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Why SharePoint Is a Good Choice for an Enterprise Content Management System

Why SharePoint Is a Good Choice for an Enterprise Content Management System

Businesses eliminate paperwork and shift to digital documentation to make business operations flexible and secure. Enterprise content management is a viable repository that can manage a pile of data, documentation, media, and all major stuff to run operations.

The most viable enterprise content management software, “SharePoint,” was introduced to rescue businesses in 2001. Today, it is considered the biggest platform for document management and storage systems. As per the 2020 report, there are 200 million users who are using SharePoint.

What is SharePoint?

It is one of the Microsoft-built software for content and document management at the enterprise level. It also refers to ECM – enterprise content management software.

ECM should be adaptable and feature-rich to suit the content management requirements of businesses. And it’s reasonable to assume that it is a strong contender for the job.

Our confidence is supported by our extensive expertise in SharePoint consulting and development. We can reassure you that handling various types of material is not an issue, given the platform’s vast features for document management.

Let’s examine SharePoint content management in more detail to understand how the system can provide efficient business content life cycle management from creation to archiving.

Key Features of SharePoint Development

After knowing what is SharePoint, we demonstrate how it helps simplify corporate content management, which consists of four components, by drawing on the expertise acquired in such projects as the adoption of a document management system and a records management system:

Document Management

There are quick main features within document management, such as:

  • Centralized storage
  • Managing metadata
  • Document co-authoring
  • Access control
  • Audit Trail

With SharePoint development, users can keep documents safe, shareable, and accessible. It will help users to structure all documentation and real-time editing by giving access to the team members within the same platforms.

A document’s life cycle actions, including who edits, copies, or shares a document, are all thoroughly documented by SharePoint.

Digital Asset Management

This feature includes:

  • Multimedia Libraries
  • Incorporated with media players

These libraries are designed specifically for handling visual, audio, and video media. They provide particular content categories with more metadata features than conventional document libraries, thumbnail views for rapid asset browsing, and pop-ups that play movies directly from a document folder.

Playback of video and audio files from intranets, portals, publishing sites, team sites, and other sources is possible with SharePoint.

Record Management

Records are employed in law as proof of transactions and obligations since they are finished and can no longer be changed. Here are a few important record management features, such as:

  • Secure repository
  • Retention and deletion policies
  • Easy legal discoveries

Users can easily trust the software if they have to store data as it has multiple control data accessibility such as encryption, data loss prevention, two-factor authentication, and more. It enables the establishment of record retention policies based on the compliance rules that a corporation is required to follow. The pertinent files are automatically deleted when a predetermined amount of time has passed.

The eDiscovery Center, a dedicated site collection provided by SharePoint, makes it simple and efficient to identify and distribute electronic data that may be used as evidence. In order to preserve a copy of the material while enabling users to interact with it, the eDiscovery Center allows users to search for content and apply holds to content items. A user may also track the status of repositories and exports connected to certain materials and export content.

Web Content Management

With SharePoint web management, you can use the following:

  • Reusable templates
  • Consistent appearance
  • Cost-effective deployment and management

Built-in templates for building the fastest website by quick content creation. It helps to fasten website development with a consistent brand message. Reusable page layouts allow diverse content creators to keep the branding and navigation consistent across all portals.

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Get SharePoint Development Services For Your Enterprises

In order to assemble all your documentation, SharePoint is one of the best toolkits for enterprises. By finding the old versions of files to create team documentation, users can all access the software for better collaboration and productivity.

If you need help implementing SharePoint, contact us for assistance. Let’s make your workplace structured, well-optimized, and productive.

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