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Beacon Technology & Its Benefits: What is All About?

The tech market is full of eye-catching technologies that make almost every task fast and accurate. The efficient way of doing any work is highly impeccable when it is done through a tech-enabled software solution. Businesses implement tech tools and software to get 100% efficiency in their routine tasks. One of the technologies, named “Beacon technology,” has been widely used in building beacon apps and devices and has been gaining traction since 2013.

The beacon technology is not new, but the exposure of its ability was recently recognized with the association of other futuristic technology. The need for technology rises as a result of the worldwide beacon technology market. It increased at a CAGR of 45.5% between 2019 and 2024 to reach $ 10.2 billion.

Let’s closely examine what beacon technology is and why it’s gaining traction in businesses.

Beacon Technology – What Is It?

In 2013, Beacon technology came into life with the introduction of iBeacon by Apple. It is a small, strong, wireless transmitter that uses low-level energy Bluetooth technology to transmit signals between the devices to communicate. Generally speaking, it connects devices to share data and information, making interaction and searches more personalized.

This technology is dedicated to retailers and integrated into physical shops to simplify payments and gain customer engagement. The beacon technology ideation is complex to understand but simplifies the retailing business. By then, it had enhanced its capability and transformed on-time location and proximity marketing.

At MMCGBL, we offer mobile applications with the association of beacon technology. Our beacon developers have experience building robust and functional apps that help you catch your intended customer whenever they are near you.

This technology implements customized devices to connect the ecosystem for indicating particular commands. For example, physical stores can integrate the beacon device to connect with online and in-store visitors. It helps them to target in real-time by sending promotional offers. The airline industry can use it to detect the actual location of the plane to communicate the passengers’ actual arrival or departure timings.

There are many examples that we commonly see but don’t even realize the technology behind them. Radio and radar devices are communication networks via Bluetooth that use beacon technology.

Beacon Terminologies

Many buzzwords surrounding beacon technology must be clarified to understand deeply—various types of beacon technology work on different devices with different functionalities.

  • By Standard Types

Starting with iBeacon, smart beacon, or beacon, used interchangeably in terms of Apple’s beacon. It is a small transmitter that transmits signals to generate communication between smartphones and devices.

Eddystone defines the beacon technology, but Google launched it against the iBeacon. It encourages developers to build beacon apps to provide location-based content on their smartphones.

  • By Connectivity

Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) is used to build location detection devices. It covers a small range, transmits limited data, and consumes less power.

Wifi Beacon is mostly like BLE, such as a small range of connectivity and limited data transmission. Wifi beacon is for indoor location purposes.

5 Key Benefits of Beacon Technology & Development

Proximity Marketing

First and foremost, proximity marketing enables you to target your audience with digital advertising content based on your current location. You might get data about your intended audience by integrating beacon devices in the shops, nearby events, or any public area. With the beacon integration in proximity marketing, you can send real-time notifications of ongoing sales promotions on your smartphone.

For instance, if your existing customer walks through near your retail shop, the beacon triggers the integrated device. Once the data is transmitted, your automated email or advertisement shows up on the customer screen with a notification. Like “40% discount offer on all items”, he might consider visiting you as soon as possible.

Indoor Navigation

It helps to find the location inside an area like a building or any wide indoor area such as large hospitals, airports, towers, etc. The beacon application is associated with devices that help you navigate the location and guide your destination.

Indoor navigation with beacon technology helps app users to visualize the right direction in real-time. Users can access, share and track the location with the help of Bluetooth connectivity, wifi signals, or hybrid connectivity with smartphones and devices.

Effective & Improved Ad Results

Companies spend thousands on online advertisements to get effective results that can increase their ROI. Beacon technology helps them to improve your online advertising results by driving your audience in-store and keeping them aware of all your marketing campaigns as soon as connecting your device with their smartphones.

It helps to generate personalization and location-based content by identifying the nearby premises of customers. Shop owners also integrate their devices with thor-party location detection integration so that they work efficiently by connecting all nearby devices.

Improve Google My Business Listing

Deploying beacon technology in your retail stores helps Google to recognize itself. You can improve your Google My Business listing by gathering your customers’ reviews, check-ins, and check-outs. It boosts GMB listing, ultimately ranking you high and positively impacting Google SEO.

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Easy Commuting

The beacon technology is very helpful for transportation, especially public transit. For example, you can employ outside to tell users where the car is and where it’s going next. Also, it detects weather conditions and forecasts the delays of flights and trains. Moreover, this technology streamlines and simplifies the process of deploying tickets. Also, the beacon technology aids in disseminating useful information, such as modifications or delays to flights or trains.

Bottom Line

There is a long way to develop and improve Beacon technology to build beacon applications. It is highly effective for wireless communication, networking, and connectivity, revolutionizing marketing and selling activities more powerfully.

Till now, it has been highly effective for retail business, transportation, and event management, but it will go beyond healthcare and other industries if it implements well. If you are looking for a unique beacon technology application for your business, let’s discuss it with us.

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