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Web App Development: The Process and Its Advantages!

Web App Development: The Process and Its Advantages!

Let’s say you got an idea about web app development that can prove to be a game changer. Only a mere thought is enough? Obviously not! You need to work on your vision, put effort into everything you have, and maybe you can win people’s hearts with your end product. That’s how it is done; otherwise, it’s just an idea if you don’t put any effort.

Creating a web application is not just a thought; it’s a whole process. When choosing a firm to provide you with the service, be wise and select the one that can give it all, like MMCGBL. Here is a web app development guide that can provide insight into how to start developing an app from scratch. But first, let me tell you what a web application is. So, without any further ado, let’s get to it.

What does it mean by web application?

It is referred to as a computer program that utilizes a web browser to do a specific task. These are called web apps which you can find on several websites. Let’s take an example of a contact form on a website. Or you can say that it’s a client-server program since it has a client-side and a server-side. While by term, client means a program people use to work on the app.

Moreover, it’s a part of a client-server environment where several computers communalize information. When we talk about databases, the term client is a program users use to enter their information. In contrast, the server is an application that stores data.

In order to interchange data or complete transactions with their intended audience, the internet could be an affordable and effective medium. There is a way to record and store important information and then reveal results to the users. Users can now interconnect with particular businesses by leveraging shopping carts and content management systems.

There are so many reasons that the need for web app development is rising. People want it to make it easier to shop things online while employees can cooperate and work smoothly on shared documents. It makes their work easy because they can share files and information and develop reports from wherever they are without any problem.

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Web app development process

Web app development process

There are several steps in the web app development process, the number varies from 5 to 9, but the most important steps I’m going to mention here.

Requirements analysis and plan

At first, businesses start from ideas when they think about developing a web app. And then gradually they make a whole document about their goals, vision, features, budget and what you are planning to do in future.

When your development team at the time of developing an app goes through the document, they get an idea about your objective and vision for your app. The manuscript should have all the critical elements, features, intended audience and focus industry.

Following this document, conversations and quizzes assist web developers in fully clarifying the task’s objectives. The presentation is created to detail each deliverable whenever the app building team completely understands every aspect of the job.

Planning and organizing

When you and your development team are on the same page about understanding and how you envisioned your web app, it’s time to move on to the second phase—moving on and creating a manual that your team will be following to build your dream app.

Furthermore, the insights you guys gather together about your web app development, through which developers make a model which specifically includes flowcharts and diagrams can assist you in developing a web app.

Flowcharts, also called sitemaps, are used to display the connection between different web pages. While also assisting you in comprehending what the inner structure of your website will look like. The purpose of making a model is to display the UI effects.

While in between everything, good developing teams include their clients in each and every step. Why’s that? So that the result would come out as the same as the client’s needs. However, the time spent on it would depend on how complex your app structure is because even for the minimum usable product it takes two weeks at least.

The designing process

People using an app don’t know anything about the front and how it works. All they know about is its design and, let’s say, what they interact with (which is its design). This stage is about improving your website design and interactive components since nobody wants to stay on a website that is messy and hard to navigate.

Web Designing process

That’s why it’s important to work with your design scheme, colours, font, templates, icons, style guides, transition, buttons, and many more components to finalize your web app design. These are all the design aspects that need to be looked at as it is an essential part of your web app development.

When you are done finalizing your app model, send it to your client for review and feedback. And it’s your duty as a good designer to make changes and alterations until your client is satisfied with everything. While the designing team is engaged in app design and model, the developers mostly are involved with programming. So, it’s obvious that stages 3 and 4 continue side by side.

The programming process

If stage 3 (designing process) is the aesthetic of your house, then stage 4 (programming process) is your home’s infrastructure. Programming is the part where your envisioned features come into being and is also a valuable component for the customers.

web programming process

It is the stage where APIs are installed, frameworks are developed, and app features creation and security layers are added. However, it is indeed a difficult task to create complex web applications, but a lot revolves around the technology you utilize in the process.

Several technologies provide benefits from libraries having the capability that can be twisted and blended easily. Also, a lot depends on the programmers you have selected for the project. Because what an experienced and skilled programmer can do wouldn’t be possible for the one who barely knows stuff about programming. Stage 4 (programming) covers most of your web app development process.

