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Build Nodejs Apps: 5 Real-Life Example Of Nodejs Apps For Your Consideration

Build Nodejs Apps: 5 Real-Life Example Of Nodejs Apps For Your Consideration

Nodejs apps are revolutionizing the industries as they provide fast, simple, easy, and powerful syntax to build apps. Developers love using it as it has multiple sources for development areas that ultimately fulfill the user’s needs.

In the pile of programming languages, frameworks, and CMS, Nodejs is unbeatable for building server-side apps. It is a free, open-source runtime environment that provides a flexible javascript tool. It’s one of the popular tools for enterprise applications. 43% of Node JS devs use it for enterprise applications.

Outside of the browser, Nodejs operates the V8 JavaScript engine, which is at the heart of Google Chrome. As a result, the Nodejs app is extremely fast. At least 30 million websites use node JS.(Source: W3Tech)

At MMCGBL, we have done almost 500+ projects for organizational use. And surprisingly, they are happy to own Nodejs apps that increase their market demand.

Not only are our clients using the Nodejs apps, but many leading companies have built Nodejs apps that can inspire you for your next projects.

5 Real-life Examples of Nodejs Apps That You Should Know

The well-known Nodejs apps are now revealing the worth of Nodejs technology. As we use those apps in our daily lives, we cannot know the backstory of their development we can not know. Being developers or leading companies, we must get inspiration and indulge in learning and practicing the Nodejs apps.

LinkedIn – Largest Professional Network

Linkedin is a well-known professional platform where all organizations, employees, and employers are available and share their thoughts. Besides this, it is the largest platform where people post jobs and candidates’ approaches directly and instantly to the employers.

You can imagine how important this platform is for users. That’s why they planned to build a robust server-side app. Initially, they built their app on Ruby on the Rails, but later they wanted to revamp their app and migrate it to Nodejs. That transformation helped them to get more traffic than before.

LinkedIn Nodejs apps

Twitter Lite – Largest Social Media Platform

Twitter Lite is the lite version of Twitter, and the sole reason to build it is to reach a specific goal. What was the purpose behind it? The goal that Twitter wanted to achieve was to reach people across the globe. This aim seemed impossible as the range and frequency of the internet in many regions are not the same. To keep in mind, Twitter Lite came into life with a progressive web application approach.


The combo of React for the frontend and the Nodejs for the backend makes Twitter lite accessible to everyone, especially those who have unreliable internet connections. It makes Twitter lighter but also powerful.

GoDaddy – Largest Web Hosting Company

GoDaddy is one of the most well-known web hosting firms in the world. It now has over 77 million registered domains, accounting for almost 20% worldwide. Consider how many visitors GoDaddy must service on a daily basis.

The service was built using .Net, which confines you to a monolithic design. The GoDaddy team picked Nodejs, a platform with a large community of module authors, as a strategy to transition to modularity.

Godaddy Apps

Almost the whole team now comprises full-stack JavaScript engineers capable of working on both the frontend and backend. The switch to a microservices architecture also allowed for a one-minute deployment time. A vibrant outcome!

The GoDaddy Website Builder platform was also migrated to Nodejs in 2016. The migration to the Cassandra database was one of the adjustments. The number of servers required to host the websites was decreased by tenfold as a consequence.

Uber – International Taxi Transportation App

Uberber was one of the first firms to offer novel taxi services, and it was also one of the first to implement Nodejs in production. The key reasons for this decision were the asynchrony described earlier, the ability to handle massive volumes of data almost instantaneously, clear code, and low implementation costs.

Uber Nodejs app

The driver-passenger matching algorithm is the heart of this app. It needs an event-driven environment, small code, and the capacity to handle massive loads. Moreover, Nodejs can provide these functionalities. Uber can take 2 million real-time calls per second.

It was able to create a universal (isomorphic) web application for Uber users by sharing JavaScript on the frontend and backend.

Trello – A project Management Software

Trello has become a popular project management tool for Agile teams. Its user-friendly design and real-time task management attract businesses and people from all sectors. Trello’s leading technology has been Nodejs since the beginning. Initially, the team planned to create a single-page application prototype and picked Nodejs because of its speed and code reuse.

However, Nodejs can also perform more sophisticated jobs. Trello’s user interface appears simple, yet the server is responsible for a lot of labor. Real-time changes are also vital and excellently done with Node.js’ event-driven method.

Bottom Line

You have many options to build a business app, but if you want rapid development with a strong backend structure, you must opt for Nodejs. It has multi-functionalities and features that make the development process fast without compromising quality.

In fact, you can hire us to help you in this matter. Our developers develop your app step by step from consulting to app launch. Let’s hand over your next Nodejs App project right away!

Along with the above real-life example, there are many others such as Paypal, Netflix, Groupon, Reddit, eBay, Tumblr, etc. Node JS is most popular in the US—over 6.3 million websites use it. It seems like the USA is a fan of Nodejs, but no doubt, globally, Nodejs is one of the most sought-after languages in the queue.

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