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Natural Language Processing API Integration

Unlocking valuable insights from an unstructured text by integrating the popular Cloud Natural Language API, empowering your system to derive meaningful information.


ML Models and Deep Learning

Integrating prediction, classification, image recognition, Natural Language Processing, and more into your software architecture.


Cloud ML Solutions Integration

Using the best cloud platforms to efficiently construct, train, and deploy ML models. Benefit from fully managed infrastructure, comprehensive tools, and streamlined workflows.


OpenAI API Integration

Giving seamless access to NLP, content generation, decision-making support, and other intelligent features, enabling you to unlock new possibilities and empower applications with advanced AI capabilities.


AI Experts Onboard

At MMC Global, we have a team of AI developers who possess expertise in various aspects of data science. Our areas of specialization include large language models, NLP, computer vision, and more. Our team stays abreast of the latest advancements in AI applications and effectively incorporates them into our projects.

Help Choose AI Models

To ensure successful project implementation in the realm of artificial intelligence, we adopt a meticulous approach of manually selecting and configuring AI models, algorithms, and data sets tailored to each specific task. We recognize that the careful choice of tools is paramount in enabling the efficient functioning of AI software and delivering accurate results.

Swift Time to Market

We prioritize your time and guarantee the swift delivery of your AI project, completing it within an impressive timeframe of 5-7 weeks. You can count on our responsive team to provide continuous feedback, ensuring a seamless and efficient deployment of state-of-the-art AI solutions.

Experience Across Many AI Platforms

Navigating the Multifaceted Landscape of AI: An Exploration of Various Platforms and Their Unique Attributes
Spark ML
Hugging Face

Our Development Process

In order to streamline our project development process, we take on our strategic approach to successfully complete our projects.

Planning & Execution

From gathering requirements to brainstorming unique ideas, our first step is to listen to our client's preferences and plan the whole project deliverables to create a deadline.

Design & Prototype

We align professional designers to work on creating the user interface, from low-fidelity to high-fidelity design and prototyping, which must deliver an exceptional user experience.


Our development process involves writing custom codes and integrating APIs to make the design functional of extensive resources of diverse technology to be parallel with industry-competitive solutions of preferred tech stack to build complex features and functionalities.


To verify and evaluate the quality of the codebase, our testing process ensures that every corner of the solution is working and bug-free before delivering the project.

Launch & Maintenance

Proper design and development, along with implementing security protocols, allow us to launch safe, bug-free products that fulfill our clients' requirements.

A track record of success

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Our Some Great Work On AI Products

Read our best case study best that work on blockchain products.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our clients appreciated our work, and that motivated us to grow and deliver better.

Questions? Here are answers

Can you perform openAl integration for us ?

Yes.Integration OpenAI is a part of our artificial intelligence and machine learning development services.Here is how we do it:

  • Gett openAI API Access
  • Capture Your OpenAI API key
  • Picking the right OpenAI API for your solution
  • Making requests to the openAI API
  • Testing the OpenAI integration
What are the steps involved in AI model developments?

Here are the steps involved in AI model development

  • Data collection - Getting data from a reliable source.
  • Data preparation - Evenly distibbution the data,randomize it,and create a training data set and a testing data set.
  • Model selection based on your requirments.
  • Model training - pass the data to your model.
  • Model evalution - testing the performance on previoulsy unseen data.
  • Tuning the parameters to improve accuracy.
What does deep learning development include?

Deep learning, an approach within the field of artificial intelligence (AI), enables computers to process data in a manner inspired by the human brain. Through deep learning models, intricate patterns in various forms of data such as images, text, sounds, and more can be identified, leading to precise insights and predictions.

How much does it cost to build an AI system

The cost to develop an AI system like Chatbot starts from S8,000. Of course, it can go beyond based on your requirements.

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