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7 Best Augmented Reality Games That You Need To Check Out Right Now!

Augment Reality may sound like a futuristic concept or a technology that will revolutionize the world. But the matter of fact is that we have been using it for more than five decades in one way or another. Augmented Reality, or AR, is a modern technology that places virtual objects in the real world. Hence, it brings the digital environment to reality.

In this article below, we will go through the most popular mobile app games based on Augmented Reality. The AR industry is on an unstoppable rise these days. Get your augmented reality game from the best game app development company now!

MMCGBL is one of the leading technology companies in the USA. We provide various high-tech services to our clients around the world. Our team of professional augmented reality game app developers has experience of more than a decade.

Without wasting any further time, let’s delve directly into the list of the top augmented reality games this year.

Top 7 Augmented Reality Apps

1.  Knightfall AR

Knightfall AR is one of the best examples of augmented reality games. It is a battle strategy game that exposes a gamer to the world of Warriors and Knights. The objective is to defend Acre from enemies.

This game takes the user to a flat surface. This viewpoint of the user acts as a targeting system that lets the user fire at the enemy units as they come close to you.

In this game, you can kill enemies, reinforce your defenses, earn gold, and push warriors back while being in AR mode. As you win more and more battles and succeed forward, more features are unlocked and bring new challenges.

During the gameplay, augmented reality provides the user with a live and action-packed experience and does its magic.

Knightfall AR

2. Temple Treasure Hunt

Temple Treasure Hunt is another example of augmented reality game development, and it is only Android-based. It uses geographical location to support the augmented reality feature.

The game contains tons of mysteries, legends, and many adventures within it. Hence, Temple Treasure Hunt is a perfect example of an augmented reality gaming app.

The gameplay is simple. You can be a hunter, or you can be a treasure protector. However, in both cases, you must follow the game’s interactive map. When playing as a hunter, you have to look for the treasure. While if you are playing as a treasure protector, you have to create treasure trials so that the hunters can not find the location of the treasure.

Furthermore, you must bypass legendary Indian characters to get to the treasure, enhancing the gaming experience.

Temple Treasure Hunt AR technology

3. Zombie, Run!

Zombie, Run! It is a free augmented reality app that offers thrilling adventures to Android and iOS users. Moreover, it is specially designed for those who love to do a morning jog throughout the city.

Once you have started playing this augmented reality game, your morning jog routine will not remain the same.

The game starts with the player being thrown into a zombie-filled world where you have to save your life by running away from zombies and collecting items along the way. It will help you to survive the zombie attack.

Furthermore, to boost your morning workout experience along with strong willpower, the game features music and a motivational narration.

Zombie, Run!

4. Jurassic World Alive

This augmented reality game takes you to the prehistoric world of giant creatures. Through this game, you see giant wild creatures running freely in modern-day civilization.

In this game, users can explore different parts of Jurassic world. Also, you can come across different species of huge animals, such as dinosaurs, mammoths, Pteranodons, and tyrannosaurus. One interesting feature of this game is you can create your own raptor by collecting DNA samples.

Meanwhile, you can share your created animals with other players and compete in real time. This game’s experience is designed to excite the gamer. It has exceptional graphics, which makes this app an extraordinary augmented reality game.

Augmented reality Jurassic World Alive

5.  AR Sports Basketball

With this top-notch augmented reality app, users can literally enjoy playing basketball as he plays in the real world.

The user can shoot the ball in real time at any location. AR Sports Basketball is based on a simpler AR integration level, as compared to other AR apps on the list.

Different gaming modes, such as multiplayer options, give the user freedom to enjoy playing basketball in person.

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AR Sports Basketball

6.  Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

There is good news for Potter fans. Now they can enjoy playing an adventure and story-based game where that game revolves around the catastrophe that knocked the magical world of Harry Potter.

This game is specially designed for adventure and fantasy lovers, where the user plays as a Wizard. The Wizards of the world have to unite to defeat the enemies and solve this issue. The gameplay includes fighting with the enemies and collecting different elements coming your way.

Furthermore, different cameos of famous Harry Potter characters are integrated into this augmented reality game.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

7.  Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is undoubtedly one of the most well-known augmented reality games of all time. It took the world by storm when it was first released back in 2016. This app is famous for its extraordinary user experience and stunning performance. Also, it is an exceptionally well-engaging app.

This AR-based app is an inspiration for several augmented reality game developers. The foundations of this app marked a revolution in the gaming industry.

Pokémon Go brings virtual objects to real life by offering a virtual battlefield. The gameplay includes searching and catch of Pokémon in their surroundings.

Pokemon go Augmented Reality

Ending Notes

The above list of Augmented Reality apps is not extensive, but we tried to summarise the top 7 best AR-based game apps in the article above.

Augmented reality is not an alien concept these days. Businesses are using this technology to design top-notch apps according to their niche.

The mobile gaming industry, and specifically AR-based gaming apps, are the future. According to a report, the number of mobile phone game users is more than 2.2 billion, which shows the potential this industry has. If you want to get your augmented reality-based app designed today, contact us. We have the industry’s best game app developers with more than decades of experience in their field.

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