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What is AI Development? 6 Ways to Use AI in Mobile App Development 

What is AI Development? 6 Ways to Use AI in Mobile App Development

The question you see above, “What is AI Development,” is the hot topic in this decade. AI blew our minds with its supercool power of analyzing, predicting, communicating, and other features that I will explain in this article.

There are numerous AI development services out there. Businesses are embracing the adoption of AI technology in their operations and claim they see a healthy and positive change in their operations. It helps cut-down costs, save hours, enhance productivity, fasten processes, and much more.

But do you wonder how it works and how you can use it in your business? So let me tell you. There are various methods to indulge in AI technology. Mobile application development is one of the methods regulating from a business perspective. Mobile app usage is increasing daily, and there is no stopping it. 

The global artificial intelligence market is expected to reach $126 billion by 2025. This is a staggering number given the technology’s recent popularity and adoption. A recent report suggested that AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

It is high time to know what AI development can boost your business by integrating it into mobile application development. 

What is AI development?

AI development is the software or app created by the hi-tech AI-algorithm technology. To make these types of software and applications, you need specialized AI developers with good command of using them efficiently. 

However, the AI market is not the only one that anticipates expansion in the coming years. The global mobile application sector is also thriving and is expected to generate more than $613 billion in revenue by 2025. As a result, it is not surprising that AI and mobile applications have become intertwined. Finally, the former can undoubtedly improve the latter.

The Tendency of AI Development In Mobile Applications

Artificial intelligence or AI technology helps machines to work efficiently, which is commonly associated with human beings, mainly focuses on:

  • Decision making
  • Recognizes speech commands
  • Helps in translating languages
  • Instant and real-time data analysis
  • Performs tasks repeatedly without human help

The endless skills of AI encourage businesses to think about food in the future. Numerous mobile applications are built by the integration of AI technology. As a result of using it, people determine their business health, understand customer needs adequately, and even optimize customer support more efficiently. 

AI development services have indulged in industries such as corporate sectors, health and medical, customer support and compliance, retail, finance, eCommerce, real estate, insurance, etc.

AI development services

Why are businesses looking forward to adopting this technology, and what are the benefits of using mobile applications?

So, let’s go over the three main advantages of incorporating AI into mobile app development.

Boost User Experience

Including AI development in mobile applications can boost the user experience throughout the usage of apps. AI attracts users by recommending power, sending personalized notifications, and even when you whisper something, AI will help you find out around the internet. It makes people insane about technology. No doubt, it is mesmerizing! User experience matters a lot, and AI development takes this seriously.

Automated Operations & Workflow

AI development made business operations easy as it developed software like Chatbot that seemed like a robotic system. Although it is not a robot, it is a trained software that can communicate with humans 24/7. Also, AI technology automates the way of running marketing campaigns. Today, AI saves your effort and time by automating ad campaigns, including selecting regions, finding target markets, making sure to display ads to the intended audience, and much more.

Increased Efficiency

In most cases, AI-powered mobile apps can complete tasks faster than humans. Artificial intelligence can assist businesses in increasing efficiency by processing data, responding to customer inquiries, or managing workflows.

If you consider using AI development in mobile apps to make your operation automotive, predictive, etc., then asking us is not a big deal. We can help you with hundreds of ideas with the right solution. Please have a look at our recent project that we have completed successfully.

6 Best AI Development Use Cases For Mobile App Development

It is possible to add AI development in mobile app development, whether iOS or Android. AI technology enhances the performance of mobile apps. That’s why it is critical to choose the right resource to do this. MMCGBL will be a good choice if you are looking for AI developers who can build, design, and optimize new mobile apps or improve existing ones.

So how can we help you, and what types of apps or solutions are developed by integrating AI technology?

Chatbot or Chat Automation

It is a fantastic feature of AI development, making communication or assistance easy. Chatbots are AI-based software that can easily communicate with other humans. Wonder how? You have to make chatbots well-trained; it is that simple.

