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4 Indispensable Business Apps That Optimize And Fasten Your Operations

Whether you have launched a startup or have a well-established business, business apps are essential to streamline communication, collaboration, and cohesiveness. Web and mobile app development companies uncover the potential of technologies and create problem-solving app solutions that integrate into business workflows to maximize productivity, improve efficiency, and speed up the development process. 

Technology and digitalization have revolutionized many aspects of working and communication and eliminated the traditional ecosystems. Adopting advanced solutions surely enhances work quality and ultimately impacts business growth and revenue streams. 

If you are new to integrating applications into your business operations, this blog is for you. We have piled up a list of essential business apps that should be incorporated within your internal as well as external teams’ and other business stakeholders’ workflows. 

Let’s discover from scratch!

Business Apps & Its Significance

Business apps are software applications that are built to operate on mobile devices (iOS/Android app development) to ensure accessibility and inclusivity within the team. Mobile app developers can build diverse applications according to the needs of the business environment. The business apps can be communication tools, task management tools, employee management tools, inventory management tools, etc. 

With the help of business applications, employees can easily connect with the team no matter where they are. Moreover, these apps emphasize innovation in business workflows and streamline the planning and execution process with additional cohesiveness and mobility. 

4 Significant Business Apps for Your Team & Clients

There are many business apps that offer free as well as paid versions. Moreover, you can also build your custom business mobile apps according to your preferences and requirements. In order to do custom mobile app development, you need a professional mobile app development company like MMC Global. At MMC Global, we provide mobile app development services with an advanced technology stack. Our teams are competent in following up-to-the-mark ADLC including UI/UX design, flawless development, testing & quality assurance, and deployment & maintenance. 

However, the list of pre-built free and paid business apps is here which you can implement and use right now. 

  • Slack 
  • Zoom
  • Trello
  • Dropbox


One of the widespread business apps that can serve as the largest communication channel and connect employees and other stakeholders. Slack offers free and paid versions to small to large-size businesses to ensure extensive collaboration. With its feature-rich and advanced functionality, users can exchange real-time messages, share files of different formats, and even exchange code scripts. 


Moreover, media, voice recordings, emojis, and polls are also worth mentioning features to increase user engagement while working and collaborating. Slack also provides third-party API integration which is the cherry on top for business operations within one platform. Moreover, there are other various features listed below:

Search bar: Easy to find files, team members, content, etc.

Channels: Public and private channels for dedicated projects and their team members.

Direct messaging: Instant messaging to the other team members within a group or individually.

Customized notification: users can set notification tones and also mention the status of their engagements by using emojis.

Integrations: Slack provides 2400 plugins called Slack apps, allowing users to improve connectivity.

Market Share

  • Slack is a leader in the team collaboration software market. As of 2023, it has around 20 million daily active users.
  • Slack’s market share in the team collaboration software market is approximately 27%.


The emergence of Zoom – a cloud-based video conferencing software application, was seen during COVID-19 when almost every company worked from home. In order to connect the team on one platform and provide an in-person experience, many business owners used Zoom to connect with the team. From standup calls to routine meetings and follow-ups, Zoom was the major business app that helped a lot and enabled businesses to achieve their business goals at that time. However, the popularity remained the same even after the pandemic. 

Zoom business app

The continuous improvement in user experience and the adoption of striking features in Zoom made this application more compatible in today’s digital landscape. In fact, it promotes a virtual working environment for many businesses that cuts down the operational costs of businesses. Zoom enables the team to collaborate and connect in real-time with video conferencing callings and other features. The go-to Zoom mobile business app is highly accessible and easy to use for beginners and pros with extensive features that are given below:

Video and Audio calls: The user host can schedule a video or audio call via Zoom link and share it with the attendees to instant hop on the call.

Screen Sharing: Zoom users can share their screens to present or elaborate on the subject matter during Zoom meetings.

Recording: The host can record the meetings or webinars and can easily share them with other people.

Virtual Background: The user can use pre-built virtual backgrounds during formal video calls to look professional, maintain privacy, and dodge distractions around your home. 

Chat Messaging: Within video and audio calls, Zoom users can also send direct messages privately to the individual attendees or send messages in general to see everyone. These chats can include URLs, media content, and textual content and easily be sent.

Pollings: Zoom users can generate polls and quizzes to take feedback, and gather assessments or any opinion.


Trello is a project management tool to keep track of the employees’ tasks and monitor the progress of project development. In fact, it contains a single board where the user can list down a to-do list of tasks, mark status, movable task cards, and much more. Users can plan and organize their sprints and execute priority-based tasks.

Trello business apps

Moreover, the Trello mobile app allows users to get instant accessibility in real-time, get notifications, and always ensure connectivity to internal or external teams. The interface of Trello is highly intuitive, easy to use, pre-defined task status, and much more.

Boards: A well-defined user board that includes the project details, task description, etc.

Task Status: The user can change the task status by moving cards into the active status of the project.

Comments: Easy to add comments to give suggestions or feedback to ensure transparent communication.

Attachment: Trello allows users to attach files or any type of content (in diverse formats), enabling users to exchange information in real time. 

Labels: The user can customize the experience with colorful labels, helping organize and categorize projects and their status.

Market Share

  • Trello is a popular project management tool, especially among smaller teams and businesses.
  • It has over 50 million registered users.
  • Trello’s market share in the project management software market is around 18%.


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud-based business apps that helps users share and store documents, photos, and files. It avoids clutter and simplifies documentation in the cloud storage and makes it accessible online. 

Dropbox business app

Moreover, it provides controlled accessibility that limits the user roles which ultimately ensures the security of important and confidential information. Security is the first preference of Dropbox which is why they implement robust security protocols such as two-factor authentication, encryption in transit and at rest, and password-proof links. Diverse features may include: 

Sharing & Storage: Easy to share and store data and documentation within the internal and external teams.

File Synchronization: Dropbox allows file syncing to ensure real-time editing within multiple devices.

File Editing: The user can support different formats for editing documents, signing PDFs, as well as reviewing with the app. 

Market Share

  • Dropbox is a well-known player in the cloud storage market.
  • It has over 700 million registered users.
  • Dropbox holds approximately 20% of the cloud storage market share.

Build Your Custom Business Apps

Today’s businesses have multiple lucrative opportunities if they use writing technology at the right time. The innovation and advanced business apps revolutionize the way of doing tasks efficiently and effectively. In fact, these business apps promote a clear vision of objectives, fasten productivity, transparent communication, and productive working hours. 

Business apps these days automate the flow of work and integrate into routine operation systems. If you are interested in building customized business apps, do not look further. MMC Global will be your trusted partner throughout the custom mobile app development journey! 

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