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Secure Cheque Verification System

MMC Global introduces a state-of-the-art cheque verification system leveraging OCR and MICR technologies. Upload a cheque image to swiftly extract detailed information, ensuring security against counterfeit cheques. Revolutionize financial sector integrity with MMC Global’s advanced solution.


Advanced AI-Powered Cheque Verification System

Our check validation system starts by verifying the legitimacy of the cheque image. It extracts essential data using OCR and MICR technologies, followed by thorough verification, including machine learning for fraudulent activity detection. The result is a secure validation of the cheque.

Cheque Verification Process

Image Verification

Our cheque validation system follows a meticulous series of steps to ensure accuracy and security:

Image Processing

Upon confirming the validity of the cheque image, our system performs image processing techniques aimed at enhancing OCR accuracy and MICR readability. Tasks include resizing, noise reduction, and contrast enhancement.

Data Extraction

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) technologies, the system extracts essential data from the cheque image. This includes account numbers, routing numbers, payee names, check amounts, and dates.

Verification Algorithms

he extracted data undergoes verification using robust algorithms:

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Why AI-Driven Conversations Matter

Account and Routing Number Verification

Cross-referencing against a database of valid numbers ensures the authenticity of account and routing numbers.

Payee Name Verification

Verifying the payee name against recorded data to detect potential discrepancies or fraudulent activity.

Reshaping Your Business
Why AI-Driven Conversations Matter

Check Amount Verification

Validating the check amount against predefined patterns or limits, with checks above certain thresholds triggering additional scrutiny.

Date Verification

Ensuring that the date on the cheque falls within a valid range and hasn’t been altered.

Reshaping Your Business
Why AI-Driven Conversations Matter

Machine Learning Fraud Detection

Leveraging machine learning algorithms trained on historical data, the system identifies anomalies or fraudulent patterns in cheque transactions. This enhances the system’s ability to detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

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