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6+ AI Applications in Diversify Fields of Industry – Learn How These Work!

AI Applications

In the world of automation, AI transforms multi-diverse solutions for myriad functional areas of the organization. Automation makes human life easier. You can automate thousands of emails and sit back and relax because all emails will reach their destination inbox on time. This is just a minor example. AI plays at a large scale that you can’t imagine. In fact, from displaying related recommendations to making predictions without human intervention, AI has some mind-gobbling skills. Similarly, AI applications significantly evolved drastically.

Every business sector adopts AI-powered applications to get a competitive edge in the market. AI applications help businesses to reach their business goals by providing their customers/clients with a better and more personalized experience through AI.

However, if you are a beginner and want to understand the concept of Artificial Intelligence and the use case of AI apps, this article is for you.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a broad term for futuristic technology that uses complex algorithms to simulate human thinking and behavior. Moreover, AI is made with the amalgamation of multiple techniques and methods under the umbrella of Artificial intelligence, called subset. It includes Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, Natural language processing, etc.

AI helps to create software or applications to perform personalized recommendations, content generation, image curation, in-depth analysis, a conversation like a human, etc.

AI applications also incorporate these capabilities. Businesses are more likely to opt for mobile applications as the usage of mobile apps is highly increased compared to desktop applications. Building AI applications with professionals like MMC Global is a great investment. You can see our best AI projects to trust us for your next project.

Discover The Industry-Specific AI Applications

There are almost 7 industries, and we can make customized AI applications with the utmost efficiency.

AI Applications in Ecommerce

Ecommerce is one of the most AI adaptive industries in which we can build AI apps with multiple AI features.


By adding an AI recommendation engine, you can make personalized recommendations that can elevate user experience. This recommendations engine is trained on a complex algorithm that works on the user’s browsing history, interests, and preferences. In fact, you can add this feature to your AI app, making your eCommerce app store more personalized and powerful.

AI-powered Assistance

You can also add AI assistance in your eCommerce applications to help your customer support departments. As an online eCommerce store, you must struggle with many queries 24/7. AI assistance helps you in this matter. This assistance of AI applications is built on an NLP subset that understands human language as well as interacts with human-like conversation.

Fraud Prevention

In the eCommerce industry, trusting an online eCommerce store is risky, particularly when users have to insert credit card information to make online payments. Online payments and fake reviews are the most concerning issues in the eCommerce business. Furthermore, you can detect cyber threats, credit card fraud, and other phishing activities with AI. With AI applications, you can make your eCommerce store secure.

AI Applications in Education

Students and facilitators gain interest in learning and transitioning from traditional education to the most advanced AI education apps.

Creating Smart Content

With AI applications in Education, the most important blessing is the rich content on any topic. Students and facilitators leverage these features. Furthermore, creating AI applications that help users generate content or provide informative sources is worth investing in.

Self-Quiz and Assessment

You can build AI Apps that help students with assessments by implementing AI-based judgments as well as quick answering. In these AI applications, predictive and judgment-based algorithms create qualitative analysis.

AI Applications In Lifestyle

In our daily lives, we are experiencing devastating interference from AI in maintaining our everyday lives, reducing workloads, entertainment, etc.

AI Cameras

The usage of camera apps increases day by day, and the implementation of AI is highly in demand. The built-in features of changing facial expressions, adding filters, and detecting and tracking facial expressions make these cameras more interesting and joyful.

Facial Recognition

By using AI, we can create facial recognition features to ensure the security of our devices. Facial recognition AI applications are further used in ERP systems and special facial identification locks on laptops, mobile devices, security gates, and so on.

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Recommendation System

Users are usually attracted by recommendations no matter what the platform is. Visiting a website, streaming apps, social media apps, etc., highly use recommendation features based on AI algorithms. Moreover, the recommendation system functions on user data and shows customized recommendations.

AI Applications For Robotics

Robotic process automation is actively used in industries to help humans in multifacet works like heavy lifting, performing tasks in danger zones, heavy machinery operations, etc. AI supports Robotics functions and allows them to achieve their task in real-time with maximum efficiency. These robotics can easily be used with handy AI apps in which all features are embedded so that users can operate robotic machines with a few clicks.

AI Applications For Human Resource

AI apps simplify workforce management in small to large enterprise companies. In fact, this app helps the human resource department to automate the onboarding process, facilitate communication between employees and management, sort out the screening process, resolve attendance issues with the facial recognition app, etc.

AI Application For Healthcare

AI applications in the healthcare industry create a promising impact in managing healthcare operations as well as patient care. On-time diagnosis, easy-to-access data sharing, and fitness wearables can all be done with AI. Particularly, AI helps detect cancer cells, analyze chronic diseases, and provide extensive security for medical data.

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AI Application For Marketing

The impact of AI on marketing campaigns is highly effective in finding a target audience, running personalized ads, and other digital marketing activities that help increase your sales. The best example of digital marketing with AI is a real-time social media ad campaign. It is fascinating that you talk about the product and instantly see ads in your feed.

AI For Social Media Marketing

Many social media platforms use AI to attract a larger audience. You can use AI applications to schedule posts with different time zones on other platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Recently, Snapchat introduced MyAI for account users to be friends and chat with people on Snapchat. Twitter also used AI to ensure security and detect fraud.

Wrapping Up

There must be more than a list of AI applications in different sectors. There is a long list of AI applications that encourages businesses to run their operation faster and more efficiently. Artificial Intelligence technology keeps its way vast so people can easily make apps and AI-based software. Everything is now possible with AI, from training machines to generating human-like content and initiating conversation. The continuous optimization and improvement in AI will make it more useful as well as effective for further innovation.

If you are looking for professional AI developers, you can reach out to us. We help businesses implement AI applications, software, and other AI-powered tools, like Chatbot, an integrated system of AI tools, text generators, etc. Let’s join hands with us!

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