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Node.js Development – Why Top 15 Global Companies Use It

Node.js is a C, C++, and JavaScript-based programming language. It is a single-threaded, open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for building fast and scalable server-side and networking applications. What makes Node.js development efficient and suitable for real-time applications because it runs on a V8 JavaScript runtime engine and uses event-driven, non-blocking I/O architecture. Node.js has become a very common tool for developing server-side network applications.

Ryan Dahl developed Node.js in 2009, and the most recent version launched in April 2021, version 15.14. Node.js developers use note.js to create server-side web applications, and it is perfect for data-intensive applications since it uses an asynchronous, event-driven model.

There are many companies globally using Node.js for website development. Companies like Linkedin, Netflix, and Uber has chosen Node.js for their web app development, making it one of the most commonly and widely used programming language of this time.

Many companies provide node.js development services. MMCGBL is one of the leading companies in delivering node.js development services.

MMCGBL has maintained a reputation as the best node.js development company. MMCGBL has provided many services and Node.js development over the past 20 years. We have successfully managed multiple clients and completed 1000+ projects. Our more than 150+ expert team has hands-on experience in all fields. Our expertise and quality work have been recognized and awarded more than 20+ times, including the Local Excellence Award Winner.

Node.js and its Architecture

Node.js Architecture

Node.js handles its multiple clients simultaneously using the “Single Threaded Event Loop.” Architecture. To understand the difference between node.js architectures and other runtimes, we first need to know how multi-threaded concurrent clients are handled in languages like Java.

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In a multi-threaded request-response model, multiple clients send a request at a time; the server then processes each request before sending the response back. But, various threads are used to process concurrent calls. These threads are defined in a thread pool; each time a request comes in, one individual line is assigned to handle it.

Node.js development has a different way of working. Instead of a multi-thread pool, node.js maintains a limited thread pool to serve requests, and Node.js places it into a queue whenever a request comes. This is when the single-threaded “Event-loop”- the core component-comes into the picture. This event loop waits for the requests indefinitely. When a request comes in, the loop picks it up from the queue and checks whether it requires a blocking input/output (i/o) operation. It processes the request and sends a response if it does not require such a thing. 

Moreover, the event loop assigns a threat from the internal thread pool to process the request if the request has a blocking operation; this auxiliary thread group is called the worker group.

To maintain its non-blocking nature, the Node.js event loop tranks blocking requests and place them in a queue once the blocking task is processed.

Node.js development is faster and better because it uses fewer threads and resources/memory. Hence, Node.js development is the obvious choice for real-time applications.

Top 15 Global Companies that use Node.js development and why

Node JS Development Applications

It is no lie that Node.js is relatively a new framework. However, it is by no means a novelty. Fortune 500 companies favour Node.js over other frameworks, and that too for good reasons.

Many companies prefer Node.js over any other framework, and they all have different reasons. Here is the list of the top 15 companies that choose Node.js development.

#1 LinkedIn- Online Marketplace for jobs and networking

LinkedIn- Online Marketplace for jobs and networking

LinkedIn is one of the best online platforms for people seriously willing to boost their careers by networking. It has many companies and projects; it sorts the relevant positions and people that can help you in your work domain.

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LinkedIn worked with Ruby on Rails, but in late 2011 it switched to Node.js. LinkedIn developers wanted to optimize their mobile app where everything is written in Node.js. this was a massive step taken by LinkedIn. However, this step was in their favour as they drastically cut down on server resources, and the app is said to run 20 times faster than its predecessor. Apart from Node.js development, HTML5 was also a huge factor in LinkedIn’s mobile app development.

#2 Netflix- Online Streaming

Netflix- Online Streaming

Netflix is an online streaming service that provides its users with television series and movies of the best quality in their home domain. Netflix might be one of the most familiar Node.js using companies in our list that you might know of.

Nodejs development was used in developing the Netflix user face (UI) building.

According to the Netflix development team, the modularity of the framework made them use Node.js. Also, Netflix is twice as fast during startup due to Node.js.

#3 Uber- Online Taxi Booking

Uber- Online Taxi Booking

Third on our list is one of the most revolutionized forms of the taxi, Uber. Uber is a taxi service for people who need to be someplace fast. It is easy to use with additional benefits of cheap and good quality vehicles.

Although many companies used Node.js, Uber was the first to use it to its full extent. Uber used the Node.js framework to develop the bulk of its platforms. 

The three main reasons Uber used Node.js as a framework are the ease of error-checking, the fast processing speed, and the continuous development due to its open-source community.

#4 PayPal – Online Money Transfer App

PayPal - Online Money Transfer App

PayPal is the most trusted online platform for making electronic payments. PayPal has used Node.js for the building of User-facing content.

According to the PayPal software team, the best part of Node.js is that it empowers developers to build both server-side and client-side with JavaScript.

#5 Trello – Online Tool

Trello is an online collaborative tool many businesses use to organize projects and ideas using virtual boards.

Trello provides a dashboard that can tell you what is being worked on, who’s working on it, and at what stage of the project’s development process.

Node.js can hold many open connections at once, which helps Trello on the server side because Trello and its users require immediate updates.

