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6 Effective API Management Platforms For API-Centric Apps

6 Effective API Management Platforms For API-Centric Apps

Whether a mobile application, web application, or cloud-based application, you must need APIs to make it functional and viable. API stands for application programming interface, working as a middleman to integrate two applications for functioning together. Developers, who work on API development, use multiple API management tools to streamline the architecture of applications and build a managed API-centric app to deliver a better user experience.

The tool allows developers to monitor, manage, control, and monetize their app APIs in a secure ecosystem. Administrators can use these tools to monitor the traffic, faults, and security of the public APIs. API management tools are highly capable of creating customized APIs with zero coding that is based on specific requirements for specific applications.

At MMCGBL, we build customized APIs and offer highly customized API management tools that generate in-depth analytics reporting. If you are looking for a highly customized API development team, give us a try to us. We provide mobile app APIs, web app APIs, and cloud-based APIs to streamline the collaboration between applications and systems.

In order to integrate data and applications across the cloud, API solutions facilitate the creation, analysis, and publication of online Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Companies use API managed after production and successfully integrate APIs within the app.

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6 Best API Management Platforms

Here is the list of the top 6 API Management platforms that can help monitor your API performance.


It is one of the best-loved API management platforms by developers that leverage exceptional APIs monetization services. Apiggee scales your app by building, managing, and securing APIs for any environment. Moreover, It allows monitoring and analyzing traffic, securing API transactions, and developing APIs to unfold standardized data from separate applications or systems.

  • Advanced API security to overcome malicious attacks.
  • Adept with any API development style.
  • Ongoing management and supervision.
  • Easy to evaluate API performance via analytics reporting.
  • Deliver the solution as a proxy, agent, or hybrid solution.

Astera Data Service

Astera data services provide a high-end application programming interface management lifecycle that can build, develop, and deploy API with zero-codings. It allows app developers to extract data easily, integrate any tech environment, create APIs, and much more.

API security utilizing modern authentication and permission mechanisms.

Through a single wizard, the user can control API visibility and settings.

Create hybrid, on-premises, and cloud API deployments.

Auto-generated API documentation.

No code atmosphere is replaced by drag and drop environment.

IBM API Management

A software called IBM API aids in managing the whole API ecosystem. With integrated encryption and management features, IBM API Connect offers a cloud-based solution for managing and creating APIs. This platform has tools that can automate the process of building APIs using Java runtime and Node.js. Both API customers and API providers may have access to usage analytics.

  • Build-in security feature to protect data from one app to another system
  • Highly controlled and self-learning portal for developers
  • No code API testing and evaluation
  • It offers model-driven, automated tools for creating APIs

3Scale API Management Platform

It is one of the most scalable API platforms that provide easy management of APIs. The platform offers flexible and expandable options that let users share, secure, distribute, and manage any API on an infrastructure. Performance, user management, and avoid starting from scratch are all taken care of. Users may exchange corporate data and offer internal teams and companies an API.

  • Built-in features with extensive functionality such as access control, analytics, rate limits, security, dashboard, etc
  • Multiple gateways to access and control traffic and provide high-end protection
  • Excellent analytical report with in-depth insights

Akana API Management Platform

Akana is another API management platform for building, deploying, and monitoring API development solutions to create a bridge between apps to another app or system. It can be set up locally or on the cloud.

  • Traffic management with build-in class UX
  • Continuous API testing and implementation
  • Provide application API security by ensuring vulnerabilities
  • Management lifecycle that offers open-source support

CA API Management

CA API empowers engineering processes with features intended to speed up development. The CA API management platform enables you to link systems, orchestrate data, change services, and generate business-related APIs from multiple sources. On the platform, developers may work together to leverage a variety of mobile SDKs (Software Development Kits) that are pre-installed.

  • Develop, integrate and implement APIs
  • Traffic management with a greater run time
  • Drag and Drop interface for API development
  • API management and real-time support

Bottom Line

Application programming interfaces are essential for creating and implementing consumer- and business-facing apps. Every application needs an integrated management system to allocate performance and errors of APIs. Through this API management, developers can easily develop code or no code-based APIs, manage and oversee the implementation of API, and much more to streamline mobile and web app development.

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