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Dealer management software development

In this modern age, most brands have websites to easily connect their business to customers. In like manner, a car dealer management business significantly embraces this marketing strategy to empower their businesses. This list of best car dealer websites has remarkable designs, useful elements, and compelling content to inspire.
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Dealer Management Software Services & Solutions

From CRM services to auto loan software development, our certified programmers provide tailor-made dealership management system integration, facilitating new functionality, and industry-specific development for improved customer service.

Dealer Management

MMCGBL develops custom Dealer Management System (DMS) Integrations integrated with software for accounting, collections management, Buy-Here-Pay-Here (BHPH), and F&I platforms, as well as for instant profit and loss calculations, automatic tax/tag/registration/fee calculators, and reporting tools.

Car Showroom

We implement customer tracking and counting software for car showroom management, as well as software for hardware counting sensors. Our developers provide dealership software solutions, including inventory tracking and integrated accounting platforms across multiple locations..

Auto Loan Origination

We develop custom auto Loan Origination Software (LOS) with True in Lending Act (TILA) compliance algorithms, robust EFT channels, risk assessment engines, CMS tools, credit bureau portals integrations, and multi-channel triggers, implementing it from RouteOne and Nucleus Software.

Car Lot Management

Our engineer's program car lot management software such as new and used lot management and vehicle tracking programs, including software for hardware integrations with security systems, CCTV monitoring equipment.

CRM Dealer Software

Our dealership app services for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions such as sales management software for omni-channel marketing optimization, including (CRM) platforms, marketing automation tools, content management.

Car Dealer Management

Our developers provide car dealer software solutions that facilitate service department efficiency enhancements, including marketing automation, dynamic scheduling, ability to push and pull data from CARFAX, as well as custom inventory software integrated to parts tracking and automated stock re-ordering capabilities.

Car Dealer CMS

Our experts create car dealer CMS (Content Management System) with contract and document management software for scanning and storing driver's licenses, credit application automation, integration with outside reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax, etc.), and reference tracking.

Car Inventory Software

Our car inventory management software solutions include complete inventory management for new cars, used vehicles, VIN decoders, list creation, EPA fuel economy database creation/migration, and buyers' guide databases. We design and implement inventory management database systems to count, locate and transfer spare parts.

Auto Auction Software Development

We create software solutions for wholesale auto auctions that allow dealers to schedule and run multiple auction events, scan and upload VIN information using an automotive VIN scanner, build online inventory catalogs and control lot closing orders. We create Product Information Management systems that allows you to market and sell products through various distribution channels.

DMS Integration For Car Dealers

  • We develop DMS modules and modifications by developers to provide ADP dealer management system integration to third-party APIs.
  • We provide integration with CDKs suite of software, allowing dealerships to access real-time data, automate tasks, and turn data into profitable growth. We provide dealership app services for dealer management software module development and modifications.

Automotive Marketing Solutions Development

  • Our On-Line Reputation Management solutions help dealerships get new, authentic reviews and market them to stand out from the competition online. We create platforms for digital advertising and used car sales with photo editor app integration.
  • We create lead management and generation solutions through our dealership app development services to close accounts more quickly with intelligent strategies. Our PIM (Product Information Management) helps to automate workflows, manage social media, and remarketing pre-owned vehicles.

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Auto Dealership Accounting Software Tools

  • Our auto finance software features an auto loan calculator that will provide detailed cost estimates for any proposed car loan. We create solutions for calculating monthly payment, total cost, and total interest on loans.
  • We develop custom auto dealer compliance software such as FASB-IASB compliant lease management software with integrated modules for collections management and payment platforms. We code customized F&I automotive modules that comply with Red Flag, OFAC, and Risk Based Pricing Rules.
  • We develop custom Mobile appraiser trade value calculator software that is integrated into Kelly Blue Book and UK Parkers used car valuation API, allowing you to give on spot valuations, look up Vehicle ID Number (VIN)

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What Our Satisfied Clients Say About MMCGBL

Over 800+ Satisfied Clients and Growing




Building an Car Dealer was not easy if we do manually. Fortunately, we came to know about MMCGBL and its services regarding the Car Dealer Management solutions. Now we have a completely open data platform where people can access and we can manage the platform easily.




It’s been a long since our organization find the platform that could make us an Car Dealer Management so we can share our organizational data and the rising graph of our investments and ROI. Thanks to MMCGBL’s open data portal solution for building such an amazing and user-friendly platform. Highly recommended.




Great experience with MMCGBL, they are helping worldwide for building Car Dealer Management solutions especially for government transparency and free distribution of data regarding taxes, expenditure, state-wise production, etc.

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Dedicated Car Dealer Management Software

Welcome your people to access the data for reusing, sharing, and understanding.
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The DMS or Dealer Management System is the center of your dealership that integrates all significant functionalities such as sales, payroll, accounting, inventory control, and services in one place. The suitable DMS gives insights into how your business is performing, provides the metrics using data analytics, and suggests how to improve your day-to-day processes.

At MMCGBL, we provide DMS solutions that offer many benefits to dealers. Some major benefits are discussed below:

  • A Comprehensive Solution
  • Better Customer Service
  • Marketing that Attracts More People
  • Data that Helps You Make Informed Decisions
  • Sales Increasing

A good CMS must include the following features in it:

  • Contact Database
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Inventory
  • Payments
  • Booking
  • Workflow Automation
  • Sales Automation
  • Rental Management
  • Desking

Some of the benefits that you will get after employing custom DMS in your organization are discussed below:

  • A custom DMS has been created keeping in mind your business’s specific needs and wants, so you can rest assured that it is perfect for your business.
  • With customized software, you have a broad range of possibilities and options for customization and modification.
  • You don’t have to pay any extra charges for licensing fees, and it provides you with ownership.
  • It delivers scalability to meet your current business needs and requirements while foreseeing your future needs as a company.

At MMCGBL, we have a team of professional and experienced developers to provide you with ADP dealer management system integration to third-party APIs.

Our developers provide integration with CDKs suite of software that allows dealerships to access real-time data, automate tasks, and turn data into profitable growth.

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