Android App Development – Trends and Advanced Frameworks To Know For Your Future Projects

Android App Development – Trends and Advanced Frameworks

How about we cut back to earlier events of Android?

It all started 19 years ago in the U.S when a technology company Android Inc. attempted to develop software for digital cameras. In 2005, the founding members of the search engine company Google Inc. Larry Page and Sergey Bin, purchased Android Inc. for $50 million with the hope of expanding ad businesses and an Android app development agency.

Page and Bin realized that a mobile operating system would contribute significantly to the Android app development process. Therefore, they did not waste any time and offered to buy Android. The Android team situated its operations center at Google’s campus in Mountain View, California, where the productive work began.

Android App Development

It was a historical movement because the Android team at Google converted Android to Linux kernel, the modular and open-source operating system for microcomputers. It was where the modern concept of “PC” initiated and quickly became a sensation. Moreover, Google led the Open Handset Alliance, a syndicate of more than 80 firms creating open mobile device standards.

To ensure successful inventions, Google decided to acquire the design team of HTC (High Tech Computer Corporation). Later in 2008, after the robust integration of Linux, Android launched its first smartphone, HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1. With the much-needed help of Google, Android laid the foundation for smartphone devices, and of course, the Android app development company came into existence.

Developing an Android app was a hassle until Google stepped in to assist. Now, conditions have changed to the point where you can hire an Android app developer for your future plans.

Currently, Google takes care of the significant releases of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Professional teams from other software companies have taken charge of AOSP source code. The tech industry is always set in motion, creating or modifying programming languages. In 2021, Kotlin superseded Java in Android app development. However, developers mention that Kotlin and Java are interoperable, or you can say that Kotlin has been designed using Java interoperability.

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Important Android App Development Trends

Bearing in mind the historical aspects of Android app development, people started having a popular taste for Android.

Developing apps for Android is not an easy task which is why companies offer Android app development services. Furthermore, these companies give rise to thought-provoking trends in different societies where people admit that such innovations have piqued their interest, not unlike Android app development.

The statistical data show that 3 billion people across 190 countries actively use Android. If 37.5% of the world’s population uses Android, its relevant trends will upsurge.

The prevailing current of thought regarding Android app development opened gates for new technologies that caused transformations in Android devices. Let’s dive into the trends to see what’s happening in this domain.

Instant Applications of Android

This Android app development trend accounts for the increased use of smartphones because instant applications allow Android users to try them before installation. The Android app developer in the field is on the verge of easing things up for users. Hence, the groundbreaking technology enabled them to sanction the app’s content access before installation.

The Android app development company has introduced many instant applications, such as Skyscanner and Red Bull TV.

Instant apps - Android App Development

Instant apps were developed by altering native apps and breaking them down into small chunks. It resulted in faster downloads and better execution.

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This trend is not new, but it has certainly attracted the constant attention of Android users. In addition, people have a sweet spot for Android apps compared to others. Google Play Store had 111.3 billion downloads last year, while iOS had 32.3 billion. According to statistics, as of July 2022, 97% of Android apps on Google Play were unpaid.

The Android app development agency built good UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) in the instant apps.

Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

These two notions have been going together for quite some time now. In Android app development, programmers implement ML and AI frequently and effectively. Android smartphones are reinforced with ML and AI because developers embedded Google Assistant, that helps users with their day-to-day tasks.

AI and ML in Android App Development

In this Android app development trend, we can foresee this mobile operating system’s position as a high-tech phenomenon. Chatbots, smart predictions, voice translators, virtual companions, Face recognition, and whatnot. ML is based on computer algorithms (a precise set of rules) through which imitation of intelligent human behavior occurs. AI pertains to the performance of complex tasks similar to human problem-solving.

In Android app development, ML and AI strengthen these apps’ precision, agility, and mobility.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is related to the network of physical objects (smartphone devices, tablets) with software and sensors. It is strictly concerned with internet use, and we all know the internet is the basic requirement to run applications smoothly.

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In 2022, IoT became a notable Android app development trend because Google Play Store has apps like Virtuino 6, Bank IoT, MQTT Dash, etc.

IoT in Android App Development

In 2015, Google announced an operating system called Android Things to aim at the proper functionality of IoT exclusively. In 2018, Google officially released Android Things, followed by some inventions of intelligent home devices.

At the beginning of 2022, Google shut down Android Things because the company extracted the components of Google Cast for smart displays and speakers instead of developing a specific IoT medium.

