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8 Reasons For Shopify Ecommerce Development – Hire A Shopify Developer

8 Reasons For Shopify Ecommerce Development – Do You Need To Hire A Shopify Developer?

Shopify – is one of the fastest growing platforms with extensive Shopify development services. Lastly, when I was considering opening an eCommerce store, many of my friends and colleagues suggested I try Shopify. For a second, I just thought about it and planned to explore more about it.

Today, I am very excited to tell you what I have explored about Shopify and who are the Shopify developers. Moreover, I’ll also discuss why it stands out in the market whenever someone talks about Shopify eCommerce development.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a fully managed platform that provokes internet marketing and helps to kickstart businesses online with the help of Shopify eCommerce development. Online marketers or Shopify merchants can sell whatever goods or services they want. Creating a website, building mobile apps, integrating with social media platforms, or providing an omnichannel marketing experience in just one stop platform is SHOPIFY.

Business owners must sign up, set a profile, and start with the flow. They have multiple packages, and users can take whatever suits them, starting from $29. Shopify is one of the high-performing companies and has named a wide range of milestones to date.

Few Stats about the Shopify platform:

  • Total revenue in the second quarter grew 16% yearly to $1.3 billion, representing a three-year compound annual growth rate of 53%.
  • Shopify Has Nearly 11% of the Total E-Commerce Market Share.
  • The Online Shoppers Who Bought from Shopify Merchants Increased By 52% from 2019 to 2020.
  • More Than 1M Businesses Currently Use Shopify.
  • 26,400 Partners Referred a Merchant to Shopify in the Last Year.
Shopify development services

Shopify merchants can excel in the online marketing industry when they know the proper use of Shopify eCommerce development services. Moreover, Shopify is recognized for its user-friendly feature, and it admits that non-techie people, beginners, and small business owners can easily build an eCommerce marketplace. Without technical expertise, it will take longer for you to get the same outcomes that a team from a reputable firm can. It is a major factor in the outsourcing of web development by 80% of Fortune 500 organizations.

If you don’t know the thick and thins of the Shopify eCommerce development or you are not tech-savvy, it might not be fruitful for you for high scalability. Here is the Shopify development team or Shopify developers come!

Shopify Developer – Do I Need Them?

Investigating multiple perspectives of Shopify eCommerce development concluded that Shopify developers can help elevate online business growth quickly. But the question is HOW? So, I would like to say, “From their Expertise in the Shopify platform.”

In addition, Shopify developers have mastered using the right service at the right time for the right online stores. Shopify developers are pretty diversified where a tech-savvy or non-tech-savvy can accommodate and build an online store.

A Shopify developer is a software engineer who understands programming languages and helps to set up your online store with the support of Shopify development services. Things can be complicated if there is a need for coding, choosing exceptional pixelate UI design to provide a great user experience, bugs, error fixing, and so on. These issues can be resolved and cater to the professionals as they are critical and can impact your site or app badly. For example, it can badly affect the website ranking and other SEO-related things.

Moreover, the technicalities required for the application development are another task level. To make your app functional and futuristic, developers must build it with the help of understanding advanced frameworks, languages, and APIs.

For Shopify-powered eCommerce websites, they also provide integrations through building APIs. They address difficult issues by integrating tools like GraphQL and REST APIs into Shopify’s admin, the frontend of a website, and checkout.

Furthermore, the dedicated Shopify developer can easily handle external integrations such as third-party APIs, social media platforms, ERPs, shipping, payment methods, etc.

Shopify developers skills

Shopify developers are necessary for tunning up eCommerce stores to deliver maximum efficiency. If you are making up your mind to start finding an expert Shopify developer, we are not leaving you in this situation.

MMCGBL owns a huge Shopify eCommerce development team who helps eCommerce businesses to start earning more in less time. Our team glorified our happy clients with the wide range of Shopify eCommerce development services, as you can see in our portfolio.

Roles and Responsibilities of Shopify Developers

Sharing a few roles of Shopify developers helps determine what Shopify developers can do for you and your revenue streams. No matter how quickly you set up your Shopify eCommerce store, many corresponding tasks should be allocated to Professional Shopify developers.

You Can Design Website Professionally

Designing your eCommerce store with professionals is a gateway to attracting customers and ultimately increasing of conversion rate. Website design matters a lot when providing an excellent user experience, and it is only possible when the designer knows the best practices of website design. As a result, the more accurate your design, the more your website works flawlessly.

You Can Build Handy Mobile Apps For users.

Once you hire a Shopify developer, you can leverage all Shopify eCommerce development services, such as building Shopify mobile app. Mobile applications give a personalized experience to the customers and eliminate the gap between sellers and customers. The concept of mobile application development is to provide accessibility. As there are # of mobile users across the globe, it is a big time to invest in a mobile application.

Read more: What is Shopify Development? 8 Types of Shopify Development Services

You Can Give Customized Touch In Apps & Websites

Making your eCommerce website customized is essential as you have to attract your target market to earn more. Stores based on Shopify eCommerce development support customizations and personalization. Since the Shopify developer will be an expert in building the Shopify eCommerce store and its technicalities, tweaking codes for them is quite easy. They know well about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C++, etc.

You Can Have 24/7 Support & Maintenance

Every system needs support and maintenance, whether a problem or scheduled maintenance occurs. From upgradation to the elimination of legacy systems, everything can be handled by Shopify developers. They support websites to escape from bugs and eros. Also, if you need to add features and other functionalities to the website or mobile app, you can ask them without hesitation.

