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A Roadmap to Create AI App: 6 Simple Steps With Ballpark Figure 

AI apps have uplifted people’s standard of living and enhanced the chance for businesses to thrive in this competitive edge. Whether it is eCommerce businesses, manufacturing companies, or whatever else, AI has taken over every field of work. As an ordinary person, you encounter at least a single AI app in a day; it can be an eCommerce app that helps you discover your preferred suggestion by integrating AI recommendations.  

Similarly, automating business tasks is another AI experience in corporate sectors. For example, automated customer support via an AI chatbot application can enhance the customer experience and benefit the company in multiple ways. Many other examples help you understand the need for AI apps in the expansion of business. 

To make a further statement, let’s clarify what AI apps are and how to make one for your business.

A Quick Overview About AI App

The application is built with the core functionalities of AI and its other subsets like Machine learning, predictive analysis, deep learning, etc., referred to as AI apps. You can build AI apps to automate routine tasks, simplify business workflows, and launch apps to generate monetization. 

However, AI-powered cameras, AI gaming, AI eCommerce apps, and AI educational apps are the most common examples of AI applications in businesses. These apps analyze and study large datasets to make things automated, make predictions, generate responses, and more. AI apps can be: 

  • A text generator by understanding a human-built prompt. E.g., ChatGPT.
  • AI-powered camera that makes faces and filters by intelligently identifying objects and scenes.
  • Chatbot software to generate responses to human queries.
  • Predictor to analyze data and generate thoughtful predictions on the situation.
  • Automated tool that automates manual tasks that save time and costs. 

Whatever you need, a successful app requires a professional AI development team that follows all the necessary steps to integrate AI. AI development company can be complex if you choose inexperienced or moderate AI developers who spend large investments without effective results. 

Choosing trusted AI developers can be challenging if you are unaware of the development process, the cost estimations, and the essential features that make your development worthwhile. In this article, you will explore how an AI app can be built with 6 steps and what the cost of developing your AI app will be.

6 Steps to Build a Successful AI App

Having a roadmap to create an AI app can simplify the project workflows and reduce complexity. Undoubtedly, AI application development requires in-depth expertise to tackle complicated algorithms of machine learning, deep learning, or other required tech stacks. A simple AI app development takes at least 4-5 months to complete a single project. Look at our 6 steps that make AI application development stress-free and uncomplicated. 

Defining Problem & Search Solution

First and foremost, you have to define the purpose and objective of the app development. The more you describe the problem, the easier you can determine the solution. Focusing on the problem leads you to analyze the aim of investing in AI apps. For example, your average time response exceeds the expected time, leading to a bad customer experience. 

Now, you have to oversee the app in the market that is used to tackle this problem sufficiently. Search for ideas of existing solutions and accommodate your imagination to build a unique AI app. However, you can also ask for a professional AI app development partner who works for you to create an app. Mostly, AI app development companies conduct research on all aspects and present you with a summarized report of their interpretations. 

Partner Up with a Trusted AI Development Company

The most important aspect of your AI app development is joining a professional AI development company that can make your investment worthwhile. Get a detailed overview of their portfolio and see their clients’ testimonials to make certain decisions. 

Like MMC Global, we have a vast portfolio and past clients who have witnessed our exceptional AI development and other services. We never fear challenges; instead, we turn challenges into opportunities. We are capable enough to follow trends and infuse futuristic features to make our development more powerful and aesthetic. 

Design UI/UX of AI Application

When we build an AI app, we make UI UX design more flexible and attractive. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design for AI app development involves creating a seamless and intuitive digital environment that maximizes the user’s interaction with artificial intelligence functionalities. 

This process includes designing visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces that facilitate effective communication between users and AI systems, incorporating natural language processing and intuitive controls for effortless interaction, and ensuring that the user journey is intuitive, efficient, and informative, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience and making AI-driven features accessible and beneficial to a wide range of users.

Development Of Your AI App

Developers need large datasets related to your application’s purpose to start developing an AI app. This dataset allows the machine to recognize the pattern and act accordingly. Additionally, the development process of AI includes data collection and preprocessing, model training, AI algorithms integration, and app infusion. 

The more clear the data is, the easier to train the app will be. The selection of an AI model matters whether you choose supervised or unsupervised learning algorithms; it depends on the nature of your app.

Testing The AI Algorithm and AI Model

Evaluating and testing a trained AI model is crucial in ensuring its performance and reliability. This process involves assessing the model’s accuracy, precision, recall, F1-score, and other relevant metrics to gauge its effectiveness in making predictions or providing intelligent responses. Testing encompasses various scenarios, including edge cases and real-world data, to identify potential vulnerabilities, biases, or limitations in the model’s behavior. 

Additionally, cross-validation techniques may validate the model’s generalization capabilities. Thorough evaluation and testing help identify areas for improvement, fine-tuning, and optimization. It ultimately ensures that the AI model meets its intended objectives and maintains high-quality performance in production environments.

Deploy & Maintain Your AI App

The deployment phase requires a host server whether you want to deploy your app on Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure. Once the testing is finalized, the build is ready to deploy and go live. But the story does not end here. Maintenance and support are the optimal requirements for any app that needs to live in the long term; the real-time fixes and upgrades allow the app to perform well and provide an exceptional experience. 

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Estimated Cost For AI App

The cost of building an AI app can vary widely depending on the app’s complexity, the type of AI technology used, and the development team’s experience. However, some general guidelines can help you estimate the cost of your project.

Here are some factors that affect the cost of building an AI app:

  • Complexity of the app: The more complex the app, the more expensive it will be to develop. This includes the number of features, the amount of data that needs to be processed, and the complexity of the AI algorithms.
  • Type of AI technology: Some AI technologies are more expensive than others. For example, deep learning requires more powerful hardware and specialized expertise, which can drive up the development cost.
  • Experience of the development team: The more experienced the development team, the more expensive it will be to hire them. However, experienced teams are also more likely to be able to develop a high-quality app.

Here are some general cost estimates for different types of AI apps:

  • Chatbots: $20,000 to $30,000
  • Money management apps: $30,000 to $40,000
  • Speech recognition software: $25,000 to $40,000
  • Telemedicine software: $40,000 to $50,000

Here are some additional costs to consider:

  • Hardware costs: This will add to the development cost if you purchase specialized hardware to run your AI app.
  • Data costs: This can be significant if your AI app needs to be trained on a large amount of data.
  • Maintenance costs: Once your AI app is deployed, you must budget for ongoing maintenance costs.

Ready To Build Your App? 

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