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Next-generation smart ERP software solutions built for people in the business of helping people. It’s not just about enterprise resource planning. With us you can “Experience Real Purpose” with an adaptable solution that’s right for you, now and in the future.

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Elevate Your Business

With MMCGBL ERP software systems, you can adapt and optimize the way your people work to help you manage complexity and focus on the things that matter. Watch our 100-second explainer and see how we can empower your teams to plan & adapt to change – fast!
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Financial Management

  • Harness real-time visibility and control over every stage of the record-to-report cycle, anytime, from anywhere.
  • Streamline budget planning and analysis while consolidating organization-wide data with one unified system.

Project Management

  • Streamline and automate your project lifecycle. Win more business, optimize utilization, execute profitable projects and bill with precision.
  • Hit revenue and margin targets with 360° visibility and control over project plan, schedule, resources, people planning, cost and budget.
  • Benefit from project templates to automate project setup and manage complex global projects with ease.

Procurement Management

  • Achieve full-spend visibility and control – reduce maverick buying.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs with a single, centralized procure-to-pay solution.
  • Use clearer analysis of spending patterns to negotiate better terms and pricing.

Operational Reporting

  • Enjoy agile, reliable and industry-specific reporting for your operational and financial information and planning needs.
  • Gain information consistency, superior change support and efficient information distribution, combined with strong governance.

Core HR & Payroll

  • See and manage people’s entire hire-to-retire cycle with a central control center and database.
  • Reduce admin, data duplications and human error while increasing insight into resources, workflow and staff self-service to better manage your people.

A Solution that’s Right for Your Business

Unit4’s next-generation smart ERP solution

By combining our mid-sized experience – with a relentless focus on people – onto an industry-leading cloud platform, we’ve built finance and HR solutions to be just right 4U.

Functionality, right for your industry and size, localized for multiple countries, and delivered by people who understand your business.

User experience built for your people; powerful for pros; lightweight for others; automated as much as we can.

Built on a native public Cloud platform and enabled to adapt, expand, and integrate across the enterprise.

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Everything runs so fast and smoothly with affordable rates. The development process was so streamlined and working with a supportive team is the cherry on top. Good to see you in the market with highly advanced technology.


Very impressed with the project team. They listened to our requirements, conducted research, and tailored their service to our needs.


Their ability to provide tasks quickly without sacrificing quality was incredible. They demonstrated their commitment to the project by properly analyzing our requirements and skillfully delivering them.
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ERP software is used to integrate formerly separate databases and processes into a single source of truth. When a customer places an order, the ERP creates transaction information within customer relationship management and inventory management modules, along with other modules connected to sales activities.

Enterprise Resource Planning, also known as ERP, is a software application used by various types of companies, whether small or big. The software’s primary focus is integrating business processes into a single database and UI.


  1. Planning and organization
  2. System evaluation and selection
  3. Initial software installation
  4. Data conversion and loading
  5. Procedure development and configuration
  6. User training
  7. Testing and system validation
  8. Go live
  9. Post-live implementation adjustments
  1. Almost 50% of ERP implementations that do not involve implementation oversight by a third party fail the first time around.
  2. Usually, ERP implementation takes 30% longer than a company initially estimates. 
  3. More than 74% of ERP projects require more time than the business expected.

Next-generation smart ERP software solutions are built to make lives easier for clients and entrepreneurs. However, it’s not just about enterprise resource planning; with us, you can “Experience Real Purpose” with an adaptable solution that’s right for you, now and in the future. You can rely on MMCGBL to cater to all your needs and requirements as we have catered to almost 300 plus clients.

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