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How AI Chatbot Can Elevate Your Business Growth

AI chatbots revolutionize business, especially providing customer satisfaction, engagement, and assistance. The AI chatbot is a wizard embedded in multiple digital channels such as websites, applications, or social media platforms. You may have seen a small message icon at the bottom of the website where you can start a conversation with a human-like chatbot.

If you are thinking about what wonders an AI chatbot can do, why your business needs an AI chatbot, or what difference it can make, you may feel right. Before implementing a chatbot, you need to know everything about AI chatbot development.

Let’s start from scratch so that you will understand deeply.

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What is an AI Chatbot?

The AI chatbot is an AI-powered software built on multiple AI subsets such as NLP, LLM, etc. The core function of an AI chatbot is to interact or communicate with humans via text. AI chatbot automates human conversation to assist human queries, provide information, schedule calls, etc. Moreover, chatbots are highly on-demand and acceptable in every industry, such as healthcare, ecommerce, education, logistics, etc.

How AI Chatbots Help Business To Run Their Operations

80% of businesses already integrate chatbots, and the remaining think about it. Almost every industry requires an AI-powered chatbot because of its higher capabilities to satisfy clients. One of the major priorities of any business is to provide satisfaction with their customer services and the quality of their product/services.

AI chatbot focuses on delivering a better customer experience, increasing engagement, and simplifying interaction. Moreover, the core application of AI chatbots has been experienced in customer service, sales, and marketing departments.

How AI Chatbot Can Elevate Your Business Growth

In Customer Service Department

From now, you do not need to hire a huge pool of customer support agents. With an AI chatbot, you can reduce your workload and cut costs. Customer agents get tired of doing repetitive tasks like answering the same queries daily and invest a lot of time in it, which can divert your attention from the most serious tasks. In fact, you must hire employees for 2 shifts to provide services 24/7 and solve customer queries.

Chatbot enables you to answer repeated queries automatically, is always available on all channels simultaneously, responds to every customer without skipping one, and does not take breaks or naps. The chatbot trains on a specific set of questions or queries so that if any human asks a question, the chatbot will answer it instantly. Now, you can automate your customer support department by embedding a chatbot on your marketing touchpoints.

In Marketing Department

Chatbot can revamp your marketing campaign with an instant connectivity feature. Right now, social media ads are one of the most in-demand tools to spread awareness of your product or services. The latest feature of the chatbot helps to integrate it with ads. You can create ads with integrated chatbots that direct your audience to the chat.

However, you can add your product images and video to showcase your product within the chatbot. For example, if a customer asks, “Do you have a long red shirt?” Your chatbot must be able to show all the red shirts that you have added to your website. This will happen if you train your chatbot like a pro. The chatbot development consists of complex algorithms, third-party integrations, plugins, etc., to make it viable and feature-rich.

In Sale Department

Chatbot also helps the sales department by providing excellent product demos and information and resolving queries. The more you simplify the sales journey, the more you can increase your conversion rate. Chatbots can also schedule appointments, instant callings, and video conferencing, all within a single chatbot.

Major Features of AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot associates with complex algorithms and runs on trained datasets that make it optimized and respond to any query. Let’s look at each feature in-depth and examine how it can help enhance your business.

What makes AI chatbots more powerful is:

24/7 availability

The reason to popularize AI chatbots is their availability around the clock. Many businesses must operate 24/7 and require many employees to handle human queries. AI chatbots are highly effective in being available for long hours without taking a break.

Real-time connectivity

AI chatbots have the power to connect users instantly. That means the chatbot will reply as soon as possible no matter what time you want to ask your query. Sometimes, the chatbot greets you first and asks you what problem you are facing as soon as you open the chat window.

Multilingual texting

One of the AI chatbot features is to communicate in multiple languages. You must speak their language to provide personalized communication when you provide services globally. Chatbot can chat in multiple languages with just a few integrations.

Omnichannel capabilities

One of the trending strategies that surrounds the market strategy is omnichannel marketing. Omnichannel marketing is an integrated network of all marketing touch points to almost every channel to provide a customer-centric approach. You can integrate chatbots on all touchpoints and collect data at once. Whatever platform your visitor uses chatbot, they will get a seamless experience in the buying and selling process.

Embedded on digital media platforms

Chatbots can easily be implemented on websites, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Quora, etc. Give your every touch point a customer support agent and provide real-time connectivity to all your visitors, no matter their time and where they live.

Lead conversational forms

Chatbot works as a lead generation tool because it can frankly ask customers to provide their basic information. Chatbot has an integrated conversational form that can be used for lead generation. While interacting with humans, a chatbot can ask a few questions that can be best related to your lead generation. For example, before starting a conversation, a chatbot can display a quick form that is easy to fill out and less time-consuming. Moreover, these forms can also be used for getting feedback and collecting data.

Live chat/video calls

AI chatbots also help to connect with customer agents to resolve complex queries. Adding a calling option allows a chatbot to communicate through calling and video conferencing. AI chatbot gets advanced by associating with a useful API that enables live chat and video conferencing.

Do You Want Chatbot or a Chatbot Builder Platform?

We have closed a big project based on Artificial Intelligence technology, and now it is time for you to trust us and start your project with us. We can help you build a single chatbot or a fully managed platform to create your chatbot development business.

Our developers are highly qualified in applying AI algorithms and have an excellent command of all subsets. Based on all techniques, our chatbot development will go easier and smooth with the utmost customization. Moreover, we prefer tailor-made solutions that prefer your business requirements. By designing insightful dashboards, developing captivating features, and training chatbots for your industry-specific information, we can help you in all stages.

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