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Angular Development- Best for Enterprise-Level Web Applications

Angular Development Best for Enterprise Level Web Applications

Angular Web Application

Angular Development is an open-source web application development platform built on TypeScript. Angular is a platform that caters for a vast audience, from small-scale single-developing projects to extensive enterprise-level applications.

Angular development is one of the finest frameworks for web app development. Angular provides a very user-friendly interface to the users. The best part about Angular is that it is designed so that the updating is easier and straightforward for the developers.

You can build scalable web applications through angular development. Apart from that, Angular development provides a collection of well-organized libraries that cover many features, including routing, forms management,  client-server communication, and much more.

Moreover, Angular provides you with a massive and quality ecosystem consisting of a diverse group of over 1.7 million developers, library authors and content creators.

Over the past few years, Angular Development has gained much demand. Hence, many agencies are providing Angular Development services. MMCGBL is one of the leading agencies that offer Angular Development Services.

MMCGBL is a company that can help you provide the solution for attracting customers with the best user experience.MMCGBL has expertise in Angular Development, Angular App Development, Angular Application Modernization and Migration and AngularJS for eBusiness. Moreover, MMC provide Angular Development Consulting Services as well.

So you have an idea for a web application and don’t know how to complete the Angular Development part, book our experts at MMCGBL, who will guide you with every do’s and don’ts.

Top Selling Features Of Angular Development

Creating and selling a website are two completely separate domains, as many people create websites that don’t sell.

It is highly important to make websites with strong design powers, looks, super responsiveness, and great animation. Only with these powers, your website grows, and for such things, you need a smart framework like Angular.

Since the day it was introduced back in 2009 with the name “AngularJD” by Google, it has been a problematic framework. However, later, Google brought forth a TypeScript-based open-source framework called Angular, and the rest is history.

Angular Development provides users with easy-to-use features and useful features that help in enhancing the overall experience of a developer; such as:

Cross-Platform- Angular Generic Feature

One of the key features of Angular is that through Angular, you can develop a progressive web application (PWA). Angular supports Ionic or Hybrid mobile SDK, allowing your apps to the app store and then deploy to the mobile web as PWA.

You can build many desktop-installed apps across Mac, Windows, and Linux using the same Angular methods you have learned.

Angular Speed And Performance

Angular development gives leverage to your hand-written code on the productive framework by turning your templated into code that is optimised for today’s JavaScript virtual machines.

The best feature of Angular Development is its universality; you can write a code into HTML and CSS and have the first view of the application on any other platform like NodeJS, .Net, PHP, etc.

With any new component router, the speed and loading time remain the same, fastest. The Codes further get split automatically as per the user’s requirement.

Angular Development Productivity

Angular development boosts developers’ productivity by creating UI views with simple and powerful template syntax. Moreover, Angular development boosts the productivity of the IDEs. It gets intelligent code completion, instant errors, and other feedback from popular editors.

Angular Complete Development Process

The Journey of Angular Development begins with the testing done with Karma for unit tests, where it will highlight if you have broken anything.

Then through Angular’s intuitive API, it creates high-performance, complex choreographies and animation timelines with very little code. All of the animations and testing results are made accessible with ARIA-enabled components.

Cons Of Angular Development

It won’t be wrong to say that Angular Development is one of the finest open-source development platforms. Along with being user-friendly, it also has many other benefits. However, along with many benefits, there are a few cons of angular development as well, which a developer should know otherwise,, it will become a lot difficult for the developer to work on it.

Deep Scopes and Architecture like Hierarchical tree

Angular Development sometimes becomes difficult to debug because of its layered architecture and slightly difficult framework. The debugging in small angular applications won’t be that difficult. However, sometimes the large angular development applications can be a pain debugging.

Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control Concept

This concept is useful. However, it will be difficult for developers more used to style traditional development style. There are many ways to do dependency injection, but whichever concept is taken, it is difficult to get the hang of the idea.

Biggest Weakness

In the case of a high nesting, Angular development can have performance issues since it works on the principle of a digest cycle. The digestive cycle works great under a limited number of watchers. Angular recommendations for the process to have around 2000 watchers per page.

Difficult Porting Legacy

One key factor that makes Angular less favourable for enterprise-level companies is the difficulty in porting legacy js/jquery-based code to Angular-style architecture.

Secondly, with the constant new updates and the churning out of new features enterprises find it challenging and also a lot difficult to pace with the system. Moreover, it does become a lot difficult and painful to upgrade, and a lot of them are not backwards compatible.

The Dual Languages- Typescript and RXjs

Angular is built on two new languages, typescript and RXjs. Typescript is easy to learn for old developers. However, RXjs can be hard even for an experienced developer.

This dual language causes a lot of difficulty and time consuming as it is quite difficult to grasp and master the reactive programming.

Due to a massive library, RXjs requires a lot of practice to master as compared to alternatives out there.

JavaScript and TypeScript

One of the most annoying things about Angular is that it is coupled with JavaScriptin. In order to use angular, you need to have JavaScript installed on your computer.

