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10 Apps Like Instagram That You Must Know About

10 Apps Like Instagram That You Must Know About

The photo-sharing apps like Instagram have been a global phenomenon. In fact, 60% of Instagram users are from outside the United States. Even though Instagram is only 5 years old, Instagram has had a huge impact on the social media world and we’re expecting to see even more growth. 

Instagram now has over 400 million Instagrammers using the app. Instagram is popular to share photos, but businesses are using it for much more than just that. Instagram now has Instagrammers using the app for business purposes. Instagram is a great tool that can be used to find leads, create loyalty, gain word of mouth and create a buzz about your product. Instagram can also help you stay connected with your Instagram community. Instagram is not only for the young Instagram generation, Instagram is for everyone.

Did you know that there are quite a few social apps like Instagram that are out there? If you’re looking for something similar to Instagram, but want to try out some different options, then check out these 10 social apps like Instagram. They’re all great choices for photo and video sharing. They offer unique features that set them apart from other apps. So, go ahead and explore them all! You never know which one will be your new favorite.

List of Top 10 Apps Like Instagram

We Heart It

We Heart It is one of the apps like Instagram that allows you to share the “heart” reaction on any image. You can follow people, blogs, or even those in your social feed with this unique service! We Heart It is like Instagram because it provides users with the ability to filter and edit their photos for you to share with We Heart It friends. The WeHeartIt community has over 50 million users worldwide who all love giving their seal-off approval by using it as well – so get clicking today if anything makes sense for YOU.

Google Play

Apple App Store

we hear it


I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but Flickr has been around since 2005. It was even used back then by professionals like professional photographers to showcase their portfolios! This app is similar in function and design to Instagram – both allow for sharing photos privately or publicly depending on your preference. However, some key differences between them might be worth noting. Such as how long each will keep uploaded images accessible (with Telegram being able up until 24 hours whereas Foursquare only lets its users view live streams).

 Google Play

Apple App Store



Snapchat has many features that make photo-sharing more fun and engaging. You can create streaks, chat with friends in real-time about what you’re doing. Learn more about how much better their stories look than yours (even if they don’t know), share images using the different filters available on this app like Instagram such as face arrived, etc., all while having complete control over who sees your pictures!

Google Play

Apple App Store




Tumblr is an incredible social media platform that allows you to do literally anything. You can share videos, photos, and even GIFs with people on the site who have the Tumblrs app of their own! It also has features like allowing others’ content to be uploaded into your profile so it becomes personalized without any extra work from them- all while being able to keep up standards by yourself if needed too.

Google Play

Apple App Store



Imgur is a great app like Instagram for sharing photos and other entertaining images. You can get beautiful pictures, memes, or GIFs right on your feed. This fun-filled platform would make it perfect to engage with the younger generation who love social media just as much as we do.

Google Play

Apple App Store



Yummi is the only social app like Instagram where you can specifically share pictures of your food. With more than 100 million users, it’s clear that people love this feature! You may be wondering what Yummy entails? Well when uploading an image on our platform, we ask two simple questions: “What are YOU eating?” And how would YOU like others to know about YOUR meal/breakfast etc.? Then just take a screenshot and upload away – easy as pie (or apple!).

Google Play

Apple App Store



The popularity of this Instagram alternative app is unprecedented. With over 500 million users worldwide, it’s no wonder that people are turning to TikTok for their short video needs instead! Not only does the platform provide an interesting new perspective on how we can share content with others but it’s also super user-friendly and easy enough.

TikTok is an app that can be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet. It allows users to create short lip sync videos, take selfies, make their own TikTok stories, and more. It’s like a combination of other social media apps, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

However, TikTok is a little different from other apps in an important way. It allows people to see TikToks that have been liked by other TikTok users. Other TikToks might be liked by people you follow, and these TikToks will show up on the homepage.

TikTok doesn’t just allow people to create TikToks – it’s also a social platform. Other TikTok users can comment on different profiles that they like. In some cases, TikToks that have been commented on by users will be shown to others who follow the TikTok user. It is popular for short videos that are only 15 seconds long.

TikTok is shared on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Even if you don’t know much about technology because all your videos will be shown right when someone else likes one of them – providing extraordinary global reach without any work at all (?). So what do you think? Worth downloading or not.

Google Play

Apple App Store

tik tok


Pinterest is an app that allows you to share pictures of all types, categorize them neatly and pin them for others. But this revolutionary website isn’t one of the other social media apps like Instagram; instead, it has categories dedicated specifically towards your interests such as arts & crafts or body positivity. You can follow people with similar interests or make boards of your own and pin pictures of whatever you like, whether it be recipes for gluten-free dishes to Pinterest’s version of a day in the life: Pinterest clean.

Pinterest is an online hub where people can find anything they might want or need. The platform has over 50 billion pins and 100 million active users, so your Pinterest boards could be viewed by anyone, anywhere! Pinterest users can re-pin any Pinterest posts they like, which allows for Pinterest marketing to go viral.

Pinterest is a fun and easy way to stay organized and share your interests with others, no matter how specific they may be. Pinterest is incredibly user-friendly; you can create an account and pin pictures in under five minutes. Pinterest also exclusively offers analytics that provide insights about the people viewing your pins. Pinterest’s easy-to-use analytics are perfect for Pinterest marketers.

 Google Play

Apple App Store



If you’re thinking about downloading Instagram, then why not take a look at Facebook too? You may be surprised by what else the social network has in store for your photos. While many people still use it to share pictures with friends or update their profile picture (which is actually one of our favorite features), there are also some awesome photo-sharing options on offer like Stories where users can create interactive stories based on moments from within an app – such as shopping!

Instagram and Facebook have teamed up to create a new feature that will allow you to share an image on both apps at once. This means no matter which application is currently open on your phone or computer, users of either service- Instagram or Messenger -can send their photos across without having them disappear after uploading one time!

Google Play

Apple App Store



Instagram is a simple app for millions of people to share photos and videos. Unsplash goes the extra mile, giving you access to 10 times as many images from photographers all over the world. The app also suggests trending tags and popular users to follow. Unsplash makes it incredibly easy to get off the ground running and start sharing your own photos.

Unsplash can help you get inspired for your next big photo project. Or it can be used as a source of images for websites or presentations. Unsplash has an extensive list of tags that you can filter and search through to find just the photo you need. Unsplash also can search for users and follow them. Unsplash can be used as a source of images on websites or presentations. 

Unsplash gives people access to 10 times more photos from photographers all over the world. Unsplash is a very clean interface that lets you search for pictures based on tags. Unsplash also suggests trending tags and popular users to follow. Unsplash is available for free on iOS and Android devices with no in-app purchases necessary.

Google Play

Apple App Store


Wrapping up

These types of apps are earning millions a day and still, the market is running towards more fascinating apps. Even the businesses leverage social media marketing apps and mostly photo-sharing apps like Instagram.

Most people start developing their business custom mobile app that can help them to use personal experience throughout the platform. Also, they integrate all their business apps with their social media app to get the intended audience in real-time by showing products and services.

Instagram may be the dominant player in image sharing. This list mentions 10 different Instagram alternatives – however, it’s just scratching at how many amazing photo-sharing services exist!

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