The chatbot builders create chat messaging and put the FAQs or product-related queries in it. You have to train it like a kid. For example, we teach kids if someone asks you, “What is Your Name” then you have to Reply, “my name is John. ” Similarly, we have to train chatbots like that.

Once we provide all questions & answers, the algorithm processes the commands, and whatever the query hits on the chat, the Chatbot answers it in a second without any human help.

It is built-in for the end-users. You can embed it on your website and app to provide real-time assistance to your visitors. In addition, this AI development is best because it can be available 24/7 without taking a nap.

It is beneficial for the customer support department where every day, the same type of queries and the pool of humans against repeated answers by their customer to provide a good experience. You have to pay a thousand dollars to all your customers, but if you embed Chatbots, it will handle thousands of people’s work in a budget-friendly way.

AI Development - chatbot

Digital Assistance

I have to say that it is not a chatbot, but it works like it. Digital assistance contains voice recognition and voice searches and assists you by recognizing the commands or any question. Consequently, your users can interact with the app without clicking all over it.

As you might expect, virtual assistants can help you save a ton of time. However, they also give an advantage to users who might want to use your application while driving or engaging in another activity that keeps their hands occupied.

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Additionally, those with handicaps depend on speech recognition, so if you want your application to serve everyone truly, make sure virtual assistants are included.

AI can also offer digital assistance in this area if you’re developing a solution to enhance internal processes, such as the performance of your contact centre. For your sales team, it can instantly deliver dynamic call scripts and modify dialogue suggestions. Assisting staff in adjusting to every call and providing the best possible customer service.

Facial Recognition

You are experiencing the face lock feature in almost every smartphone. Thanks to AI development as it helps to make our smartphones secure. There are many methods to lock a phone, but Apple has given us a new way to do most things like lock our phone.

AI can also offer digital assistance in this area if you’re developing a solution to enhance internal processes, such as the performance of your contact centre. For your sales team, it can instantly deliver dynamic call scripts and modify dialogue suggestions. Assisting staff in adjusting to every call and providing the best possible customer service.

With the release of the iPhone X, Apple announced using facial recognition on smartphones. Soon after, numerous phones from Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung, and other manufacturers copied and pasted the feature. Some even copied the notch design that housed the camera module and infrared sensors. Apple first introduced FaceID in 2017; since then, all of its flagship smartphones, including the iPad Pro, have incorporated this feature.

An AI and ML algorithm is used at the backend to process facial ID. Typically, the algorithm looks for human eyes first, then brows, nose, mouth, nostrils, and iris.

Facial Recognition with AI development services

Security Preferred AI

Users of apps frequently worry about security, particularly mobile banking or online shopping services that handle sensitive data and digital process payments. Therefore, it is better if your app is more secure. AI can help here, too, as you might expect.

First, by processing massive amounts of data quickly and identifying potential cybersecurity threats, artificial intelligence can foresee attacks and warn you and your users before they happen. Since trained machine learning algorithms pick up on past mistakes, your app’s security will only improve over time.

Second, by enhancing the system’s precision and effectiveness, AI can raise the level of security for the biometric authentication in your app., specifically by transforming biometric data from scans of the face, fingerprints, or other biometrics into data that can be analyzed and compared with a database.

Predictive Analysis

AI development tools help businesses know their performance and periodic production and help understand customer behaviour. Data transform firms, and when you have the means to get real-time insights, then you can improve your future growth by eliminating current issues and lagging.

AI development mobile apps are considered the thrilling predictive analysis for every industry. For instance, you can see the customer buying pattern and analyze the demand and supply of your products. Moreover, in mobile applications, you can see the real-time analytics of your app by using datasets.

Enterprise AI’s primary function is predictive analytics. Enterprise AI applications’ primary function is to operate as “prediction engines,” providing information to empower actions that enhance operational efficiency and processes.

For instance, you add AI to machinery to predict unwanted situations that do not affect your production. It can predict causes such as malfunctioning, error, or disturbed technical default settings.

