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Inventory Management Software Development Services

Our inventory software developers are here to create a customized inventory, warehouse, or stockroom management solution to tracking, planning, or forecasting your inventory needs or overstocks.

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Why Inventory Management Software

Ecommerce inventory management software can give you the increase in efficiency that you are looking for and increase revenue as a result. You will be better able to manage orders across all of your sales channels, which decreases the probability of losing a sale and lower the overhead costs of holding stock. Keeping your items in a warehouse is very expensive, and an inventory management solution can reduce your carrying costs, such as storage and insurance fees, taxes, and fading trends that eat into your profits.


Essential Features for Eficient IT Inventory Management

assets states

Assets States

Assign suitable asset states to all the assets in your organization with default Asset States such as In Use, In Store, In Repair, Expired, and Disposed, or create custom states to keep asset data up to date.

analytics and report

Analytics & reports

Use your stats to make better business decisions and ensure consistent audit-readiness with custom, query, and preconfigured reports. Drill down to get the most accurate numbers and manage assets efficiently.

assets groups

Assets Groups

Manage assets effectively with better control by categorizing and organizing them into custom asset groups based on set criteria.

Assets Discovery
& Scanning

Automatically scan and discover assets from multiple sites using different scanning techniques such as Windows domain scan, script scan, or agent-based scan.

hardware assets

Software Assets

Centralize all your software asset data and manage it effectively with predefined custom statuses; software type such as freeware or malware; details on purchase including vendor, cost, license expiry, and depreciation.

Hardware Assets

Build an inventory of all your hardware assets including Windows machines, virtual machines (VMs), and network devices with easy automatic scanning and tracking with periodic alerts. Maintain comprehensive asset data such as hardware specifications.


Inventory Management Directions

Retail Inventory Software

Retail software for inventory management allows you to track orders and deliveries. This inventory software is handy for avoiding product overstock and deficits.

Warehouse Management

Comprehensive inventory management solutions provide you with all the data considering product availability, in-house stock items to shipped goods. Warehouse management tools make it easier to keep track of inventory and their movement throughout the warehouse.

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CMS Integration

If you are using CMS like Magento or something else, integrating it with the inventory management system will give you a real-time count of your inventory and make sure that your customers order only the items you have in stock.

Stockroom Management

Stockroom inventory management software makes it easier to catalog, manage, and track all of your products and process both incoming and outgoing transactions. This allows you to quickly access all of the stockroom inventory data and avoid overselling.

Supply Chain Planning

In addition to keeping track of the items you have in stock, you also need to keep in mind the entire supply chain process. A custom made inventory management system will help you increase revenue by optimizing supply chain planning to make sure you have the needed items in stock.

Inventory Forecasting

Stockroom inventory management software makes it easier to catalog, manage, and track all of your products and process both incoming and outgoing transactions. This allows you to quickly access all of the stockroom inventory data and avoid overselling.


Why MMCGBL Software

An inventory management solution can help you streamline sales channels management processes, allowing you to minimize the risks of overselling and other errors. Our inventory management software development company can help you create a solution that fits your exact needs. We will also integrate it with your CMS to eliminate manual processes and possible discrepancies with the items in stock. Let our inventory software company help you to increase efficiency and lower overhead costs.

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Inventory Management Software Development

Broadly Speaking, an Inventory Manegment Software exists for advanced transparency and to eliminate the gap between public and government collaboration.

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Everything runs so fast and smoothly with affordable rates. The development process was so streamlined and working with a supportive team is the cherry on top. Good to see you in the market with highly advanced technology.
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Very impressed with the project team. They listened to our requirements, conducted research, and tailored their service to our needs.


Their ability to provide tasks quickly without sacrificing quality was incredible. They demonstrated their commitment to the project by properly analyzing our requirements and skillfully delivering them.
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Inventory management systems are a way of organizing all the elements that eventually go into inventory management. This way, you track goods from one end to the other along your supply chain, making sure that you know what you have, where, and how to manage it.

Entrepreneurs do not need many workers to manage their products with inventory management software. This software can automate the process to reduce errors, minimize labor costs, and produce more accurate stock counts. This not only reduces a company’s dependence on human labor and makes the inventory management process more efficient in the long term.

The inventory software developers at MMCGBL are here to create a customized inventory, warehouse, or stockroom management solution for tracking, planning, or forecasting your inventory needs or overstocks. Through our ten years of experience in the field, we can cater to all of your specific needs and requirements.

The four most common types of inventory are:


  1. Raw Materials
  2. Work-In-Process (WIP)
  3.  Finished Goods, 
  4. Maintenance
  5. Repair,
  6.  Overhaul (MRO).

 You can practice better inventory control and more competent inventory management when you know the type of inventory you have.

  • iPhone inventory app development.
  • Android inventory app development.
  • Web-based inventory management software development.
  • Inventory management system customization.

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