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We build an open data portal solution where you can process data that is freely distributed and accessible to everyone.

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Exposition of Open Data Portal Solutions

Are you not Tech-Savvy for Data Processing?

No worries! We will make it simple for your non-technical employees to publish the gathered data and increase govt. collaboration with citizens. By using an open data portal interface.

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Create Transparency in Your System | %sitename%

Want to Create Transparency in Your System?

Present data with confidence to become a trustworthy foundation of the country. Also improve public oversight such as tracking public budget, expenditures, and impacts.

Do You Want to Convey Big Data in Less Time?

Keep your timeline short and use an open data portal solution for quick entries. Also you can access other central data points with powerful api and UI innovations.

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Build your Open Data Portal with MMCGBL

With MMCGBL, you can handle all open data activities in the least simple way. We build your portal with our best-picked data management solutions, CKAN and DKAN. Our team provides solutions for governments, companies, and other institutions to manage open data properly. Our very first open data portal solution encourages transparency, accessibility, and data-driven decision-making. So that, you can put forward quick actions.

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Well-Equipped Open Data Portal Features


Data Licensing

With our experience, we'll specify a standard set of terms and conditions regarding sharing and re-use of your research data.


Data Search

Access every data across the globe by using "Google Style Guide". It works on the basis of keyword searches and filtering data.



Unleash the true potential of the dataset. By exploring and conceptualizing the most prevalent underlying metadata standards used.


Data Standards

We will determine the potential use of the database internally and publically. We do this by setting the data standards described and recorded.



Create your own customized open data portal theme. So that you can have your personal open-source platform space for branding your institution.

Visualizations & Dashboards

Enjoy user-friendly dashboard and dataset visualization. They attract and are understandable to the end-user.

What Our Satisfied Clients Say About MMCGBL

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Building an open data platform was not easy if we do manually. Fortunately, we came to know about MMCGBL and its services regarding the open data portal solutions. Now we have a completely open data platform where people can access. Also we can manage the platform easily.

john buttler

John Butler


It’s been a long since our organization find the platform that could make us an open data portal. So that we can share our organizational data and the rising graph of our investments and ROI. Thanks to MMCGBL’s open data portal solution for building such an amazing and user-friendly platform. Highly recommended.




Great experience with MMCGBL, they are helping worldwide for building open data portal solutions. Especially for government transparency and free distribution of data. For instance, datt regarding taxes, expenditure, state-wise production, etc.

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Open Data Portal Platform

Welcome your people to access the data for reusing, sharing, and understanding.
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Open Data provides new horizons for governments to work with citizens and evaluate public services. This can be done by giving citizens access to data regarding those services. Various Businesses and entrepreneurs use Open Data to understand potential markets and build new data-driven products.

  1. Accessibility of data 
  2. Increased transparency 
  3. Reduced corruption 
  4. Interpretation of data

Here at MMCGBL, we build an open data portal solution where you can process data that is freely distributed and accessible to everyone. We can provide the best services to cater to all your needs, as we did for more than 300 clients.

  1. Only Share Good Quality Data. 
  2. Update Datasets Frequently. 
  3. Provide Projection Options for Spatial Data. 
  4. Choose an Open Data Portal Delivery Solution. 
  5. Automate the Process.
  1. Relational.
  2. multidimensional (OLAP)
  3. Dimensionally modeled relational.

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