Responsibilities of Shopify Developers For Shopify eCommerce Development

  • Hiring a Shopify developer is one of the critical tasks, and you have to know the responsibilities of Shopify developers to onboard quickly. Here is the major responsibility of Shopify developers to start Shopify eCommerce development.
  • The major role of Shopify developers is to set up the Shopify store by acknowledging the terms and conditions of the platform.
  • The specialization of Shopify developers is to add customization to themes and revamp the existing theme in a way that relates to the brand.
  • A Shopify developer must know all sides of the mirror to make the online store functional with maximum features.
  • They must have the knowledge and better approaches for designing web or apps. This is to instruct the UI UX designers for high-fidelity designs that ultimately help for exceptional front-end development.
  • Shopify developer is responsible for debugging and pre or post-testing of app and web. Moreover, they must be capable of supporting and providing maintenance to get the utmost performance around the clock.
  • To optimize the online store for utmost efficiency and essential functionality, Shopify Web Developers must provide a seamless connection with Marketing Tools, Platform APIs, and Shopify Apps.
  • Optimizing your website speed, content placement, product description, and SEO should be preferable when you hire a Shopify developer.

Why does the online store need Shopify eCommerce development?

Online Shopify Merchant is stagging as they can deal with customers globally. Shopify eCommerce development is one of the major goals of the Shopify platform. As they are increasing their features and functionalities, Shopify genuinely makes a promising eCommerce platform.

Recently, Youtube announced new Shopify integration so that people can upload their eCommerce store on Youtube. The aim is to promote Livestream in the eCommerce market through live streaming, videos, and storefronts.

Shopify eCommerce development

With the help of an online editor embedded right into the secure eCommerce software, you can quickly construct new pages for your eCommerce website, expand your customer base by including local language support and personalize online stores. More than 500,000 companies in 175 countries are powered by this platform. It is a one-stop shop for eCommerce business owners who want to maximize their online store. The greatest eCommerce platform is Shopify for a plethora of reasons.

Hosted Solution

Web hosting may be quite difficult when starting a new internet business. Startups are especially limited in free time, and hosting a shopping cart requires technical assistance. On the other hand, Shopify is a hosted cloud-based solution, so you don’t need to bother about servers or databases.

Without any setup, you can access your business from anywhere using your admin login information & an internet connection. The most crucial aspect is that it assists you in managing the payment gateway, which makes your task simple and straightforward.

Built-in Marketing Tools

Shopify eCommerce development comes with integrated marketing tools that cut startup expenses. It enables you to create page names, meta descriptions, and unique URLs. You can also make pages visible or invisible and redirect them as needed. It also allows you to customize the store to suit your tastes. Additionally, it connects with the most well-known social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, opening up new opportunities for promoting goods.

Instant and Real-Time Support

Running an online store with an eCommerce shopping platform will require some help. Shopify offers round-the-clock technical support, so you may contact customer service whenever a problem arises. They will answer the phone or guide you through live chats.

Speed & Security

Shopify developers trust the Shopify eCommerce development and recommend others based on speed and security. Website speed matters as 75% of visitors leave the site if the web is not responding within a second. Shopify takes these stats seriously and makes things settled for their Shopify merchants. Moreover, Shopify has strict and well-versed security policies that have to follow, and it keeps accounts safe from any vulnerabilities.

Reduce Error & Data Duplications

Technologies make human errors reduced, or you can say eliminate them from the root. While entering data, there might be chances of duplications. Shopify comes up with the automated solution here to cope with the unnecessary data, duplications, and errors. There are multiple automated solutions that overcome this issue right away.

Advanced Functionalities

Shopify offers you sophisticated capabilities through a platform that works like a plugin or software that lets you download, install, and personalize the website. It includes inventory management, accounting, and company reporting tools, in addition to features to boost sales and social media marketing. Additionally, it has another feature, i.e., to integrate email autoresponders, which may help you operate your business automatically and automate tasks.

Multiple Payment Gateway

The biggest hassle for online shoppers is making payments. People have multiple options for transactions, and they utilize them for online purchasing. If your site will not entertain various payment methods, there is a big chance of losing your customer across the globe. Since Shopify has multiple payment gateways, it also provides its own payment method that requires no transaction fees and lower credit card fees.

Shopify Payment Gateways

Free Trial For 14-Days

For their amazing customers, Shopify offers 14-days free trials for all. You can set up your account, use features, set up your store, add products, change storefront design, product filter, language supports, dashboard settings, etc. The only you can not do is publish your domain live. To tackle this situation, Shopify provides its default primary domain as “”

Last But Not Least!

I couldn’t say I have covered everything in this blog, as Shopify offers various diverse features you cannot cover simultaneously. But now you know the top reasons for using Shopify and its parts & functionalities, you can leverage it by using it professionally.

Let’s start your Shopify eCommerce development by hiring the Shopify eCommerce development team with MMCGBL and getting the most out of it. It will not only help to kickstart your business, but it also helps you in increasing conversion rate, bringing organic traffic, additional revenue streams, and much more that makes your business successful.

Choose your Shopify eCommerce development team wisely who can consult you, are creative in customized designing, and are skilful in using code and programming language. To sum up, you can contact us for a detailed discussion and hand over your projects right away!

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