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Copywriting and categorizing

It makes up hardly 5% of your web app development process, yet without this, how would you make sense of what you have created and what is its purpose. Your information architecture and copywriter play an important role in the user interfaces and smooth user experience. User experience or simplicity in your website should be your focus point in this stage of the web app development process.

Stage 5 covers everything that is text, such as copy, headlines, and labels. Your copywriter, IA, developer, and designer must collaborate with each other to have the best possible end product.

App testing and launch

After everything is done, testing is essential to the web app development process. Because you never know what could go wrong even if you think that you have executed everything right. Here is the list you need to check before launch:

  • Key features
  • Forms 
  • Links
  • Buttons
  • Upload functionality (if you have any)
  • Copy
  • Transition
  • Performance 

And when you have even double-tested everything, it would be a good idea to launch your app in a beta version. If in case there are fewer resources, your web application can be unfolded in parts for several audience groups.

Apps maintenance

Whether your website is the most simple or complex, digital products need maintenance to give users the best experience. And when time passes, you wish to experiment with new features or launch the app version 2. The main reason your web app development process includes app maintenance for future upgrades.

Since technology changes rapidly, your app needs to be upgraded if you want people to like it. Nobody wants to use an app that looks ancient and outdated; rather, they will likely get away from your app.

Cost of your web app development

It depends on your app, what goals you have set or is it complex or a simple app. Because developing an app is definitely going to cost you, but it ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. While if we talk about how much a web development company charges normally, they charge from 10,000 to 50,000 dollars for an app with modern abilities.

If your plan is to create something bigger, be prepared to spend a sufficient amount on web app development. If you are planning to outsource, make sure to find a firm that can fulfil all of your requirements.

So, the above are the crucial steps you need for the web app development process. I have listed all the steps so you would know what you will need and convey your requirements to the developers and the design while outsourcing the service.

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Advantages of web app development services


Why don’t we start with the one thing that bothers everyone? The cost of developing a web app! Although the price is not set for web app development, let me tell you it’s not more than mobile app development. You can say that it is because you need to build only a single version of an app and the time spent on it is also less. Therefore, developing a web app is a great option if you are on a budget but want custom software built for your business.

Easy maintenance

When we talk about updates, mobile apps are a big weight on the user’s shoulders. Why? Because you need to update the app if you want it to work properly, which happens most often. At the same time, web app products are hosted on the web. So, the app updates independently from a user’s point of view. The fewer there will be updates, the better (for users).

Better visibility

We all are aware that search engine optimization is used by businesses to appear on top of search engine results. And as you know, the web apps are actually on the web, and customers are more likely to find your product on Google easily. For instance, if you have developed a photo editing web app and optimized it, your customers can find you if they write “photo editing” on Google.

24/7 business availability

The 9 to 5 job was just so last decade, people doing business everywhere or you can say that every chance they get. And if you fail to adapt to this new environment, you can miss out on a lot or lose money. Here your web app development could save you! So, don’t wait any longer and get what is needed.

Web App Development Process FAQs:

Question: What other services do you provide other than Web apps?

Answers: We are a full stack agency with skills and expertise providing you with services for blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, web app development, UI UX design, IT consulting services and much more in the tech industry. You can get all you need on a single platform.

Question: Do you work in an agile way?

Answer: We deal in an agile manner, specifically using the Scrum approach. We often work in two-week sprints when using Scrum. Every sprint begins with assessing prospective tasks and deciding on the sprint’s parameters. The team delivers a sample of the work and discusses issues after every sprint.

Question: Would the client oversee the entire project from start to finish?

Answer: We advocate for and engage in open and fair conversation with our clients through a range of sites. Productive has been one of them, and it gives a list of duties. For daily contact and cooperation with all essential to any business, we also use specific Slack forums based on the clients’ preferences.


So, you see, creating a web app is not just a mere thought; you need to put in the effort in order to get desired results. It’s a whole process from planning and organizing, designing and programming to testing and launching your app. While keeping app maintenance and cost in mind, one needs to be careful who they outsource for the project.

The web app development process is one thing; there are several benefits to developing a web app. For instance, mobile apps need updates to work properly, whereas web apps update on their own. It is cost-effective and boosts the visibility of your business since people can find your app easily on the search engine result page if it is optimized. In short, it’s better to develop a web app for your business.

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