Trello app with node.js


NASA- National Aeronautics and Space Administration- is a United States government-sponsored department responsible for the research and exploration of space-related matters.

Node.js helped NASA move its enterprise to the cloud by providing it with the feature of Microservices.

Microservices is the feature of Node.js development where the developers approach the application development by presenting the software as a collection of small services rather than an autonomous unit.

Node.js helps NASA to access data

#7 Medium- Online Publishing Platform

Medium is an online publishing platform for articles, books, and other content. It provides sub-domains to its user at cheaper rates than the market.

Medium developers build the Medium app servers with Node.js accompanied by the webserver NGIX.

The medium team has sped up deployment by almost 15 minutes. Moreover, they enjoy the privilege of being able to share code between the server-side and client-side.

medium app with node.js

#8 eBay- E-commerce Market

E-bay is an e-commerce platform allowing users to buy products from individuals and companies via online transactions. Multiple buyers and sellers come to one platform and do online trading.

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Node.js development has helped eBay by being able to maintain live connections to servers for nearly 200 million eBay users daily.

ebay app with node.js

#9 Groupon

Groupon is another e-commerce platform. However, it works with third-party services to provide special discounts and prices. Like LinkedIn, Groupon also switched from Ruby on Rails to Node.js in 2015.

Groupon justified switching to the framework because of its higher scalability, resulting in resource reduction for increased traffic and faster web pages. Hence Groupon software developers migrated their mobile and web traffic to the Node.js development framework.


#10 Walmart – Retail Company

Walmart is one of the biggest retail companies based in America. It operates several grocery and department stores across the world.

In Walmart’s case, the orchestration layer and UI framework are the reason for Node.js development, as Walmart uses them both to create application programming interfaces ( Apis) for the company’s various apps.

Since Orchestration layers permit developers to integrate multiple applications or services, Walmart app users can use one platform to access several distinct functions.

Wallmart node.js development

#11 Mozilla

Mozilla is a reknown and popular web browser. Node.js is densely used in its many web apps because of its memory capacity and ease of use. 

Due to Node.js, Mozilla can keep everything in a single JavaScript repository.


#12 GoDaddy

GoDaddy is used widely by many businesses for hosting websites and registering domain names on the internet.

GoDaddy’s backend infrastructure is dependent on Node.js. Senior Software Developer Stephen Commisso maintains this is because of its ability to make quality apps and release new features quickly.

Moreover, Node.js is also practical for testing, NPM resources, and REST- Representational State Transfer. It defines the standards between computer systems and web services. This is a powerful feature for GoDaddy developers.

#13 Citibank

Citibank is a bank that offers financial services, online and offline both. The company uses Node.js for its mobile services. They also use the Hapi.js framework along with Node.js as a willing accomplice. It helps Node.js to provide capable plugins and core functionalities for web applications.


#14 Yandex

A Russian-based multinational corporation specialized in several services from transportation to search engines. Node.js development has been used in developing Numerous API libraries for Yandex.

APIs communicate procedures between an application and another related application, the operating system.


#15 Yahoo

Yahoo is the first web directory to find news, sports, and finance information. However, it did not just stop there. It extended its stole to email and search engine services as well.

Node.js development is Yahoo has been used mainly for the front-end development as it is scalable and highly performant.


Why Node.js

Node.js development is one of the most suitable and popular frameworks. Due to its vast list of features, many companies have switched from other frameworks to Notes.

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Here are a few key features of Node.js development:

Easiness- With many tutorials and a large community, Node.js makes it easy for beginners to start. It is the go-to choice for web developers in any node.js development company.

Scalability– Although single-threaded node.js development can handle many simultaneous connections with high throughput.

High Speed- Node.js development provides developers tremendous speed because of the non-blocking thread execution.

Node.js Packages- TNode.js has more than one million packages in the NPM ecosystem today. Moreover, these open-source packages simplify the work of a developer.

Powerful Backend- Nodejs development is written in Cand C++; this makes it super speedy and adds networking support features. 

Maintainable- Node.js development is an easy choice for developers since both the frontend and backend can be managed with JavaScript as a single language.

End Note

Node.js Development is widely and commonly used by many developers. Many companies globally are using Node.js for their web app development purposes. Its high speed, easiness, scalability, more than a million packages, powerful backend, and easy maintenance make it an ideal choice.

It is still better to let professionals do the job of development. Multiple node.js development companies are providing node.js development services. However, hiring node.js developers from the best node.js development companies is very important. MMCGBL is a leading node.js development company that provides Node.js development services. You can hire node.js developers for your future projects. 

MMCGBL has been providing development services for the past two decades. Our team of 150+ experts makes your dream projects easy. MMCGBL is not just a node.js development company. It provides many other development services. Our excellence has been recognized multiple times in the form of awards.

Node.js FAQs:

What is Node.JS development mostly used for?

Node.js development due to its single-threaded nature is commonly used for non-blocking, event-driven servers. Mostly Node.js development services are used for traditional websites and back-end API services.

In what language is Node.js written?

Node.js is written in Javascript, C, C++, and CoffeeScript.

Is MMCGBL just a Node.js development company?

No, MMCGBL provides different services along with Node.js development services. We have a team of over 150+ experts with experience in various developing projects.

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