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Custom Identity Solutions for Retail Businesses

Our identity access software developers are here to create a customized inventory, warehouse, or stockroom management solution to tracking, planning, or forecasting your inventory needs or overstocks.

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Why Identity Access Solution Software

Ecommerce identity access management software can give you the increase in efficiency that you are looking for and increase revenue as a result. You will be better able to manage orders across all of your sales channels, which decreases the probability of losing a sale and lower the overhead costs of holding stock. Keeping your items in a warehouse is very expensive, and an identity access management solution can reduce your carrying costs, such as storage and insurance fees, taxes, and fading trends that eat into your profits.


Identity and Access Management

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Protect your business

Ensure that the right people have the right access and discreetly verify user identities when they log in and throughout the session. By using artificial intelligence (AI) to make smarter, better-informed decisions to modify users’ access, you’ll uncover outliers.

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Enable digital transformation

Quickly enable access to identity access resources and applications, whether in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid cloud. Whether you're providing access to enterprise users, privileged administrators or consumers, you’ll be able to offer the seamless experience.

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Establish compliance

Regulations come and go. It was SOX yesterday, GDPR and PSD2 today, and it will be something else tomorrow. Centrally manage access certifications, on- and off-boarding, and separation of duties violations, so you’re prepared to meet new regulations when they arise.

Advanced Capabilities better user experience

Single Sign-On Solutions

Single Sign On (SSO) allows customers to log in to many different systems with only one set of credentials. It simplifies their username and password management and improves identity protection. This includes authorization on any device or site with a client account.

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Omnichannel Toolkit

An effective omnichannel toolkit will be based on traceability and precise identification of your customers and prospects. This will allow you to manage each channel better and ensure the accuracy of the information contained inside.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Since customers are always worried about their information being identity acess compromised, you can put their minds at ease with Multi-Factor Authentication. This includes integration with various SMS/Viber sending services email sending services.

Customer Entitlements

Customer Entitlements

The Page Builder uses a drag-and-drop interface and widgets. Editors can build pages, create their own page templates and landing pages without developers.

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Everything runs so fast and smoothly with affordable rates. The development process was so streamlined and working with a supportive team is the cherry on top. Good to see you in the market with highly advanced technology.



Very impressed with the project team. They listened to our requirements, conducted research, and tailored their service to our needs.
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Miyah Miles


Their ability to provide identity access tasks quickly without sacrificing quality was incredible. They demonstrated their commitment to the project by properly analyzing our requirements and skillfully delivering them.


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Identity and Access Management, commonly known as IA solutions, is used by IT and security businesses, to manage all the user identities and control access to enterprise resources. IAM solutions make sure the right individuals have access to the right IT resources, for the right reasons, at the right time.

  1. Provisioning/Deprovisioning of accounts.
  2. Workflow automation.
  3. Delegated administration.
  4. Password synchronization.
  5. Self-service password reset.

At MMCGBL, our identity access software developers create a customized inventory, warehouse, or stockroom management solution to track, plan, or forecast your inventory needs or overstocks. With almost ten years of experience, we can provide you with everything you need.

Whenever a user enters his login credentials, his identity is checked against a database to verify if the entered credentials match the information entered in the database. For instance, when a contributor logs into a content management system, he’s allowed to post his work.

Improved security. 

Information sharing. 

Productivity gains. 

Reduced IT Costs.

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