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Android App Development: Watch Out For The Advanced Frameworks

So far, we have seen the significance of Android app development and how developers make technological changes conducive to unique Android features.

Despite the sudden downfall, the Android app development company brooked no refusal and continued to thrive.

Thanks to Android app developers, we can check out some top-notch frameworks that go into the process of Android app development.

Best Android App Development framework

An Android app development framework is the rudimentary structure that allows Android app developers to tack together a formed product that conforms to the proprietary standards of the Android app development agency. Let’s look at the frameworks at once!

The Flutter Framework

Google created Flutter in 2017, an open-source UI tool for software development. Not many people know this, but Flutter has contributed to Android app development. Programmers developed Flutter’s first iteration (application improvement by repetitive testing) to implement it on Android OS. Many Android app developers refer to Flutter as an SDK (software development kit) instead of a mere framework. Why? Because Flutter is loaded with almost all the tools, developers need for successful Android app development.

Android App Development framework - Flutter

Flutter aids in developing cross-platform applications, but it is especially relevant to Android app development because Google launched it. Here, Dart comes into play, an object-oriented language that beautifies the interface and supports other programming concepts. Flutter encompasses Dart, and developing apps for Android has become more productive.

The React Native Framework

This Android app development framework, created by Facebook in 2015, specializes in creating apps with native Android app development capacity. Facebook’s React Native liberated Android app developers to avoid writing multiple codes for app development using Java or Kotlin.

Android App Development - React Native

Apart from its native capabilities, the primal characteristic of React Native in Android app development is that programmers can make UIs from native building blocks called Text and View. These are more like the constituents of Native React because they have peculiar leverage over the process of Android app development. This leverage exists because developers use Android blocks, and as a result, React Native apps take the shape of native apps.

The take-home point is that Native React was launched to make mobile app development convenient for JavaScript developers.

The Xaramin Framework

Owned by Microsoft, this framework was mainly launched to develop modern applications. Developers compliment Xaramin because it gives them subroutine libraries (a collection of stored programs available for immediate use).

Android App Development - Xamarin

Xaramin is used for cross-platform app development, but since it is associated with Visual Studio (an IDE), the Android app development process becomes easier. The Visual Studio Emulator is specifically included for Android.

The reason that Microsoft owns Xaramin, Android apps developed using Xaramin are tested on a variety of devices. In Android app development, there is a reduction in coding time, streamlining the procedure overall.

Previously, developing an Android app took a lot of time and conjured certain dangers. With Xaramin, there is no pressure because Microsoft backs up programmers who are developing apps for Android. You can safely say that an Android app development company is in unwavering pursuit of excellence when it comprises this framework.

Last, But Certainly Not The Least

Android precedes other mobile operating systems and is greater in significance. Today, the Android app development agency is a means of achieving marvelous things with respect to enjoying new features, availing e-business opportunities, and managing everyday tasks.

The heightening of accessibility in the software realm has undoubtedly decreased the procedural intensity for an Android app developer. Still, there is a chance of obscurity for someone who does not belong to this field. Therefore, they must avail of Android app development services, so they do not have to go through puzzling situations.

Android app development is a multifaceted undertaking, and its prime history implies the invention of futuristic products. Modern programming languages are always on the verge of change; hence many more high-tech organizations are on their way to shaking the market with solid aptitude.

This strong aptitude is found in big software development companies like MMCGBL, where we have expert Android app developers to cater to your needs. We have saved more than 30 million clients until now, and if you want to confer with us, feel free to request a consultation.

FAQ About Android App Development

What are the kinds of Android app development services?

We offer all kinds of Android app development services, including Android game development, enterprise app development, and social media app development.

Do the Android app development frameworks guarantee good functionality?

Of course! Programmers use several frameworks for Android app development, but the three major frameworks, Flutter, Native React, and Xaramin, guarantee better functionality. Our Android app development will take care of it.

How much does Android app development cost?

The cost is compatible with the market rate. Price varies depending on the service you will use for Android app development. Nonetheless, developers are there to work this out for you and help you in any way possible.

Is app testing necessary?

Yes, it is! We have a team of experts that look after testing and portability.

Why should I choose MMCGBL?

The proficient teams of MMCGBL devote themselves to special areas of software development. With an extensive experience of 20+ years, we have worked on hundreds of projects affiliated with Android app development. We keep our word and attend to the needs of our clients with integrity and moral soundness.

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