This becomes an issue in places where JavaScript is not available with OS.

Apart from that for developers that are not used to a certain language, it can become difficult to be extensible.

Top Six Web Apps Developed Using Angular

With over 7,000 active users and multiple logins, Angular stands as the most commonly used development platform. Most of the highly used applications today are built using Angular, like:


Paypal is online money transferring application that allows you to exchange money with people and businesses. Angular adds the backend features to Paypal, which adds great potential for integration.

Apart from that, PayPal has many features that are credits of Angular, like a quick few-click authorisation and seamless checkout of orders without even leaving the web store. Moreover,

there are many informative videos that tips on how to combine PayPal with Angular websites.


Gmail Angular App

Angular is developed by Google’s tech developers develop angular, so there is no wonder they use it. Gmail makes data on the front end, unlike many multi-page websites.

With offline accessibility and search by time, type and other things, Angular can create an impressive user interface and experience your customers deserve.


Upwork Freelance- Angular Web App

Being one of the most popular Angular Apps, Upwork is an online freelance marketplace where professionals provide their services. A few years ago the company announced 14 million user accounts in more than 180 countries.

Upwork is popular because of its excellent features like intuitive architecture, privacy and security for all etc. Among many websites written in Angular, Upwork stands as a high-performing website.

The Weather Channel- Angular App is a weather forecast website with over 126 million users per month. Through this website, you can make predictions for rain, weather changes, fascinating facts and entertainment material as well.

Angular modules available in different folders allow each team to focus on the various aspects of the website. Moreover, there are Angular-powered features that are apparent and can be appreciated like, Multiple Map Integration, Real-Time Broadcast or even Aerial HD videos.

JetBlue Airline

JetBlue- Angular Website App

Airline companies require the best working websites, as the booking and accommodation of passengers are concerned. JetBlue is an American low-cost carrier designed with Angular. It flew more than 42 million passengers in 2019.

On the website, you can perform many tasks like discovering destinations, booking tickets, or even viewing carts. Moreover, American Airlines is still trying to become a better service and recruit Angular developers to update the JetBlue app’s features.

iStock Photos

iStock by Getty Images- Angular Developed App

iStock is a Calgary, Alberta, Canada-based international micro stock photography provider. The price range varies with different credits depending on the picture, so you can get pictures for prices as low as US$0.95 up to US$1.50.

Why Choose Angular?

Angular has managed to be one of the most popular, and most established front-end JavaScript Frameworks.

According to a survey report, Angular has got 78.7K stars on Github, with over 219K unique domains and 762.8K followers. These stats make it crystal clear that Angular is relevant and much dominant worldwide.

There are many reasons why to choose Angular Framework for developing your next Web development project. It provides simple learning, assessing and great testing capabilities along with automatic synchronization with two-way data binding. Angular comes with enterprise-level testing features and simplifies MVC (Model View Controller) Pattern.

Moreover, Angular now comes with the IVY Renderer feature which makes Angular more accessible and also helps reduce the size of the files.

And the most important part of choosing Angular is that it is backed by Google and has Excellent community support.


Angular Development is a front-end and back-end web application development platform. Angular is an open-source platform built on two languages mostly Typescript and RXjs. Angular is highly popular among the masses as it has a diversified audience. From small-scale projects to massive enterprise-level Web applications all are easily being developed on Angular.

With such a huge demand, many agencies have started providing services for Angular development. MMCGBL, a leading agency is also providing such a service.

MMCGBL has a team of experts, who have already completed more than 1000 successful projects. With more than 20 years of experience and 30M plus successfully saved clients, it is safe to say, MMCGBL can make your dream project come true.

Even with the curse on world businesses, Angular development has grown massively over the past few years. Millions and millions of people have started using and developing projects through angular development.

In conclusion, Angular development is the finest in web appl development front-end or backend. It is an excellent alternative for programming. Hence, if you are into making a small chat app, a website, an eCommerce website, or a news app, Angular will be ideal for you. It will provide you with all the tools for front-end development.


Why is Angular important for your org?

Angular is a platform that helps you build dynamic single-page applications with tempting and interactive features. Angular stands the best choice for your next project as using this you won’t have to rely on third-party libraries for building interactive applications. Along with that, you can get hold of multiple benefits.

What are the main features of Angular?

Angular development has many features that make it stand out from all its competitors. However, the most important features are highlighted below:

  • Optimize Security
  • Seamless Access Management
  • Speed up the Development
  • Efficient Testing
  • Easy Maintainance
  • MVVM Architecture
  • Two-Way-Data- Binding
  • Declarative UI or User Interface
  • Single Page Application Development
  • Next Level Design Integration 

What are the latest features of Angular

Angular 13 has one of the best-planned and executed updates that are widely used in the TypeScript-based web framework. New Updates in Angular include support for typescript 4.4, enhancements to angular tests, 100% ivy, ergonomic APIs, component API updates and much more.

Why you should hire MMCGBL for it

With over 150+ professionals and experts, experienced in over 20 years with more than 1K projects, MMCGBL is the most suitable choice for Angular Development projects.

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