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SharePoint Development – 10 Best Skills for Developers in 2022

SharePoint Development – 10 Best Skills for Developers in 2022

SharePoint development is created by Microsoft that is mainly used for creating websites. SharePoint development is a safe place to store, organize, share, and access data information from any device. The only thing you require to use SharePoint development is access to a web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

SharePoint development has different products and downloads. It can refer to one or more SharePoint products or technologies, including SharePoint Development in Microsoft 365, SharePoint Server, SharePoint Designer 2013, and One Drive sync.

SharePoint development in Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service that Microsoft provides for all businesses, from minor to big enterprises. All companies can easily subscribe to the plan of Microsoft 365 for the SharePoint development Online services. Employees can create different sites to share documents and information with anyone.

Any SharePoint development company can manage the SharePoint Development server on-premises through the SharePoint development server. SharePoint development server can be used Offline through Offline 365 enterprise subscription to take advantage of all the latest features. Moreover, the SharePoint server provides all modern features.

What is Sharepoint development

SharePoint Designer 2013 is a free program that was released in 2013. This powerful program is used to build strong, work-flow enables solutions. Moreover, it is also used to edit external content types for an external data solution based on Business Connectivity Services.

MMCGBL is a major SharePoint development company. MMCGBL has quality SharePoint developers of more than 150+ experts with experience of 10+ years in the market. We have done multiple projects related to SharePoint development. Moreover, we provide more than 100+ services and have aced in completing more than 1000+ projects. You can see our SharePoint development projects on our website and the reviews our clients have left for us.

Must-Have SharePoint Development Skills For Choosing SharePoint Developers

Many reports show that numerous companies struggle to find a SharePoint developer that attains technical and personal skills. Hence, the competition is constantly growing.

SharePoint development skills

Suppose you are a SharePoint developer and find it hard to compete in the world of SharePoint development to land a job. Ten skills must have a strong hold on to stand out from the crowd and increase more chances of landing better and more secure employment. Moreover, if your company needs to hire a SharePoint developer, you must look for these ten skills to determine the worth of the SharePoint developer. You must be wondering, what are those ten skills that are so important for a developer?

Proficiency of Platform-Specific Tools in SharePoint Development

Being a SharePoint developer, you must have firm ground and proper hold on to your craft. Moreover, you should be able to think out of the box to solve the issues during your project. Else, all your projects will turn into a disaster. SharePoint developers need a great deal of mastery added with a proper strategy and sequenced planning on the practitioner’s part to get the most juice out of it.

Mixon Consulting’s President, Bob Mixon, also believes that having a proper strategy is mandatory for a successful SharePoint. He says, ” Without proper architecture and governance, I can guarantee that SharePoint will fail.”

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If you are hiring a SharePoint developer for SharePoint development, you must ensure that the developer showcases the knowledge of SharePoint development. To determine whether or not they fit the job, you can measure their competence through their proficiency in the following SharePoint platform-specific tool like Visio, SharePoint Ribbon, SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, and SharePoint Object Model (SOM). Moreover, the SharePoint developer must know Office 365, Web parts, SharePoint apps, user stores, etc.

Programming Language and Framework Mastery

Anyone willing to work as a SharePoint developer must be theoretically sound and proven in practice.  Moreover, the SharePoint developers must have hands-on Knowledge in the following programming languages.

.Net for SharePoint Development

SharePoint development is commonly done through ASP.NET. It also helps to deliver ASP.NET pages to a user. There is a choice between VB.NET or C# with SharePoint. .NET is the basis of custom SharePoint development, and for that purpose, it must have knowledge of .NET syntax to make it work.

JavaScript for complex tasks and customization

Through JavaScript, you can update your SharePoint site’s UI. Also, SharePoint lists item tasks, so to return items from the list using JavaScript, use the getltemById(id). Hence, a SharePoint developer must know JavaScript and its frameworks.


For SharePoint development, a developer must have the knowledge of C#, a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language that runs on the .NET.


CSS and HTML play a vital role in SharePoint development as the developers use them to develop features that users interact with when using web applications. Both these languages explain how the product will be perceived and received as they influence the aesthetics of the product’s user experience.

Highly Functional UI/UX design skills

It is essential to understand that the main goal is to satisfy the end-user. Henceforth, the focus in any SharePoint development project should be on providing the best user experience. The SharePoint developer must have knowledge of UI/UX design and proper skills in creating unique UI/UX designs. Moreover, the secondary focus should be solving end-user problems in SharePoint development.

Identifying Problems, Testing, and Debugging Capabilities

Any developer should be able to detect a problem. After detecting, a developer should be able to provide proper solutions and then build the most suitable features to alleviate the issues. Hence, this is one sure-fire characteristic of a great SharePoint developer – do well to ass it to your ideal recruitment profile.

It is essential to find someone who attains both Testing and Debugging skills. A SharePoint developer must have the upper hand in Testing and finding bugs before the fire becomes a disaster. A great SharePoint developer can save the company from a potential data breach caused by a seemingly good code.

The SharePoint developers should be able to prove their ability to conduct Defect Analysis and report preparation. Plus, a good understanding of the standard debuggers such as Radare2, WinDbg, and Valgrind.