Predictive analysis with AI Technology

Object Detection

Another AI development tool that made our life easy is Object detection. It is mainly used in healthcare to identify diseases and tumours inside the body. Moreover, AI development tools such as wearable devices are also a game-changer in patients’ lives. Having a sensor watch that helps you to delete your sugar level and indicates before an unconscious situation is a life-saving deal with AI.

In addition, AI object detection is also used in finding people, location, objects, and other relevant apps. Look at your play store or App store; you can find scanning and document management mobile applications, thanks to AI that help developers make these convenient mobile apps.

Personalization & Recommendation

Did you see most of the eCommerce mobile apps have a recommendation feature? Here comes AI development. It ultimately helps grow your businesses as people are loved when they are recognized with top-notch brands.

One more factor customers seriously want is “Personalization.” It matters a lot in branding. Creating a personalized offer in real-time seems complicated if we do it manually. But when AI development is done, personalisation makes repeated tasks easy.

You can use customer behaviour and make a personalized offering for your customer without going manually. When we integrate AI technology, you minimize your workload by using features of AI development.

No one sits on the app and makes a discount for thousands of customers, but AI is on behind the scenes. Automating email campaigns, cart abandoned reminders, or even convincing customers with a personalized email is not a big deal.

Predictive analysis with AI development services

How AI Development gets into Action in mobile apps!

Integrating AI into your mobile app development will probably go through similar steps to other software implementation projects in general. However, it contains the subtleties you should consider to ensure your undertaking is productive. The six main steps are listed below.

  • Firstly, you have to define a problem, propose a meaningful solution, and set the goal of making an AI-based application. Leverage AI algorithms to empower all parts of your application and add maximum features but avoid unnecessary functionalities that divert app users.
  • In creating AI apps, you should know the sources from which your data will be derived. You have to extract data that helps out in feeding AI modules. 
  • In the next step, when you are all set to start development, you have to possess experts and professional team members who know the thick and thins of the development and designing and adding AI integrations with the mobile app.
  • Your AI-based application probably utilizes third-party tools or other sources to gather data. You’ll have to use APIs or custom integration technologies in this situation. Your app’s sophistication and intelligence will increase the likelihood that APIs won’t be sufficient.
  • Let’s test your app and launch it in the market. If you utilize AI development to make an app that needs training, you have to make this possible as their performance depends on it. For example, chatbots need training if you have to make them more functional or indulge in more complex activities. Monitoring your app helps you to analyze its performance.

Bottom Line

AI development has that potential where business relies on it in doing repeated tasks, analyzing customer behaviour, reducing human errors, saving time, reducing costs, and many other ways.

Let’s be around advanced and futuristic technological approaches and be the one who throws great AI apps that make human life convenient. We have hands-on experience building AI apps with our AI developers, who are taking complex challenges while building mobile apps and solving them with their expertise.

Playing with AI technology is like having magic. You make apps personalized, recommending, predictive, finder, and whatnot! Let’s make it real with AI development in mobile applications.

FAQs Related To AI Development Mobile Apps

Why do people think AI is taking over the world?

This is true that AI is taking over the world with its exceptional features and functionalities but not overall. As the other technologies are not reliable 100%, AI is also in this queue. But we can reduce our workload, save time to do other things that I can not do, make budget-friendly operations to keep costs to invest in worthy things, and much more.

It is the other side of the mirror if I say sci-fi changes the perception of AI as a robot. Although it is limited to only fiction movies, this is not the real case till now. But to make you prepared, it will happen in the future.

Do we use AI mobile apps in every industry?

Probably yes! People take AI development very seriously, and many businesses implement it in their systems to streamline their work. AI is not specific to particular industries so far.

Here is the top sector using AI technology: 7 Top-Notch Industries Using Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI)

Do I need to hire a pool of AI developers?

Yes, you can if it is budget-friendly for you. Otherwise, you can outsource your project to a leading software and mobile app development company like MMCGBL.

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