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Most Used Mobile Applications In Abu Dhabi That You Should Have 

Mobile applications, the backbone of Abu Dhabi’s digital transformation, bring a sense of convenience and ease to the luxurious life in the city. They streamline communication, aid in emergencies, revolutionize education, simplify commuting, and more. These apps are not just tools, but companions that make life in Abu Dhabi more manageable, solving real-world problems and driving digitalization in routine life. 

Whether you order groceries, book a cab, reserve hotel rooms, transfer payments, manage employees, find jobs, or anything else, mobile apps are the spotlight in overcoming life challenges. The increasing demand for a trusted mobile app development company and high-skilled developers is a testament to the growth potential in this sector. Companies like MMC Global are building robust applications and contributing to making life easy for Abu Dhabi residents. 

MMC Global also contributed to building a web-based Abu Dhabi Open Data Portal incorporating the Abu Dhabi government. It is a platform where the government shares statistical data regarding different domains of the country, including education, agriculture, economy, industries, etc. An open data portal is an informational repository where authoritative people feed, edit, and update country data of different domains. In fact, our open data portal allows the government to be accountable for all facts and figures. 

However, there are many other mobile apps that you should install before entering Abu Dhabi to get maximum ease and convenience. Now, let’s delve into the world of mobile applications that are transforming life in Abu Dhabi.

Top-Notch Mobile Applications Used In Abu Dhabi

We create a list of categorized mobile applications used in daily lifestyle. 

Transportation Apps


It is a travel and commuting planning mobile application that depicts live data on traffic situations, nearby bus stops, traffic incidents, and road bottlenecks. Additionally, users can book cabs and get information about bus schedules to facilitate the lives of Abu Dhabi residents. The integrated transport center (ITC) uses a “Geofeedback” feature to register any complaints related to transportation services.

Abu Dhabi Taxi

Abu Dhabi Taxi is one of the user-friendly mobile applications that most Abu Dhabi residents use to commute in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. It contains all the basic features and functionalities, but what sets it apart is that users can get the taxi within 10 minutes by accessing the detected phone’s GPS.


It is another cab booking application option in Abu Dhabi. Careem is an international transportation service that offers easy booking and commuting ride-hailing. Moreover, this app is not limited to taking you to your destination but rather than Careem expanding its business model and providing food  & grocery delivery services, digital wallets, salon bookings, and searching for nearby restaurants. 

Adnoc Distribution

Do you need help with car service or running with your LPG? Adnoc distribution helps users to provide real-time workshop services. Users can order LPG cylinders at their doorstep, pay with Adnoc digital wallets, navigate nearby workshops or stations, and so on. The Adoc distribution mobile application is a real-time companion for anyone who needs car services. Moreover, Adnoc also offers a reward program where users can earn and redeem points at Adnoc station.

Travel & Hospitality Apps

Etihad Airways & Etihad Guest Cards

Etihad Airways is the most popular iOS-based travel airline app, helping users book flights, track schedules, and check flight status. Its real-time notification feature lets users stay up-to-date with promotional offers, flight arrivals, and departures. Additionally, this mobile app easily accesses Etihad Guest cards and helps you track your trip expenses and exchange currency in real time. The user experience of Etihad Airways is highly immersive due to the adoption of its native iOS app development approach.


The Tripadvisor mobile app is your go-to app if you want real-time suggestions to plan your next trip. There is a big community where people suggest the best places, food, malls, and tourist attractions related to different countries. Furthermore, it helps tourists to visit and experience all the country’s must-see attractions and hidden gems. This also lets you know where to avoid investing time and money in unnecessary places.  Booking and reservations are just a tap away within the mobile app.

Yas Mall

Yas Mall launched its mobile application to provide information about store timings, show scheduling, and ticket availability. In fact, it is a 2.5 million-square-foot retail and entertainment mall where users enjoy an excellent shopping experience. The Yas Mall provides an extensive fun and shopping experience with spacious, branded outlets and local and international food restaurants. Moreover, a 20-screen state-of-the-art cinema operated by VOX Cinemas and a considerable family entertainment zone. 

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Government Apps

UAE Government Apps

The government of UAE tends to regulate its functions digitally by making services available on citizens’ smartphones. The government releases an optimal amount of funds to invest in technology to uncover the potential of digitalization. The more you provide ease of living in the country, the more people are loyal to the government. 

Abu Dhabi National Library E-Shopping

This mobile app is the best way to reach the most publications in Abu Dhabi and get maximum information on a diverse range of book titles and their authors. Moreover, users can filter out searches based on governmental departments, authors, and publications. In fact, all books are categorized according to governmental projects.

Abu Dhabi Open Data Portal

As mentioned above, the Abu Dhabi open data portal is a web-based app containing large datasets representing the country’s data. Authoritative personnel can feed data to ensure quality information and also be accountable to the people. The Open Data Portal enhances information accessibility and makes people aware of the country’s economy, additional domains of revenue generation, and other statistical figures after collecting data. 

Do You Want To Launch Your App In Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is at the forefront of the innovative digital world where people encourage and adopt technology for better futuristic country development. The diverse business models encourage versatile digital solutions that connect business requirements to long-term objectives. 

However, finding a trusted mobile app development company in Abu Dhabi to initiate your project is the cornerstone for successful product development. Let’s keep it simple! Connect with MMC Global – a software development company in Abu Dhabi, and you will never regret it! We have professional mobile app developers who understand business requirements, stay updated with trends, and are always ready to take on challenges to deliver robust and functional apps. 

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