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Database Migration Services

Securely migrate your database to transform your software or app with professional Database migration engineers. With vast experience migrating databases, we control risk factors, including application instability, data loss, and security. We ensure that the migration process will go smoothly.

Database Migration Services
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Our Provided Database Migration Services

You can get a complete package of database migration services under one roof. Our engineers are highly qualified and professional or experienced in managing risk while migrating databases, ensuring a smooth transition to a modernized ecosystem.

Application Database Migration

Empower your legacy application by migrating the database to other advanced and resilient database architecture to make your app secure and modernized. Our developers follow a step-wise migration process to ensure accuracy and refrain from risks. We fasten the migration process using effective tools and control the probability of losing data.

Database to Database Migration

Establishing a well-tested and proven structure to proceed smooth database transition to another database by taking all security measures. Our developers are highly professional in collaborating with migrating processes, delivering on-time projects without downtime, and keeping your data confidential. We follow a step-by-step process, from building migration strategy to development, documents, and content.

Cloud-Based Services

We provide seamless cloud data migration services to scale your application with large data storage. Cloud migration is the most trending and in-demand database migration because it gives a well-protected shield to your data cost-effectively. Our cloud migration services provide a scalable, secure, and lucrative transition to your application.

Database Migration Consultants

We give you a roadmap for database migration by analyzing your application. Our database migration experts help you suggest the right move at the right time without biases. We focus on data security, briefing you on the possible risk factors, and then start the process, from designing the database structure to implementation and deployment.

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Securely Move Your Database With Us

Whether you struggle with complexity in data migration or fear of losing data, we will sort out your problem in one sitting. Let’s discuss, plan, and migrate your outdated database into the latest one.

Configure Database Migrations In A Single Interface!

Configure Database Migrations In A Single Interface!

Database migration is the process of moving data from one database system to another or from one version of a database to a newer version. Our expert engineers are capable enough to do on-premises migration, open-source migration, and could migration. We can help move data from on-premises databases to cloud-based databases or vice versa.

Database migration can be complex and carries some risks, so we must plan thoroughly and test rigorously to ensure a successful transition. There are various tools available to assist with database migration, making the process more efficient and less error-prone. Our developers choose tools often depends on the specific database systems and specifications involved, the complexity of the migration, and other requirements. You can find adequate database migration services with the latest tool, trends, and security protocols with us.

Go through our established flexible roadmap to execute the database migration process, which best suits our aligned strategy.

Database Migration Stages


We Provide Limitless Tech-Savvy Solutions

Expanding our services towards advanced and innovative technologies. We have no boundaries to thrive!

Database Migration FAQs:

AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) aids you in migrating databases to AWS as soon as and as securely as possible. The source database keeps operating during the migration, which eventually minimizes downtime for applications that rely on the database.

  1. Save On Overhead Expenses.
  2. Enhance Speed & Performance. 
  3. Upgrade To New Technology. 
  4. Cut Down On Data Storage Costs 
  5. Reduce Redundant Data. 
  6. Create Reliable Backups. 
  7. Save Time On Maintenance. 
  8. Promote Collaboration.

MMCGBL is set apart from other migration service providers. We take a keen interest in your application and database migration services and strategy by combining innovation with an accelerated ROI, ultimately meeting your business needs

  1. Analyze the project’s scope.
  2. Make sure that the migration plan works with existing current policies.
  3. Determine a migration time frame. 
  4. Confirm and test data post-migration. 
  5. Audit and jot down every step of the process.
  1. Storage Migration. 
  2. Database Migration. 
  3. Application Migration. 
  4. Cloud Migration. 
  5. Business Process Migration.
  6. Data Center Migration.

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