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Windows On AWS & Azure

Leverage the premium cloud services by professionally implementing Windows on AWS and Azure by our expert cloud developers. From designing infrastructure to developing a network and deploying a strong database, we can help you with all services.

Windows On AWS & Azure
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Get Compatible Windows AWS & Azure Services

With a wide range of Windows AWS and Azure services, you can get a secure cloud ecosystem to transform your business data.

Windows Server Deployment on AWS and Azure

Our expert team facilitates the seamless deployment and management of Windows Servers on the renowned AWS and Azure platforms. Enjoy enhanced scalability, performance, and flexibility for your business-critical applications, while we handle the intricate backend processes.

Active Directory Integration and Management

Simplify complex user management and authentication with our specialized Active Directory integration and management services. We ensure your cloud-based Active Directory infrastructure aligns seamlessly with your business needs, enabling secure access and efficient administration.

SQL Server Database Solutions

Leverage the prowess of SQL Server databases on the cloud for efficient data storage, retrieval, and analysis. Our professional database experts ensure your data is organized, accessible, and secure, providing a solid foundation for data-driven decision-making.

Remote Desktop Services Implementation

Enable your remote workforce to flourish with our tailored Remote Desktop Services (RDS) implementation—Access Windows applications and desktops from anywhere, fostering collaboration and productivity while maintaining stringent security controls.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Safeguard your invaluable data with our robust backup and disaster recovery solutions. We develop comprehensive strategies to mitigate potential risks and ensure business continuity, giving you the confidence to face unforeseen challenges.

Network Infrastructure and Security

Elevate your network infrastructure's resilience and security on AWS and Azure. Our experts architect and implement secure, scalable, and performance-driven networks fortified against modern cyber threats.

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Get Expert Help To Implement Windows AWS & Azure

If you find it difficult to decide whether to choose Azure or AWs, let’s make a consultation first and understand the grounds. We are here to help you stay ahead in cloud computing, manage your database and network, and easily implement other advanced technology.

What You Can Expect From Us!

What You Can Expect From Us!

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses increasingly turn to cloud solutions to drive innovation, enhance agility, and optimize operations. At MMC Global, we specialize in delivering exceptional Windows-based services on two of the most robust cloud platforms available – Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Our comprehensive range of services is meticulously designed to empower businesses with state-of-the-art technology, seamless integration, and unparalleled support, allowing you to focus on your core objectives while entrusting your cloud needs to us.


We Provide Limitless Tech-Savvy Solutions

Expanding our services towards advanced and innovative technologies. We have no boundaries to thrive!


Microsoft Azure is a cloud service platform that Microsoft launched. Formerly known as Windows Azure, it’s a popular platform with a range of cloud services from computing to analytics to networking and storage. Though many believe Microsoft predates Amazon, Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, came before Azure.

Amazon Web Services or AWS is not only the lead cloud computing platform but also the primary profit driver for Amazon. AWS provides servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security. AWS accounts for about 13% of Amazon’s total revenue as of Q2 2021.

  1. Higher reliability and performance. 
  2. Greater security and identity services. 
  3. More migration experience. 
  4. Broadest and deepest capabilities. 
  5. Lower TCO. 
  6. Flexible licensing option
  1. High Availability. 
  2. Data Security. 
  3. Scalability. 
  4.  Cost-Effective.

Here at MMCGBL, our migration experts are ready to guide you to move your Windows workloads to AWS & Azure so you can fully use the cloud. Choosing us is one of the best decisions that you will make as we have more than ten years of experience catering to our client’s needs and requirements

Microsoft Azure, which was first known as Windows Azure, is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. It provides a range of cloud services, including computing, analytics, storage, and networking.

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