indicator. It establishes connection strength between Vital Signs.


The business should always know how much the target is achieved and where they are lacking. In VSigns, the benchmark tells the target achievements and non-achieved targets so they know the thicks and thins of the productivity of their work. 


Select the time that the user wants to diagnose the result. And the user will ultimately show the graphical results according to the input range. The user allows to analyze multiple diagnoses with monthly, quarterly, yearly, and half-yearly reports with detailed information on critical areas, normal, and also which VSigns need attention.

Generate Reports

The user can generate the real-time report with in-depth analysis based on VSign, and health markers, giving the root cause and suggestions.

End Results

VSigns is a vital project for us, and we are glad to succeed in this challenge. Our designing, development, and testing teams were very excited to launch this app because they know it’s worth it for the business level.

The completed result met with our client’s satisfaction. Our customer has already hired our team for future work due to our open communication, polished mobile application, and ability to produce on time. We are pleased to continue to assist them now.

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