A SharePoint developer needs to have proper Testing and Debugging skills because it will help the professional and the people working on the same projects.

Communication Skills are Essential for SharePoint Development

Assertive communication is a skill that is required in all domains. SharePoint developers must have excellent communication skills. The developer should be collaborative on projects and be able to share ideas and feedback. Being able to give honest feedback in a detailed, concise, and professional way is essential. Over the past decades, they have worked on countless projects involving many industries. We can say with confidence that the ability to give and receive feedback is often what makes projects successful.

It is essential to be able to handle clients, especially to be able to highlight the solutions that provide the most value to their users. Therefore a developer should be able to educate said clients on how software, features, or whatever that’s been built works. The experts must be able to present their ideas and points and work in an easy-to-understand way.

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The only way you can develop a project is to ask about the client’s needs; you require the best communication skills.  The confident and competent SharePoint developers will glow when presented with an opportunity to educate and help their listeners learn.

Finally, we live in exciting times driven by technology and the demands of the Covid-19 Pandemic. So it is more likely that teams would be remote and communication would be via tools like Skype, Email, and other electronic channels – there is no gainsaying a SharePoint developer should know how to use these tools effectively. The last thing you want is to be left in the dark because your SharePoint developer can’t use your company’s communication tool; that would be unfortunate.

SharePoint Developer must have Collaborative Skills.

SharePoint development is a highly collaborative endeavour, and a SharePoint developer needs to attain collaborative skills.

Hiring a collaborative SharePoint developer who is eager to do their best even if they lack a few skills is far better than employing a person who has all the skills required but is not a team player and cannot work alongside other developers.

A SharePoint Developer should know how to use Microsoft Teams for conversation and collaborative skills.

Expertise in Databases and Documentation

SharePoint developers must have an estimated idea about the databases not because of the hype surrounding big data and machine learning but because application data is still stored in databases.

Moreover, the document files and data need to be stored appropriately following the project cycle. It is crucial that they are properly categorized and primed for easy retrieval when needed.

There are two questions that a SharePoint developer must know the answers to.

  • How is data required, inserted, updated, or deleted?
  • How are data sets combined and documented?

Experience in Cloud Technology

Cloud-based technology has shown an increasing shift. Lack of knowledge of Cloud-based technology is avoidable only if you hire the right SharePoint developers.

Microsoft is steadily invested in building a swathe of cloud-based applications to support SharePoint and Office 365 environments. These applications include Yammer, MS Teams, MS PowerApps, MS Flow, and MS Planner.

Therefore, it is crucial that your hire is knowledgeable enough to not only choose the appropriate tools that can add value to your business, but the person should also be able to put them to good use for your business and staff.

Understanding of Business Process Automation

The business Automation Process is essential as it helps cut costs and increase productivity by automating standard processes such as onboarding, reporting, accounting, billing, reporting, feedback, training, etc., seen in business. This is where SharePoint comes in. And a good developer should be able to customize it to perform this role. To that end, the individual must have an excellent command of SharePoint workflow elements.

SharePoint developers should be Versatile.

A SharePoint developer should be able to give the nod to a professional, comfortable working with different technologies and platforms.

It is better to hire SharePoint developers who understand the importance of technology decisions from a birds-eye view and can quickly hold their own, irrespective of the stage of the project or the technology being used. The result?  They make the work of colleagues easier and also help teams to be small and efficient.

Fortunately, having a wide range of competence is suitable for startups with cash constraints and established companies looking to streamline their processes.

When considering an applicant, the individual in view should be able to convince you that they are familiar with a stack of technologies and can prioritize and adapt to changes to deliver value.

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Bottom Line

SharePoint development is essential development for all businesses. However, when you require SharePoint development services. There are ten essential skills that you need to see when you hire SharePoint developers. You can simply hire a SharePoint developer by linking with a SharePoint development company.

MMCGBL is one of the prominent names of SharePoint Development Company. We are a Microsoft Gold partner. It means we have deep experience developing high-quality custom solutions using Microsoft technologies. We have completed multiple SharePoint Development projects. We also provide free consultation services. So, you can have a free consultation if you have a project requiring SharePoint development services.

MMCGBl has provided more than a hundred services over the past two decades. We have maintained a reputation for completing 95% of our projects on time. This has resulted in building our client’s trust.

FAQ’s SharePoint Development

What SharePoint development services does MMCGBL offers?

SharePoint developers at MMCGBL are responsible for writing and modifying the codes to build custom applications and intranet sites for clients based on their requirements and needs. We also offer ongoing support to the projects and help to fix any issues that may arise.

Is It Worth The Investment?

With SharePoint, you can let Microsoft manage and even store your data and provide safe access to it over the internet. It is cost-effective as you don’t have to manage and install your IT infrastructure. So yes, it is worth it. 

Is SharePoint Development single-place restricted?

No, it is not; with SharePoint, unlimited file versioning is possible, and you can easily click on a document and get back to its previous version even when it was created. You can quickly check the version and also verify who made the changes. File versioning is handy, and it is significantly easy when business strategies change.

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