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Top 5 ways you can improve your Mobile App Performance!

Top 5 ways you can improve your Mobile App Performance!

When you think about it yourself as a customer, it is preferable to access information about a brand through your phone rather than opening up any other device to look for your query. Coming back to the entrepreneur’s side, it is best to cater to your client’s needs. That is done to make sure you find the easiest way possible that your brand and its information are readily available to your potential clients. Thus, it is best to hire a professional company for your mobile app development services and thus improve your mobile app performance.  So that your application serves customers’ needs without delay. 

Therefore, at the end of the day, it all relies on how your customers respond to you and how you manage your app accordingly. If your user does not like what they see or if they face any difficulty, you’ve potentially lost them. To make sure that your users remain happy, you will have to pay proper attention to your mobile app performance.

Mobile App Performance
Source: Techbyteas IT

What is Mobile App development?

Mobile app development is the process where software is run. Moreover, apps of particular brands and companies are displayed to the audience. Mobile app development is an extension of the firm itself to present itself to the public. One mobile application requires a network connection to a remote computing service.

Mobile application development is a mixture of multiple codes and software to be able to function. This can be done in wireless, small devices, or any device that is handheld by your users.

Two of the most renowned mobile app platforms or frameworks on which these mobile apps are built are Apple and Android. When you buy a gadget from any one of these companies, you have it pre-loaded with the primary applications for your use. You can use the Apple Store or Play Store respectively to download any more applications. 

Even after the Mobile app development, it is necessary to make sure you regularly check your Mobile app performance as it will ensure your customer’s happiness and thus a boost your company’s success.

What is Mobile App performance?

Just designing an app does not seal the deal. How it runs after it is made is also the designer’s responsibility. They have to check how the application performs under various circumstances and loads. The app needs regular examination if there are any glitches or crashes during user activity.

The performance of the application can be judged through various factors like the network, server, device, and how the device itself is programmed. You have to analyze if your users face any problems while scrolling through the app with the utmost care.

Mobile app performance is beneficial for the client and is rather helpful for the entrepreneur as well. If there is something that is not working in the app, through this testing, you can nip the problem in the bud and therefore fix it as soon as possible.

How can you measure your mobile app performance?

When you use an application yourself, you want a seamless experience. Any hurdle will elevate your annoyance and may lead you to move to another competitor. If your app represents any difficulty, your consumer will not take another second to move to another brand. More than 71% of app uninstalls are down to app crashes. 70% of users abandon an app if it takes too long to load.

General app KPIs

  2. User growth rate
  3. Organic conversion rate
  4. Paid conversion rate
  5. Uninstalls
  6. Ratings
  7. Reach vs. impressions

UX and performance KPIs

  1. Load speed
  2. Screen resolution
  3. Crash reports
  4. Devices
  5. Carriers
  6. Operating systems
Mobile App Performace
Source: HeadSpin

Some ways that you can improve your mobile app performance

Now that we understand that you can constantly better your user’s experience and make it easier for them to navigate your website over time. Here are some ways that you can improve your mobile app performance and therefore provide your users a platform where they can face no hurdles.

Utilize content delivery networks to boost your API

Even when you search on Google, you want results that are closest to your query or something that relates to where you live and therefore putting the extra things out of the way. Similarly, when a user downloads and opens your app, there is usually an option of selecting which country you are from or even which region. This helps entrepreneurs cater to a specific audience and marginalizes your potential clients’ choices. There is no use surveying for products and services that are unavailable where you live. This is done through CDN, also known as content delivery networks. They are used all over the world to boost your Application programming interface, which allows you to communicate through other apps through the backend.

Images should be optimized

You have to understand that if you are adding a larger image to your app, it will take more time to load. It is best to make sure that your photos are as small as possible. However, it should be understandable for your users. You can optimize your image in three ways which are:


Through Compression, the file that the image is in is reduced. However, the quality of the image itself and neither size is compromised. Any picture that is used on mobile apps needs to be compressed as you have to reduce the time it loads when your potential customer opens up your app.


When you resize your image, it decreases its resolution. For instance, if you choose to pick an image in a printed form, you cannot use the same size for your digital display as they are much more significant. When you run a check on your mobile performance, the load time of a resized image will be significantly larger.


It is when you download the image to your device. Once it is loaded, you do not need to load it up again from the external network when it is displayed. Instead, it will get it from the internal memory, which requires a lot less loading time and is much more economical.

All of these are ways to ensure that your customers will not face any problems and get a smoother experience.

3. Data can be loaded as needed

While loading your data, it is vital that you remember that you should not pack a lot of data at one but rather load it in intervals, and it takes time for the application to process through it and, therefore, present it to your audience. Another advantage of this process is that you will be able to make sure that you process the vital information being put up on the app rather than trashing it. You can also prioritize your functions as well and leave out the less important ones for later as the brand, as well as the application, grows.

4. An Offline mode should be created

Your clients should access your brand and some information that is necessary to be presented. It is very frustrating for the user to lose all visuals if there is a problem with the internet connection. It is highly appreciable when you promise to provide some information through an offline mode. Moreover, if your clients lose their connection, if they come back to the same choices and the same page they were on when they were disconnected, it is a great relief. This way of making sure that your mobile app performance stays up to the mark is essential.

5. Test app across multiple devices

You would want to make sure that as many people use your app to boost your brand awareness and increase your profit margin. In order to do that, you have to make sure that the mobile app performance is up to par and works appropriately and similarly across all mobile app platforms. That is why when it has been presented to the world, it is vital to check it across multiple devices.

You can also analyze how the app works on various battery types and percentages. If they are taking up too much, that issue needs to be rectified as soon as possible. Nobody wants to be stuck with a charging socket. This is what is being examined when the mobile app performance is being checked.


Mobile App Performance
Source: Efficient Software Solutions

Ending Note

Building and Designing an app is a rather mean feat. It is an extension of your brand and, therefore, must be showcased on the same level. Mobile app development is a significant part of making sure that your brand identity is presented in a certain way. Therefore hiring a professional mobile app development company is one of the best decisions that you will make.

If your clients are facing problems using your app, there is a significant lack in your user experience, and therefore your app will eventually go downhill. That is why improving your mobile app’s performance is essential for enhancing the user experience and keeping the existing one. You now have a clear roadmap to improve your mobile app’s performance and attract and interact with more potential clients.

Your mobile app performance is key so that you can figure out what is happening in your app. If there is anything that appears to be wrong, it is best to fix it as soon as possible, and if there is not, there is always a chance of improvement.

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