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How Smiles App UAE Uplift Standard of Living of UAE Residents

UAE, particularly in Dubai, the unwavering use of mobile applications for online groceries, ordering food, hotel bookings, shopping, or, in short, uplifting lifestyles is gaining immense attention. One of the biggest engaging platforms, the Smiles app, caters to UAE’s 2+ Million masses and offers to buy one get one or other deals on multidisciplinary categories, including entertainment, dining, shopping, wellness, and travel. 

What makes people’s day when they get double fun by just paying for one? The overhaul of the Smiles app in Dubai is insanely increasing, and people appreciate their exceptional services and affordable deals. This platform has garnered a substantial user base, with over two million self-enrolled members and more than 1.5 million redemptions in the past year.

Smiles App Overview

The Smiles app’s success is its affordability and accessibility of milk and honey for ordinary to substantial people. A well-grounded and culturally specific app that makes every user happy is all the need of a successive app. 

In fact, the app is designed to be a one-stop shop that helps users save money and enhance their lifestyles affordably. It provides offers and deals not only on Etisalat services but also on various other activities and products. Users can benefit from discounts like device purchases, bill payments, airline tickets, hotel bookings, and even accumulating Etihad miles. 

Let’s dive deep to discover what makes the Smiles app apart from other mobile applications. 

Smiles App UAE

Revealing The Smiles App Features

The app contains multiple features as well as functionalities that differentiate the Smiles app from its competitors. The conceptualization, navigation, user interface, and smooth functionality engage the users throughout the journey. 

Grocery Feature

Saving time and doing online groceries by getting an exceptional digital experience is now easy with the Smiles app. The app provides food ordering services and instant food delivery services in Dubai and other UAE regions. In fact, there are over 600+ grocery retailers where you can order fresh fruits, vegetables, snacks, toiletries, baby care, confectionery, and other household items. And what is even more surprising is that they provide free delivery throughout the UAE regions. 

Earn & Redeem Points

The more you shop, the more you can earn points for each order. You can collect points and redeem them anytime while ordering. Users of the Smiles app appreciate this feature because it helps people save a small amount of their purchases that can be reused for their next purchase. This feature encourages users to shop more frequently, order groceries, as well as earn more points daily. 

Restaurant Food Delivery

Almost 10,000 restaurants have been registered at the Smiles platform, offering food delivery services in Dubai at your doorstep. The restaurant food delivery feature allocates your location and provides a suggestion for your nearby restaurants. However, the best part is that the Smiles app offers buy-one-get-one-free deals and discounts every day of the week and every hour of the day.

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Distinct Payment Methods

Smiles app users enjoy multiple payment methods without any hassle. The app has integrated different payment gateways like credit cards, debit cards, GooglePay, ApplePay, etc. Due to critical information about customers’ cards, the Smiles app ensures account security from standard security protocols. 

Salon and Househelp Service

Smiles app provides ease to Dubai residents by delivering household services and salon services at home. Users can make appointments and schedule time, and the services come to their doorstep. 

Other Service

Apart from grocery and food ordering, it can also provide other services, and users can redeem points on travel ticket booking, theme parks, cinema tickets, supermarket products, and much more.  

[Nasir-hu-mein heading=”Want To Build an App Like Smiles for Emiratis?” para=”Look no further! Our team is here to assist you in this venture. From design to development and deployment, we provide optimized services that are worth it for your revenue stream.”]

How Can You Build an App Like Smiles?

If you want to capture the Smiles market by building an app like this, it is no small feat if you have a capable professional and an experienced mobile app development team. At MMC Global, we pledge to provide more than a better app than Smiles that can ultimately receive traction without making much effort. The app’s success starts with flawless development that performs well and delivers a personalized user experience. Moreover, our developers have obsoleted the one-size-fits-all approach, and now they always come up with contemporary ideas to build an app that competes in the market. 

Let’s see how to make this possible with our best 5-step mobile app development workflow!

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Generating Ideas

We believe in research to brainstorm fresh ideas and amalgamate them with a unique touch of futuristic technology. The process of doing market and competitive research lets us know what’s in demand, what trending features are, and what we can do better than others. 

Intuitive UI UX Design 

After research, we aim to provide a user-friendly and responsive UI design for a striking digital shopping experience. From the navigation and workflow of the app to adding animation and other modernist elements, we make it possible to create designs that give the end-users a light yet personalized touch. 


Initially, we designed a tech stack, mobile app platform, and other third-party plugins. Our mobile app development team specializes in deciding the technology stack and building a fully customized codebase as required. 

Testing & Deployment

During the post-development stage, our SQA team lined up for rigorous testing of mobile app development that included manual and automated testing processes. We start with unit testing, integration testing, system testing, security testing, and other required testing. 

Launch & Support

After winding up all the necessary steps, we deploy the application and made it live on the App Store and Play Store. We also provide app optimization services that help your app rank top in the store. However, we provide support and maintenance after launching your product. Our technical support team offers 24/7 assistance to make sure your app runs faster and flawlessly. 

Wrapping Up

In UAE, mobile applications help elevate people’s lifestyles by providing ease and comfort. Everything you need can come to your doorstep, which is ultimately time and cost-saving. Moreover, the Smiles App makes it better by offering exclusive discounts and free deliveries in the UAE region. 

However, Smiles App UAE is a versatile app that caters to a broad spectrum of needs and preferences, offering considerable savings and exclusive deals, making it a popular choice among residents in the UAE.

If you want to launch your app like Smiles and wish to generate money by providing a platform to retailers, we are up to help you in this venture. Our professional engineers and team magnificently build apps with robust security protocols and engaging user interfaces. Let’s connect with us to ensure your project deliverability on time.

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